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The Mind Control Device Chapter 19: Nineteen: Breeding the Mind-Controlled Cuties

2022-06-18 00:14:54

The Mind Control Device

Chapter Nineteen: Breeding the Mind-Controlled Cuties

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Vivian Bailey

“I'm not sure I want to be bred,” I told Mr. Michaels. We were in his classroom. The school day was done, and I was reporting to my professor the progress I had made on programming the app and server software for his mind-control devices.

I was a lesbian. I liked girls, but thanks to the device controlling my mind, I also wanted Mr. Michaels. My pussy tingled in memory of his cock taking my virginity. I had cum so hard. I wanted more of his jizz in me, but children...

I was nineteen.

I pushed up my glasses. “Isn't it enough to just breed my girlfriend?” Britney had spent the night at his place, and all of today she'd been talking about how he was going to breed her. Even now, she was walking around the college's campus naked because of the mind-control.

That had been my idea.

“I'm young, Mr. Michaels.”

“I want you to type into the program, '842FA4 wants to be bred by 840F21. Nothing makes 842FA4 hornier than the idea of being bred by 840F21.'”

My pussy clenched. I was 842FA4, and he was 840F21. “You are so wicked for making me do this,” I said, unable to resist the mind-control puppeteering my brain. I wasn't angry—couldn't be angry. I was only... aroused. “This is corrupting you.”

“Yeah,” he admitted as he stood naked over me, his arms folded across his chest. A tall man, serious, with dark hair slicked back. He had his own pair of glasses on his face. Large frames, not the dainty ones I wore.

My fingers typed the command into the keyboard. The moment I hit enter, a wave of heat washed through me. I groaned, my pussy now completely molten. “Breed me, Mr. Michaels.” I needed his seed in me more than anything else in my life. I wanted to have his baby, and I was so wet. “Breed me right now. Please, please! I'm creaming through my panties.”

“Bend over my desk,” he ordered.

I did, planting my elbows on the desk, the sleeves of my shirt cushioning my arms from the hardness of the wooden surface. His hands grabbed the waistband of my jeans. He slid around and found the fastener. It popped open. The zipper rasped down. Then he yanked.

I groaned as he tore my jeans off my hips and yanked them down my thighs. I bet he could smell how wet I was through my panties. My pussy was molten. I had never been hornier in my life for anything. Not even the first time I went down on Britney's pussy. She'd been the first girl I'd ever seduced. I had devoured that eighteen-year-old snatch and loved every moment of it, reveling in the lesbian delights I craved.

Now I wanted a man's dick in me even more.

“Yes, yes, rip my panties down and breed me!” I moaned.

“Mmm, glad to give my students what they need,” he growled and hooked his fingers into my panties. He tugged them down. They slid off my rump, exposing my ass and then my pussy. I leaned my head down, my short, brown hair swaying. “Look at that.”

His finger slid through my curls to stroke up my pussy slit. I gasped at his masculine touch. That was no woman's delicate digit. That was a man controlling me. My mind was changed to love this by the device.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, under the thrall of the machine's brainwash. The infrasonic commands filled the air. Too high-pitched for me to hear. They controlled my brain waves. It was so wild. Science Fiction brought to life. “Breed me.”

His finger probed into me. I gasped as my pussy swallowed his digit with hunger. I sucked his finger into my twat wishing it as his dick. His finger couldn't give me that seed I needed. I squirmed there, my hips wiggling. My glasses slipped down my nose.

He pumped it in and out of me, making me whimper. Groan. My pussy clenched down on him. A frustration grew in me. I had to have that dick in me. That seed. He brainwashed me to want this, and now he wasn't giving it to me.

“Mr. Michaels, fuck me!” I gasped, thrusting my ass back and sliding my pussy further down his finger. “Just ram that cock in me. Don't you want to fuck me? Breed me? I'm so tight and wet. You can feel it, can't you? How much I need your cock.”

“Yes, I can,” he said, clearly savoring his power over me.

He pulled his finger out my twat. I gasped as my pussy felt so empty. I heard sucking. He was cleaning off my juices. He groaned. I whimpered, my ass wiggling. I pushed up my glasses and threw a look over my shoulder.

“Mr. Michaels!” I gasped. “Please! You did this to me! So please, please, please fuck me. Don't I deserve to be bred? I'm working so hard on your code. I'm almost done. Just breed me. Reward me!”

“You have done amazing work,” he said. “Vivian, you are going to have so much fun once the network is up and running.” He pressed his cock against my pussy. “You'll be able to enjoy almost any woman you want when you want to.”

“Yes,” I groaned, not caring about any of that right now. His cock slid through my pussy hair and pressed against my hot flesh. I groaned at that sizzling feel. “I just want to be creamed. Let me cum! Please, please, I need it!”

His dick's tip rubbed up and down my pussy folds. He brushed my clit with it. He stirred up to my taint. I whimpered, aching for him to just bury that big dick in me. To fill me with every inch of his manhood. That would be incredible.

I would blaze with rapture. Just explode with all the passion that I had. It would be amazing to experience. Then his cum would spurt into me. That wonderful seed would flood my womb and find an egg in my Fallopian tube to impregnate.

Life would quicken in us. Our child.

He rammed his cock into me.

“Yes!” I moaned, my back arching. My cunt clenched down on his shaft. “Mr. Michaels!”

“I know,” he groaned as he sank deeper and deeper into my pussy. “Mmm, that's it. That's what you need.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my cunt squeezing around his dick. I wiggled my hips in slow circles, my pussy melting around his thick shaft. “Oh, Mr. Michaels!”

“I know,” he panted and drew back.

My pussy clenched about his dick. I held him tight. I gripped him with passion. That amazing shaft felt wonderful in me. He slammed back into me. He buried to the hilt in my pussy a second time, his balls smacking into my clit. Though cushioned by my bush, his nuts still felt incredible spanking my bud.

Sparks of delight flared.

I squirmed my hips, stirring my cunt around his cock as he pumped it in and out of me. He buried that dick to the hilt in me and then pulled it back out. It was incredible to feel. I moaned, loving every second of him reaming into me. He fucked me with passion. He plunged that cock to the hilt in me again and again. I would have such an amazing orgasm on this cock. I would just explode. It would be awesome. I couldn't wait for that burst of pleasure to ripple through my body.

I worked my hips in naughty circles. I groaned as he fucked that dick into me. He pounded me with passion. He buried over and over and over into me. He rammed that dick to the hilt in me with such vigor and passion.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, my god. That's intense. Mr. Michaels, you're going to breed me. You're going to make me cum!”

The door to his classroom opened as my words burst from my mouth. A girl squeaked, “That's so awesome, Vivian!”

My girlfriend, Britney, darted into the classroom naked. I had mind-controlled her to go naked so every girl could lust after my lover. They were all envious of her. Girls had been texting me all day saying they wished they could make love to Britney and envied that she was all mine. Her light-brown hair swayed about her round and freckled face. Joy burst in her green eyes. As she darted to me, her small breasts hardly did more than jiggle. She was a slender, petite thing, her bush gleaming with her excitement.

“Oooh, you're going to be pregnant at the same time as me!” Britney said as she reached the other side of the desk. “That's going to be awesome. We can go to Lamaze classes together and experience it all at the same time. Our children will be siblings. Ooh, if they're daughters, we can raise them to love each other.”

“Yes!” I moaned, my cunt clenching down on Mr. Michaels's hard cock. “I want you to breed me, Mr. Michaels. Knock me up!”

“Knock her up, Daddy!” cried June Michaels. Britney's best friend darted up, her brown hair gathered in pigtails. She wore a girlish skirt and blouse, the top pink and the bottoms purple. She stopped before us, hands gripping the straps of her backpack. She bounced in place beside Britney. “Breed her.”

“Yes, Daddy,” moaned Eve Michaels. She was a year older than me. She pushed up her glasses, her strawberry-blonde hair also in pigtails. She sauntered towards us, this whorish look in her eyes. “Knock her up and then knock me up, Daddy.”

“And me!” June said, bouncing in place. “I want to have your babies, Daddy. I love you!”

“I want to be your broodmare slut, Daddy!” Eve moaned. “I want you to fire all that cum in my pussy and then piss in me. Make it filthy. Maybe fuck Britney in the ass first.”

“What?” gasped Britney, her hands darting behind her to grab her ass.

“You say the most depraved things, Dusk,” Mr. Michaels said. “Damn, I just might.”

Eve—or Dusk, I guessed she preferred—beamed at her father. She squeezed her tits through her low-cut top, her green eyes smoldering as she watched me getting fucked. Mr. Michael's dick buried hard into my cunt. Fast. He fucked me with powerful strokes.

Britney leaned down, her face right before mine. She kissed me. I groaned into her lips, savoring the taste of pussy on them. She must have been eating out June. I couldn't do anything about June getting to touch my girlfriend.

Mr. Michaels spoiled his youngest daughter.

But no other girl at our college would get to touch Britney without my permission. Just lust for the cutie.

My tongue danced with hers as Mr. Michael pounded me hard and fast. My orgasm built and built. My pussy clenched around his dick. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring that amazing dick around in me. I would have such a huge orgasm.

Just an amazing explosion of bliss that would erupt through me. It would be incredible. As my pussy spasmed around Mr. Michael's dick thrusting in and out of me, I would milk out his cum. I would work out all that jizz into my fertile womb.

My cunt clamped down on his dick. I squealed into my girlfriend's lips. Just thinking that perverse and exciting thought brought me closer and closer to that moment when it would happen. When all these nasty and depraved ideas that were blazing in my mind would explode out of me.

His balls smacked into my clit. He grunted with each stroke. His daughters watched us. My tongue played with Britney's. Her soft fingers caressed my cheeks. I loved her touch. My body trembled, the heat building in me.

“Fuck!” Mr. Michaels groaned.

“Breed her, Daddy!” cheered June.

“Flood her with all your spunk and then cum on my face, Daddy!” moaned Dusk. “Make me strip naked and then paint me in your cum and then order me to go walk around so everyone can see that my daddy's jizz covers me.”

“You are such a slut!” groaned Mr. Michaels.

“Thank you, Daddy!” gushed Dusk.

She was so fucked up. I loved it. My body trembled, the pleasure reaching that explosive release. His cock buried to the hilt in me. His balls smacked into my clit. The pleasure burst through my body. The waves of delight washed out of me.

My cunt spasmed around his cock. My twat sucked at him. The rapture rushed through my body. The waves of bliss slammed into my mind. They drowned me in all this wonderful rapture. It smothered my thoughts in ecstasy.

I broke the kiss and howled out, “Breed me! Breed me!”

He slammed to the hilt in me and erupted.

Hot cum pumped into my twat. I gasped as that hot jizz flooded me. My body trembled, my cunt writhing with hunger. I shuddered, my head swaying. The pleasure rushed through me. It was incredible to feel. I loved every second of it. I savored the passion of his jizz firing into me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she groaned. “Oh, that's good. That's so amazing. Yes!”

“Fuck!” he growled as my pussy milked his cock. “You're going to be bred. My wife will be thrilled.”

“Yes, she will!” June cheered. “Mommy wants you to knock up all the schoolgirls and your daughters. You should knock up mommy. We could have another sister.”

“Yes!” June moaned.

“We're going to have babies!” squealed Britney. She was so adorable.

“We are!” I gasped as my pussy drained out all that cum from Mr. Michaels's balls. I quivered there, my cunt rippling with the heat of his cum pooling in me. It felt fantastic. I loved it. I leaned my head down, my breasts rising and falling. “Ooh, we're going to have his babies, Britney!”

We kissed again. My tongue danced with my girlfriends. Mr. Michaels pulled his cock out of me and panted. I felt his cum pooling in me. Some trickled out to mat my bush. I squirmed there for one more minute and then I broke the kiss with my girlfriend.

I bent down and hiked up my jeans and panties.

“So, is there anything else?” Mr. Michaels asked as he started gathering his clothes.

“I have the list of girls to be in my harem,” I said. He let me claim any girl I wanted to be my lover so long as they weren't one of his two daughters or that they didn't have a brother attending the college.

“Email them to me. We'll take care of it tomorrow. I doubt many of them are on the network. Besides, my wife is waiting to meet you, Vivian.”

I nodded, shuddering as I came down from my orgasmic high.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Michaels

I shuddered on my couch as Vivian pressed her lips into my pussy. The nerdy girl's glasses looked so adorable on her nose. Like Dusk, but I could see the intelligence in Vivian's eyes. Not to say my oldest was dumb, she just wasn't someone who thought about things.

Vivian was thinking even as she nuzzled her lips into my shaved folds. I shuddered as her tongue slid up my slit, parting my petals before brushing my bud. I gasped as the sparks flared from my clit and showered through me.

“Your girlfriend is adorable, Britney,” I said to the schoolgirl. She and June were fingering each other on the recliner, the two girls' petite bodies pressed tight. “And she's just diving into my pussy.”

“She always makes me cum so hard with her mouth, Mrs. Michaels,” said Britney. “She's amazing. I'm so glad we're together. Every girl in school is so jealous that I'm hers.”

“So jealous,” Vivian said with smug delight. Then she fluttered her tongue up and down my folds.

I groaned and glanced at my husband. He had Dusk working her asshole up and down his dick as she sat on his lap, her glasses flashing. Strawberry-blonde pigtails danced as the twenty-year-old slut rode her father's cock.

He groaned in delight. I was so happy. I had had a great day. I had the bang-maids to play with. I made four different guys fuck Tonya and her bratty daughter, Gina. They were so much fun to control. I filmed it and already uploaded their performance to YouPorn.

Why should I be the only one to enjoy their mother-daughter slutty fun?

They made some great amateur porn. It made my pussy melt. And the comments that had already come in were so hot. Made my cunt clench in delight. Tonya's husband wouldn't miss her. He had a nineteen-year-old schoolgirl for his wife now, all arranged by my husband.

I shuddered on the couch, savoring Vivian's tongue fluttering up and down my folds. She licked me with such hunger. I shuddered, my back arching. The pleasure rushed from my twat as the nerdy girl feasted on my cunt with more and more passion.

Her tongue dug through my folds and brushed my clit. She had such skill. Such a hunger to feast on my yummy pussy. Her brown hair rubbed on my thighs. She should grow it out. Girls shouldn't have such short hair. I shivered, wanting to mind-control her to do that.

“Oh, Vivian, yes,” I moaned. “It's such a delight to meet you. Ooh, I'm so glad my husband brought you on the team. You're going to let our fun expand, aren't you?”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned and thrust her tongue into my pussy.

I gasped as her tongue darted around inside of me. She swirled it around in my cunt. My body trembled. My hips bucked. This wonderful heat rushed through me. It was so amazing to feel. I licked my lips, savoring every moment of her hungry tongue sliding through my cunt. It was just a delicious thrill to have her fluttering her tongue up and down my slit.

I grabbed the back of her head and pressed her into my twat. She fluttered her tongue through my folds. She licked at me with such hunger. She devoured me. My orgasm built as the others moaned around the room.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” moaned Dusk as she worked her asshole up and down his cock. “I think your dick is dirty enough now!”

“Then switch!” he growled.

“Yes, Daddy.”


I watched in delight as Dusk slid her asshole up her father's dick. My cunt clenched on Vivian's tongue as I watched my eldest grab the base of Dean's cock and pop her asshole off. Then she shifted her body and pressed her pussy against that dirty shaft.

She slammed her pussy down him. She took her father's cock to the hilt in her cunt, cleaning him off. He groaned as she did. Her arms slid around his neck. She rubbed her breasts into his chest as she worked her cunt up and down his cock.

“Daddy, Daddy, breed me!” she moaned. “Breed my dirty cunt! Ooh, yes, yes! I want your baby! Knock up your slut-daughter!”

“Yes!” I gasped, watching the sight as Vivian's tongue swirled around my clit.

She felt amazing on my bud. She licked me with such enthusiasm as I trembled through my pleasure. I would have such an amazing orgasm. I would burst with passion. The pleasure would rush through me. It would be amazing. I couldn't wait for that ecstasy to flood through me.

She sucked on my clit and thrust a pair of fingers into my cunt. I gasped, my eyes transfixed by my eldest riding her father's cock and polishing his dick clean with her fertile pussy. I loved our family. The device.

“Ooh, look at your sister go,” Britney moaned. “She's such a dirty and nasty whore.”

“I know,” groaned June. “Ooh, yes, yes, work those fingers in and out of my pussy. I want to cum.”

“Me, too!”

The two girls started kissing. They swapped spit and fingered each other's twats. It was so hot to watch them. I shuddered, my body trembling. Vivian sucked hard on my clit and rammed her digits in and out of my pussy. My orgasm built and built.

I screamed towards it. My back arched. My thighs clamped down around Vivian's head, the rims of her glasses cool and hard against my silky flesh. My breasts jiggled as I arched my back. I whimpered and groaned.

“Daddy!” squealed Dusk. “Cum in me, Daddy! Breed my naughty and nasty and slutty cunt!”

“Yes!” I howled and joined my husband in climaxing.

My body bucked. The pussy juices gushed out of my snatch around Vivian's thrusting fingers. My twat spasmed around those naughty digits. She abandoned my clit to lick up the flood, feasting on me as the pleasure washed through my body.

“Dusk!” Dean groaned.

“Breed her, Daddy!” June moaned.

“I am, Junebug!” my husband panted.

“He so is!” gasped Dusk. “Daddy! Daddy, pump that cum into my naughty cunt!”

“Yes!” I cried out as I bucked through my orgasm.

The pleasure surged through me. Wave after wave of wild delight that swept across my mind. It was amazing to experience. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut as the pleasure blazed across my senses. I moaned, loving every second of this bliss spilling through my mind.

I hit that wonderful peak of rapture. I quivered there, shuddering through the bliss, and then I crashed back down into panting delight. I smiled as the pleasure buzzed through my body. I sucked in a deep breath, my eyes fluttering.

“Oh, that's so good,” I moaned, my thighs squeezing tight about the cutie's head. “I'm so glad you could come over for dinner, Vivian.”

“Me, too, Mrs. Michaels,” she purred. “Though I might have spoiled my appetite. You have such a delicious pussy.”

“Oh, aren't you a dear,” I said as I stood up. “I have to get started on it. Feel free to enjoy the bang-maids. Gina likes to drink piss now.”

“Yeah, she does,” Dusk moaned.

“I have to get to work, too,” groaned Dean. “Need to get the devices ready for tomorrow's test at the mall.”

I blinked. “Test?”


Dean Michaels

The server was up and running. I checked its status on my cell phone. That was remarkable. I was glad I had brought Vivian into the mix. The server was back in my house, the control hub that would send out the commands to each of the mind-control devices. Two were on the network—one in my basement and the other in college's server room—but it was time to add the third one.

The Courland Mall lay before us. I had finished up two mind-control devices last night, and Vivian had finished writing the code for the smartphone app—it was running only on Android but we'd beta test iPhone soon—today whiles I was teaching my classes. Now it was time to test out if it worked.

“Everyone has the app on their phone?” I asked.

My SUV brimmed with my family. Kimmie sat in the passenger seat, looking adorable in a pleated skirt and a tank top. With her red hair in pigtails and her petite body, my wife was passing for a high school student. My daughters were both in the back, hair in pigtails the way I liked it. With them were Britney and Vivian.

“Yes,” Kimmie said. “Though I don't see any dots on the map.”

“The device's not on, honey,” I said, sounding patient. “We have to install it here before we can test it.”

“Right.” She rolled her eyes. “Just had a mom moment.”

“Vivian, turn it on.”

“Yes, Mr. Michaels.” She flipped a few switches. I glanced on my phone and then on the screen flashed:

New Device Detected




Dots started screen started popping into place. Each one had a hexadecimal code attached to them. I nodded my head in satisfaction. Hopefully, the control system using the app would work. Vivian and I had tested it a bit at the college with good success.

The dots in the car now had labels: Dean, Kimmie, Junebug, Dusk, Britney, and Vivian. Now more having to remember the codes.

“So we just touch the dots and then we can send them commands, Daddy?” June asked.

“Wait until we get the device installed before we do that,” I said. “We have equipment to carry.”

“Right, girls,” Kimmie said. “Grab the mind control device. June... be adorable.”

“I can carry this,” June said, lifting the bag that had the heavy UPS in it. I winced. That was the battery backup.

“No, no, I have that, Junebug,” I said as I climbed out of the car. I opened the SUV door and pulled the bag from my daughter. “It's heavy.”

“Let your father be all manly,” Kimmie said. “That will make your pussy so wet.”

“Yes,” Dusk said. She cradled the mind control device in her arms. It was slightly more compact than the original. I was getting better at building them. There were limits, though. It needed powerful speakers to broadcast the sound, but it would be nice if it was portable.

Say, only a dozen yards range and affect those nearby. That might be interesting to explore with more capital.

I led the group into the mall, people streaming in and out oblivious to the impending test. I had found the exact center of the mall. It was the backroom of a sporting goods store. I headed in that direction, excitement rushing through me. Using smartphones as interfaces was a brilliant idea, and Vivian's choice of utilizing touch screens and preprogrammed macros was amazing. But you could still type in commands the old fashioned way.

Just on a phone keyboard... Not ideal. I wasn't one of my daughters who could type so fast on their devices.

In a few minutes, we strolled into the sporting goods store. I looked around and spotted an employee. I sat down the heavy UPS and whipped out my phone. I frowned and saw that he had already been given a label.

“Mr. Plaid Shirt?” I asked.

“He's wearing a plaid shirt,” my youngest said.

“Have you been labeling people we come across?” I asked.

“Yep! There's Ms. Tight Pants and Mr. Funny Mustache and Mrs. Big Boobies.”

“Is there a Mr. Big Boobies?” asked Britney. “Would he have big, saggy man titties?”

“Of course!”

I ignored the girls and ***********ed the dot before typing: Mr. Plaid shirt;follow Dean instructions

A simple enough command. I marched up to him. He didn't know my name but when I said, “Take me to the back room and find me an outlet back there,” he answered, “Sure thing.”

Mr. Plaid Shirt turned, his shirt a riot of reds and greens and blues, and led us to the backroom without any hesitation. The mind-control sound waves working perfectly on him, along with the app. The rename even functioned.

“Good work, Vivian,” I said as the employee unlocked a nonde***********, blue door at the back of the store with a key. Then he opened it and led us inside.

“There's a power plug over here,” he said, leading me past stacks of equipment to a small office.

“Your office?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Perfect.” My fingers typed: Mr. Plaid Shirt;ignore the mind control device and its peripherals, never touch it or interfere with it

I tapped the EXECUTE button, which Vivian had programmed to be large and green. It even had an animation where it appeared to be depressed. My phone clicked like mechanical switches had engaged.

She did great work.

It didn't take long to get the device plugged into the UPS and that into the wall. I tucked it away deep beneath his desk by the power strip. From there, it would control all of the mall and a good swath of the parking lot.

June giggled.

I glanced at my phone to see a dot moving through the store labeled Ms. Cute Tits. I glanced at my youngest daughter. She just grinned at me. I didn't know what she was up to. I logged into the administration features. Only I could do this setup on the device, to put in its default commands that would affect everyone.

I ***********ed: Restrict Boundary Mode, Incest Protocol, Arousal Protocol, and Obey Protocol.

Those would keep the effects limited to the mall's boundaries itself, that everyone in the mall would think incest was okay, and that they would obey admin and platinum users. I was the admin. Platinum users were my wife, daughters, Vivian, and Britney. All they had to do was tell someone to do something, and they would be obeyed.

The arousal protocol would just let guys stay hard. Especially me.

The door to the back room opened and a young girl walked in. She was eighteen or so wearing a crop top that hugged her perky pair of tits. I glanced at my phone to see that this was, indeed, Ms. Cute Tits. The girl had a nametag on that proclaimed her to be Abigail and that she worked at Eighteen & Hot, a trendy clothing store. She had hip-hugging skinny jeans and a sway to her step, her blonde hair dancing around her face.

June tapped at her phone screen.

“Hello, Mr. Michaels,” Abigail said. She fell to her knees before me. “You look like you need a blowjob.”

June nodded in agreement, a big grin on her lips.

“I think I do,” I said. I glanced at the others. “Spread out through the mall. Have fun. We'll meet in the food court in, oh, an hour or so. Find out how the tests went.”

Kimmie smiled at me. My wife had a naughty glint in my eyes. As Abigail began undoing my belt, all the others but June headed out to have their fun. My youngest daughter perched on Mr. Plaid Shirt's desk, crossing her legs. She wore knee-high, white socks and looked so adorable. She beamed at me.

“You are such a loving and caring daughter, Junebug,” I said as Abigail undid my pants.

My daughter typed on her screen then tapped it hard. “Yes, she is,” Abigail said. “You're lucky to have her and you should tell her that you love her every day.”

“I do love you, Junebug,” I said. “And I am lucky to have you.”

My daughter beamed at me while the cutie she mind-controlled pulled down my slacks and then my boxers. My cock popped out. Abigail grabbed my dick and then licked the tip of my cock. Her tongue swirled around the crown.

June squirmed as she watched the fun. Her eyes sparkled with such wicked mirth as Abigail's ruby lips smooched around my tip. The pleasure rushed through me. It was such a delight to feel. My dick throbbed and ached. The heat swelled in me.

I would have such a huge orgasm. I would pump my cum into the girl's hungry mouth. It would be incredible. I groaned as she slid her lips over my dick and sucked. She nursed on me with passion. Her lips bobbed. She worked her mouth up and down my cock, my balls drinking in the pressure.

June typed something quickly on the screen.


Abigail moaned around my cock. She hummed as she sucked on me. I groaned at the added thrill. I grinned at my daughter. She just smiled back at me, as radiant as the sun shining down upon the world on a summer day.

“You are amazing, Junebug,” I said.

“Daddy,” she gushed and squirmed in adorable embarrassment. “I just push buttons. You and Vivian did all of this. Enjoy! Cum down her throat. Then...” She typed something, her fingers a blur.


“You're going to enjoy what happens next. It'll be hot. Right, Abigail?”

Abigail slid her mouth off to moan, “Right!”

Her mouth re-engulfed my cock. I groaned as the mind-controlled cutie bobbed her head. Her blonde hair swayed about her face. Her blue eyes stared up at me with such hunger. She nursed with passion, eager to guzzle down my cum. She would drink it all down.

Just love it.

I groaned, my dick throbbing. Aching. The heat swelled and swelled in my dick. The pressure rose to the tip as I enjoyed the blowjob. Especially with my daughter watching. She was so adorable. I just wanted to kiss her.

But I couldn't move from this spot. I had Abigail's hot mouth worshiping my dick.

And boy how she worshiped it. She gave an enthusiastic blowjob. She put her all into it. Sucking. Slurping. Her cheeks hollowed. Her tongue danced around the crown of my dick. She moaned, the vibrations humming around the sensitive tip. Her hand pumped up and down my shaft.

Abigail wanted my cum. My daughter made sure of it.

My balls tensed. They filled up with the cum that I would spurt out into this cuties mouth. I would flood her with so much spunk. Just pump it all down her throat. It would be incredible. I would drown her in it. I would pump her mouth full of all that jizz. It would be amazing.

My cock throbbed and ached. My balls tensed with the cum that would spurt from my cock. That hot seed that she would swallow with hunger. I just knew it. June had made sure that I would enjoy “Ms. Cute Titties” blowjob.

“Damn,” I groaned.

“Are you going to cum, Daddy?” June asked. She leaned forward, looking down at Abigail's sucking at me with interest.

“Getting there, Junebug.”


Her legs kicked. Her pigtails danced. She spread her thighs slowly apart now. I groaned as her skirt rode up. I could see that shadowed promise, just making out her shaved pussy in the dim, fluorescent lighting. She had a wicked grin on her face now.

Abigail bobbed her head down my shaft before she sucked back up it. The pleasure shot down to my toes. I groaned, my balls aching from the pressure of her sucking mouth. My chest rose and fell, the pressure building and building.

“Fuck!” I snarled and erupted.

I pumped my cum into the mind-controlled slut's mouth. Abigail sucked hard. She pumped her hand up and down my spurting dick, working out my cum. She gulped it down, groaning as she did so. She relished my spunk.

“Daddy, Daddy, flood her!” my daughter moaned.

“I am, Junebug!” I groaned, my cum pumping into the woman's hungry mouth. She swallowed it all down. “I fucking am.”


I hit the peak of my orgasm. I groaned as she sucked out the last of the cum from my balls. I panted, my body buzzing from the rapture. Abigail nursed a final time on my dick. And then she slid her mouth off of it.

“I need you to breed me!” she moaned. “I need you to breed me while I eat your cute daughter out.”

June let out a mock gasp of joy. “Oh, aren't you so sweet! Of course, you can eat my yummy pussy while my daddy breeds you. I'm just so glad that you want to have his babies.”

“I do!” Abigail moaned as she stood up and unsnapped my jeans. “I'm so fucking wet for it.”

I couldn't help but chuckle in amusement at the look of absolute joy on my daughter's face. She beamed in delight. Her lips spread apart far and wide. She leaned back on the table and spread her legs apart even wider.

Pants rolling down her thighs, a black thong clinging to her pussy and vanishing into her butt-crack, Abigail spun around and bent over. She leaned over, her blonde hair spilling across my daughter's thighs. She buried her face into my daughter's snatch and licked.

As Abigail feasted, she yanked her thong to the side, revealing her shaved pussy gleaming between her thighs. A slit that was tight and ready to be fucked. I ached to ram into the eighteen-year-old cutie's cunt and fuck her hard. I would pound her with such passion and breed her.

“Oh, Daddy, she's being so nice to me,” June moaned as I lined up my cock at that tight pussy. “Isn't she nice?”

“Yes, she is,” I said.

“So you should thank her by breeding her, Daddy.”

I winked at my adorable daughter and thrust.

I buried into Abigail's pussy. I savored the feel of her wrapped around my dick. That hot, tight, juicy cunt that would have me spurting my cum into her and breeding her twat. It would be incredible. I would have such an amazing time spurting my jizz into her. Just pumping her full of all that spunk brimming in my balls.

My nuts smacked into the girl's clit. She groaned into my daughter's pussy, her cunt squeezing about my dick. I groaned, loving the feel of her snatch around me. That tight, hot flesh gripped me as I drew back.

“Fuck,” I groaned as I slammed back into her. My nuts smacked hard into her flesh. Her butt-cheeks jiggled.

“Oh, yes, yes, Daddy,” June moaned. Pleasure crossed my adorable daughter's face. “She's got her tongue so deep into my pussy. She's just swirling around in me. She's making me feel all kinds of naughty. Ooh, I love it!”

“I bet you do!” I groaned, pumping my hips into her snatch. “You're going to cum so hard, aren't you?”

“Yes, Daddy!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that's amazing.”

I thrust into Abigail's pussy as she ate out June. I hammered Abigail hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her twat. I fucked the slut without restraint. I ached to unload in her. To pump her full of all that cum. To just spill the jizz in her. She would float in it.

I groaned, loving her pussy clenching down on my cock. Her pussy squeezed about me. The pleasure rippled through my body. I thrust away at her. I fucked her with skill and power. My hands grabbed her hips. I buried to the hilt in her again and again.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy, she's devouring me!” June moaned. “Abigail's just feasting on me. How's her pussy?”

“Tight!” I growled, pumping away at the slut. “She's hungry for my cum. She's squeezing around me.”

“I want it!” moaned the slut, her twat clenching about me. “I want it so badly.”

“Good!” gasped my daughter. “You'll get it. Ooh, yes, yes, you're going to have my daddy's baby!”

“Fuck, yes!” I groaned, the pressure building and building at the tip of my dick.

That was such a hot thing to hear from my daughter. It turned me on so much that she wanted me to knock up this hottie. I wanted it, too. I wanted to spread my seed far and wide. I buried to the hilt in Abigail's pussy over and over.

Her juicy cunt gripped me. She undulated her hips, stirring that twat in slow circles around my cock and sending such rapture through my body. It was incredible to enjoy. The pleasure shot through my veins.

I would have such a huge orgasm. I would fire spurt after spurt of cum into Abigail's pussy. I smiled at my daughter, her pigtails swaying about her cute face. Her lower lip quivered as she whimpered. Her eyelashes fluttered. Her squeaks and gasps echoed through the room.

“Daddy, Daddy, she's going to make me cum!”

“Good!” I groaned, driving to the hilt in Avery's cunt. “I hope you explode. Just cum hard on her face.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” she moaned. Her face scrunched up. “Oh, Daddy, that's so good. That's amazing. I'm going to explode on her. I'm going to cum on her face. It'll be so amazing.”

“Yes!” I groaned and buried to the hilt in her. “Oh, it will be! You're going to cum so hard. Just drown her!”

“Drown me!” Abigail moaned, her pussy clenching down on my dick. “And breed me. I want your cum in me!”

“Breed her, Daddy!” June threw back her head. Her body trembled beneath her clothing. Then she cried out in rapture. “I'm cumming!”

“Fuck!” I snarled.

I fucked Abigail with all my strength. The blonde devoured my daughter's cunt cream. June fell back onto her elbows, her head rubbing into the corkboard behind her. She knocked off a few thumbtacks. A piece of paper with a pie chart fluttered down to the desk behind her. She trembled. Whimpered.

“Oh, Daddy, yes! She's licking me up. She's drinking all my cream. Breed her. Breed her!”

“Yes!” Abigail moaned, her pussy clenching down around my dick. “Fuck!”

Her pussy went wild.

The eighteen-year-old girl's fertile pussy spasmed with wild passion around my dick. That wonderful flesh sucked at me. I groaned and thrust forward. I buried to the hilt in her rippling flesh. I threw back my head and erupted into her.

I spurted blast after blast of cum into Abigail's snatch. The pleasure slammed into my mind. It was incredible. Her pussy sucked at me. That writhing cunt milked my dick. I groaned, stars dancing before my eyes. I gripped her hips as I unloaded all my jizz in her fertile pussy.

“You're breeding her, Daddy!” squealed my daughter.

“I am!” I groaned, the rapture slamming into my mind. “Fuck, yes!”

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy!” my daughter panted. “I love your mind-control device.”

“Me, too,” I groaned as Abigail's pussy sucked out the last of my cum. “Me, too, Junebug.”


June “Junebug” Michaels

“I am so glad you let me eat your daughter and bred me, sir,” Abigail said as she adjusted her thong. Then she pulled her skinny jeans up her legs. “Shit, I have to get back to work.”

“Have a good day,” I said, brimming from the way I shivered. I grabbed my phone and tapped her dot. A command prompt appeared. A list of pre-***********ed codes showed up in a list on the side that I could choose from so I didn't have to type to get her to lick my pussy or suck on my titties. There was a whole list of things. Strip naked. Masturbate. Beg to be fucked. Spanked. To eat pussy. Suck dick. To be bred. Vivian did such wonderful work.

I typed: Tell everyone how Dean bred you and how happy that makes you


I loved how the green button made that clicking sound when I pushed it. Abigail had such a huge smile on her face as she headed out. As the door closed, I heard her say, “I was just bred by Dean and that makes me so happy.”

Daddy shook his head in amusement as he pulled up his boxers and slacks.

I just beamed at him, hopped off the table, and took his arm. “So, what should we do now?”

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

“Find girls for you to breed, Daddy!” I squealed. “I want to have so many brothers and sisters. We can have a huge family.”

Daddy smiled at me. “I love you, Junebug.”

My insides melted from all the happiness. I bounced in place, giggling and gasping, my pigtails swaying. I loved my daddy so much. I just knew that he had bred me and he would knock up all these other cuties.


Eve “Dusk” Michaels

“What should we do?” I asked Mom as we stared out at the mall.

“Mmm, see that Black guy,” Mom said, glancing at a tall and hunky guy walking by. Before I became Daddy's slut, I would be so wet for him. “Wouldn't it be hot to get him to fuck a wife in front of her husband. Make some hot interracial and cuckolding porn right here in the mall.”

“You are fucked up, Mom,” I said. “Let's do it!”

“That's my girl. We'll get all hot and bothered and then run off to your father so he can fuck us hard. Nothing like some porn to get your juices flowing so you can go wild on your man.”

“And what if we got some hotties to eat us out while we watched?” I asked, my pussy aching for a cum.

“You read my mind, Dusk.” Mom bumped her hip into mine. “I love going shopping with you.”

I nodded. This test was so hot. I was so glad Daddy made the mind-control device. My fingers tapped a dot. It was time to have fun.

To be continued...