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When Bro meets Sis

2022-06-21 01:52:49

I came home early and went to my bedroom. I was in the mood to masturbate.

I pulled my pants down and slipped my finger down to my slit and began to massage it and rub my clit.

It didn’t take long for me to cum as I was really sexed up. I believed I was home alone and I moaned out loud from the satisfaction and sensation of a good orgasm. I was pretty wet so I wiped my wetness with my pants and dropped them onto the floor beside my bed.

I decided to go commando afterwards and left my pants off.

After this I went down to the back yard and played on the trampoline.

As I was bouncing – I remembered I had no pants on and my bottom half was naked and it felt great bouncing with my bottom half exposed at times. After a while I gave up and went inside.

Later on when I went up to my bedroom again – I realised my pants were not there.

I was mystified – I was sure I had dropped them on the floor and they were not under the bed either. I hadn’t taken them to the trampoline.

I went around to my brothers bedroom and from the hallway I could see he was on his computer which was reflecting in a mirror in his room. He didn’t hear me and there he was looking at porn – a girl being fucked by some stud. He had his pants down around his ankles and he was madly wanking himself. He had my pants sniffing them with one hand and wanking himself like mad with the other one as this guy on the PC was madly fucking the girl doggy fashion.

A few moments after I started to watch – the guy on the PC pulled his cock out of the girl and began to cum all over her. Almost at the same time my brother came and he was shooting his cum onto my pants.

I thought the dirty little devil. He was mixing his cum with my moisture that I had wet my pants with when I had cum a bit earlier.

Then he held them up to look at his handy work. I could see the stains on them where he had cum from where I was standing. Even the look of him half naked and holding them up sort of turned me on - again. He was studying the stains and then he put the pants over his face and sniffed.

When he did that I made my move and from behind him I rubbed my cum stained pants over his face covering it in his own cum.

He reacted immediately and nearly shit himself - he had no idea I was there and it was me who was doing this to him.

I began to laugh and said – that will teach you to steal my pants and wank yourself all over them, as I removed them from his face.

He was shocked. Fuck me sis you frightened shit out of me – how long have you been there.

Long enough to see you fuck your fist and cum all over my pants while you were watching those two fuck their asses off on the computer.

Shit he said – I thought you had gone out. I thought I saw you leave. I went to your bedroom to see if you had left any of your pants and there on the floor were these, all wet. I was elated. I often sniff yours when I masturbate and I sometimes I have to look in the laundry to find them. These were even wet – I had never had any that were still wet before. It was like I had found gold. I sniffed and licked them to try and get the taste of you of them. When I came back here I stripped off and got onto the porn and found those two and I was away. Watching porn, wanking and sniffing your pants – it was fantastic. I don’t think I have enjoyed cumming like that for ages.

You dirty little bastard - how many other girls pants have you sniffed.

A few – I sometimes ask them for a pair after we have fucked and they usually give me a pair. Sue always does – she puts them on after I have cum in her and when we get home she slips them off and gives them to me all wet after she has leaked into them The next time I see her I give them back to her all cum stained. She loves it – once she said she sucked my cum out of them.

Fuck – you are depraved.

Not really – we just have a kinky habit.

How often do you fuck Sue.

A couple of times a week if we can.

Who else.

Jan and Jane.

How often have you fucked them.

Jan a few times and Jane once, Sue a lot.

Fuck – they are real little whores aren’t they.

I don’t doubt that you are no miss innocent either. I bet a few of the guys know what its like to go to bed with you.

Three in all.

Do I know them.


Who is he.

I am not saying.

How often have you done it.

A few times. Lets say about the same as you and we wont go there any more.

What would you say if I asked if I could fuck you.

Come off it – you and me – that’s incest.

It wouldn’t hurt – we have both done it we know what its all about. Come on, be a sport.

No –

Go on – we both know what its like and its just a fuck – you know – like having a good time.


Look just once.



Shit – if I say yes you will want it all the time.

Not really – I get plenty from Sue at the moment – but I would just like to see what it is like with you, we both know what it is all about and how it can be really good fun. Nothing romantic just a fuck.

Well ok – just once. God you are hard already.

Sis you look beautiful and you have clothes on – I bet you look even better nude.

You want to fuck me in the nude.

Well I am – why not – it always feels better like that.

Shit – I am mad even doing it with you – let alone getting naked to do it.

I undressed and he stood there feeling himself as he watched me take everything off – except my pants – they were already off and cum stained.
This is crazy – we shouldn’t be doing this.

I know but think of how much fun it will be – brother and sister both fucking each other. Now we will know what its like with each other and we can imagine what its like when we fuck somebody else.

I got up on his bed – I wasn’t going to waste time – if I was going to do it with him – I wanted to do it and get it over.

He got up and got between my legs and he looked down at my pubic patch and said shit that looks nice – Sue trims hers, Jan shaves it all off and Jane does nothing to it. That shape of yours is great – Sue has a strip. Jane wanted me to suck her out but I told her I would only when she shaved or trimmed it.

What did she say.

Ok – next time I will.

Have you done it yet.

To Jane no but Sue all the time, she loves it.

God you are depraved.

Not really – how often have you been sucked out.


Shit – why.

There was only one time we wanted to and I was so hot and sweaty as we had been playing tennis – I was a bit overpowering and he was a bit put off by the smell so he didn’t. I was really disappointed.

Well don’t be.

He didn’t say a word …………… he just went down on me and before I realised it he had his arms around my legs pulling them apart and his fingers had opened my slit and he had his tongue rubbing between my lips and up onto my clit. God it was an amazing sensation, my first oral and it was my brother – who it seems has had plenty of experience as he had no hesitation doing what he was and seemed to know what he was doing – I lay there letting him and although I was a bit shocked at first began I began to realise how good it felt. Then he put two fingers into me and then licked again. I let out this amazing moan as the sensation overwhelmed me – it was fantastic.

He lifted his head up and said – I gather you like it – you taste fantastic. That fingering you did before has left some nice tasty syrup in there for me. You taste great.

He worked on me and I could feel his fingers doing their work – he was certainly experienced and his tongue was doing great on my clit. My entire vagina was being worked over by an expert.

I lay there and enjoyed my first oral seduction, I was making the most of it and thoroughly enjoying it. Like some of the guys I have sucked off they hold my hair, and I did that to him – just my hands on his head and I let him do what he wanted with me. I was in seventh heaven. It made it feel even better and occasionally I would finger my nipples as that made it feel good too.

I suppose he sucked and finger fucked me for about 10 minutes and then it all happened. I began to cum and the moment he recognised my signals – he was obviously experienced – he began to hold down harder with his whole mouth over me. I began to cum and I have never had a sensation like it – it was extreme and I lifted my butt off the bed to force my cunt onto his mouth as he sucked and licked and then he worked his lips over my clit rubbing it between his lips and licking the tip of it. When I came I just didn’t cum – I exploded. Never ever have I had an orgasm like it and I kept wanting it to last and last. He kept working on me and going hard. I was also forcing my slit onto his face. Then it just seemed to go up to another level. I almost passed out as the sensation of my orgasm was stronger than I had ever experienced ever before – My tummy was cramping up and I was shaking violently, the sensation inside me was extreme, I had to shut my eyes hard and gasped for breath. I was bucking about up and down and from side to side – it was the most extreme sensation I have ever had. He let go and when he did I just collapsed on the bed like a wrung out rag, I had no strength left in me at all. I was gasping for breath and my heart was racing, I have had good orgasms before but this was the most amazing and almost frightening orgasm ever. I had lost complete control of myself and I almost peed in his face when I came.

He was kneeling between my legs looking down at my heaving breasts and smiled.
THAT was amazing, shit did you cum off, I have only seen that once before when Sue came off like it.

What happened I asked – surely all face fucking is not like that.

You didn’t realise – Sis you just had a multiple orgasm, two for sure and I would not be surprised if you got to three. You were amazing – my best ever result. Fuck you were good.

I was slowly getting my breath back and the tingling in my clit was subsiding. Fuck me – that was just the most amazing thing I have ever done, and it was my own brother who did it to me. What have I been missing.

Me – he said – and any time you want more you know whose door to knock on. For you I will do it any time sister or not. That was one of the best orgasms I have ever seen a girl have. TV or no TV – you beat them all, and there is a site where girls masturbate and come off like fireworks. I will show it to you.

Is that Abby Winters.

Yes – have you seen it.

Often – after watching that I am tempted to go find another girl – they really make it seem like lesbian sex is fantastic.

I have cum off to them so often – I would love to get into a few of them – really nice looking natural girls not professional sluts who fuck just for money and make it seem unreal. I have never fucked a girl and seen them behave like they do.

I must say I havnt either.

God – I am completely fucked and you havnt fucked me yet.

Tell me when you are ready and we can have a leisurely fuck together, after that performance – I will be happy just to have a nice slow fuck with you.

Ok – lets get it over with. I don’t think this is going to be the one and only somehow – I have a feeling this is just the beginning. How will it be with Sue and your other fuck buddies after this.

They will never know – what we do together stays between you and me, nobody else will ever know I am fucking my own sister.

Good – I wont disagree with that.

He then got his hard cock and guided it into me. After my big oral job, it surprised me that as he went into me I could feel it going in and right up inside me. His cock must be about 7 inches long and it felt great and he went in as far as he could – he lay on top of me and left it in me up there for a minute and said when you are ready.

I just rested for a moment feeling his cock filling me and enjoying the feeling. No other boy as done that to me – they all start fucking the moment its in there.
When ever you are ready Sis –

Ok – fuck me .

He worked on me and he was really enjoying himself.

Shit sis you are great, this feels awesome – you have a great cunt for fucking.

And sucking too it seems.

From now on its all or nothing.

How often do the girls suck you off.

About as often I as suck them – almost every time – it depends upon where we are and what we have been doing.

Do you suck too.

What guy doesn’t want his cock sucked.

Do you spit or swallow.

Swallow every time – one day you may get to see how good I am.

That’s a promise I take it.

I promise – but not today, when you have cum that will do me for today, if you don’t mind.

Providing there is more where this comes from – I am willing to wait.

He then began to fuck me and I lay there and let him. He was obviously enjoying himself but I had my fill for the day and I was happy for him to cum and then I would be finished. I was exhausted. I had me legs wrapped around him and he was just gently rocking himself back and forward. It felt good.

We chatted about fucking with Sue and Jan and the fact we were doing it together and really enjoying it, neither of us had really imagined fucking each other before today. He went for about 10 minutes again and I was more than happy, he could have gone all night as far as I was concerned.

Sis I am going to cum – I am sure you are safe, it will all go into you – ok.

Go baby go – fill me up – you can cum till your balls fall off . I love it.

He got ready and he pumped his cock into me hard and fast and then screwed his face up, took a couple of deep breaths and grunted a couple of times as he slowly pumped the cum out of his cock into me. I could feel it filling me up. He was pumping his warm wet man juice into me and I relaxed and let it all happen. I was so glad for the pill. The first couple of times I fucked, the guy had to pull out so he didn’t cum in me and I was about to cum myself and I ended up finishing myself off with my finger. I knew I had to get on the pill as soon as I could.

He filled me up and said – thanks Sis that was truly amazing – I never would have thought fucking your own sister could be that good – you were fantastic.

I told him he wasn’t bad either. Bad – he was fantastic. I know why sue looks at him like she does now.

Next time when you are a bit fresher – we can really get into it. Possibly a whole afternoon, or night if the oldies are away.

Promises, promises – and I cant wait for you to fulfil them. Now get off me and let me have a shower. Give me those pants and I can refill them for you.

He picked them up – I wiped my cunt juice and his cum onto them as it began to flow back and I left him after picking up my clothes and walked naked to the bathroom.

He came in as I was showering and said – shower with a friend.

I said I am well and truly fucked – no more today thank you.

As I got out of the shower he was getting in and he kissed me on the forehead and said – thanks sis – you are magnificent.

I did not feel ashamed or that I had committed a crime – I had been fucked by my brother and I feel no shame. I felt fantastic and I was going to do that again and again and again. Incest for me is for ever.