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The Kennedys, 2.7: Interview with Kiki.

2022-08-08 12:17:02

This week’s industry movers and shakers is Dr Kiki Kennedy of Kiki Kennedy productions, one of the most successful production houses to come along recently.

AVN: So, “Dr” Kiki Kennedy?

Kiki: Yes, I have a doctorate, in particle physics no less. You can look up the exact title if you want, but it’s to do with saw-tooth instabilities in plasma wakefields. And, if that made any sense to any of your readers, I invite them to join our “physics nerds” section of the discussion forum on my website.

When I founded the company, I thought that having the title “Dr” would lend a certain gravitas to my being CEO. Before that I’d only been known as a performer, and I’d hid the serious side of my personality from my fans, I didn’t think it would enhance my reputation. But, there is a certain section of my fan base who does find it very sexy, especially when I discuss something really technical and end the post with a description of what I'm wearing. (Which seldom includes panties.)

AVN: How did you get into adult entertainment in the first place?

Kiki: In high school, I had a much older lover; he liked “barely legal” porn. He had a large collection of it, and I was curious. So when I turned 18, I contacted one of the production houses, and they snapped me up.

I must say, I was surprised at that, I didn’t think I was attractive, but with a little hair, makeup, and wardrobe, they worked wonders on me. That validated what my lover had told me and I’d never believed. You know the story of the ugly ducking? That's what I felt like, an ugly duckling, and I hadn't noticed that all of a sudden I'd become a Swan. I never liked dressing sexily in high school; I always dressed for practicality.

The porn was also very empowering. I was not a popular girl in high school; the butch chicks would pick on me. Most of it was probably resentment as I’d have a tendency to throw off the grading curve. (In other words, my being smart, led to them having lower grades, its bad use of statistics on the teacher’s part.)

Now, I had production companies wanting to hire me for my looks, and I had fans writing to me, wanting to fuck me. After I spent the summer before college being fucked, all day, everyday, I found myself sitting on a pile of money. It made college life much more comfortable. I could afford a decent car, and the good accommodations, and little luxuries.

I carried on working while I was at school, though I separated my life into porn and not porn. In the not porn world, I was much like my old self, but now I had confidence. In the porn world, I tried to make myself as desirable as possible. I’d do porn on the weekend, I’d fly down to the Valley to shoot, then fly back for the week. My personality sort of split as well, I felt like two different people.

I earned enough from the porn, that I thought I could set my own production company and run it in my way. So just before I got the doctorate, I legally changed my name to Kiki Kennedy. Before that, Kennedy was my first name, and I made up Kiki for the alliteration when I got that first job. In my husband's professional circles I’m Kennedy McAuliffe, but legally I’m Kiki Kennedy.

So after I became Dr Kiki Kennedy, I set up the company with Jade, a fellow performer and one of my lovers. I still act in some productions, but not so many these days. I was doing so many productions, I was worried about damaging my brand, so I cut back on the acting.

AVN: That brings up the question of what is your sexual orientation?

Kiki: I think I’m “lesbian with exceptions,” but my fans shouldn’t panic as I love getting fucked by men, and giving blowjobs. I suppose that makes me bi-sexual really, but I’m not really attracted to men, with a few exceptions, I just like the sex. That should make me more attractive, I want the sex, but not the commitment. My husband is one of the obvious exceptions.

AVN: You’ve mentioned your husband a couple of times now, tell us about him?

Kiki: Matt is my husband, he’s the most intelligent person I know, and also one of the dumbest. Don't forget, I'm comparing him to college staff and doctoral students, so that's saying something. If you want to find the eigen vectors of a complex wavefunction, he’s your man. He even understands GR and can find interesting solutions to the stress-energy tensor, he’s a total braniac, and that’s so sexy. But, when it comes to people, that’s not his strong point.

He has very simplistic world view when it comes to women, “sex good” probably just about sums it up. It makes him very easy to deal with, you know you’re always getting the real Matt, he just doesn’t have any guile to hide anything. He’s shy, he used to be painfully shy; it took him about a week before he could actually talk to me in a reasonable fashion. He’s a lot better now, but I do my best to protect him from harsh realities.

He also has no concept of possession or jealousy when it comes to sex, as I said, “Sex good.” Sums him up. There was one time I orgasmed on set, thinking of him, he asked for the outtake and said I was "cute," coming like that on someone else's dick. When we first worked on the doctorates together, I didn’t want a relationship, and then I discovered he was a fan, at least a fan of Kiki’s. So I, as Kennedy, showed him I was Kiki as well. I didn’t want him getting into something he couldn’t handle. Most boyfriends outside the industry can’t handle you being fucked for a job, so I took him to a shoot to show him what it was about.

He didn’t mind me performing on set, he said the shooting was somewhat boring really, so that pointed to the right stuff. Then, I arranged for a few of my friends in the industry to fuck him; he was a virgin at the time. It’s not unusual to set a boyfriend up with another performer, they treat it kind of like a job. I expected them to fuck him and send him back to me, instead he fucked them to a standstill, and they stayed the night. I was left alone and horny.

That did show he’s an absolute dynamite lover, the best I, or any of my friends, know. And the best part is he doesn’t even know it himself. You’ll be flat on you back after being knocked out by the sex, and he asks you if that was any good. He is catching on a bit now, even he couldn’t be that oblivious, but it doesn’t affect him. He’s still just thinking, “Sex good, more sex better.”

That backfired on me somewhat, as I fell in love with him. I never meant to, and I’d made it quite clear to him that I didn’t want anything like that. So I never realized he did have feelings for me, he was just hiding them because that’s what I’d told him I wanted. That's about the only time he's ever been anything less than totally transparent about his feelings, he thought it was the way to carry on having the sex. Like I said, he thinks, "Sex good."

That's how he acted when I tried to be more loving towards him, I set up a romantic weekend away, and he was "disappointed" we didn't bring any of my friends with us for once. He did a good job of acting like he wanted just sex from me, and being used like that does turn me on, doubly so because I loved him. So I gave him what I thought he wanted, just sex.

He also liked there were two of me. Kennedy would be dominant, and I, as Kiki, would be submissive to him and do anything he wanted. God, both of those are such a turn on. I kind of proposed to him as Kennedy, and he said he’d prefer Kiki, but would like Kennedy as his mistress. I’m more integrated with my personalities these days, some of the hard edge of Kennedy is needed to be successful in this biz, but there is still some of her I only bring out for Matt. I, as Kennedy, am his mistress, both in the cheating sense and the dominant sense. I suppose you could call it role play, but that's not how he sees it. Though, I think it's about time Kennedy retired, I as Kiki, should be able to satisfy all his desires.

He’s really sweet, and a submissive really. I’m more naturally a submissive myself, which is probably why I can enjoy sex with men so much. I really enjoy it when Matt takes me, I love doing anything he wants. But, I channel my inner bitch as Kennedy for Matt, and he really gets off on that. I don’t think he likes it as such, but that’s not the point. He really likes me claiming him as my property, I have that inscribed on his wedding ring. He loved it when I said I was marrying him so I could keep him for myself. I've occasionally just kept him at home, naked, as my personal sex slave, that's his favorite.

When I fell in love with him, I tried to make myself more myself, and he basically begged me to abuse him. To do things I thought he only agreed to because I, as Kennedy, was taking my frustrations out on him. So I carried on as the rather heartless Kennedy for his benefit. It’s probably very therapeutic to have someone you can abuse like that, and not be arrested. I'd "take my work home" as he calls it. That's the other time he's not transparent, he'll very clearly communicate why he doesn't like something, but send other signals that he wants you to do it, like buying me a present and begging me not to use it on him. Really the more he protests about something, the more he wants it. If he really doesn't want something, he's more muted on that point.

Like most talent in porn, I'd really like to have loving vanilla sex in my time off, but Matt has other interests. Like, the more impersonal I made the sex, the more he seemed to like it, so I'd set up random encounters between us just for his benefit. I must say, both of us liked the idea of the "drive by fuck." I pop over to his place on the way to the lab, just to get one, or both of us off and leave without saying anything.

I’m not the jealous type either, which is handy so Matt can enjoy himself; I send girls his way. He’s my secret weapon, his reputation as a lover draws in performers who want to try him out. He gets plenty of opportunities around here. When we were setting up the company, Jade made a joke that he should be the “fluffer,” at least for the women. So we actually did officially give him that job, at least when he’s around the production house. He has a full time job as a researcher, but does find time to come down here to work part time. I think he’d do it full time if I let him, but I couldn’t let that gorgeous mind of his go to waste. His first job as fluffer was my bachelorette party, he was the entertainment, and got raffled off at the end of the night.

AVN: My mind is boggling at what presents he buys you.

Kiki: Just some BDSM gear, like a whip, a strap on dildo, or a leash with a collar which goes around his balls. He'll protest that using them is too horrible an idea, and I believe that's what he believes, but there's a part of him which wants me to use them. A part that he doesn't like admitting to. He certainly gets turned on when I do that sort of thing. He also bought me some bondage gear, but he's enthusiastic about me using that on him.

That was when I first realized how transparent he was, we had a scene and he really played up how much he hated everything I was doing to him. It gave me such a power trip. Then at the end of it I found he wasn't playing, and just hadn't thought to use his safeword. He just doesn't think like that. Talk about a downer, I had to school him in the use of the safeword so we could do it properly.

AVN: And you have a baby by him as well. How does that work?

Pretty much the same way it’s worked for millions of years, but I'm not a biologist, so I won't explain the details. [Kiki bursts out laughing at this point.] Sorry, a little nerd humor. We left it to chance, on our honeymoon. We had a month of honeymoon when we were exclusive, and we agreed if we got pregnant, then so be it, if not then back to normal. I'm not sure I'm mother material, but he liked the idea. I did get pregnant, so we had Mark as the result. That gave me the chance to do pregnancy and lactation porn productions, a rather niche market.

Once the baby was born, I realized it was the best thing that ever happened to me; I wouldn't be the same person without being a mother. Now I'm the milfiest MILF there is. We have a full time nanny to help, but I'm always there to get him up in the morning, and put him to sleep in the evening. I'm the boss, so I can make my own rules and hours.

AVN: You said you had a split personality, what do you mean?

Kiki: When I was in college, getting my degree, and then my doctorate, I was working as a porn performer, that was paying my way. The two worlds I inhabited were so different, academia and porn, I had to keep them separate. I didn't think that being a college student, and then a doctoral student, was sexy for my fans. I may have been wrong about that, there are a lot of my fans find it sexy, who knew? On the other hand, in academia, being in porn would have ruined my credibility, or at least made it very difficult to work with men.

The field I was in, particle physics, is very male dominated, so I was enough of an anomaly just being female. Being female and seen as available (as a porn actress) would have made it difficult for a lot of men to relate to me seriously. So I disguised myself in both places, as the air headed nymphette in porn, and as the serious academic nerd in academia. In reality, I'm both intelligent and horny at the same time. I may love fucking slightly more than using my brain, but I wouldn't want my brain to atrophy from lack of use.

The amazing thing is it worked. I did the Kennedy as Clark Kent routine and took of my glasses, and suddenly I was super porno actress Kiki. No one realized I was the same person, until I told them. None of my friends in the business suspected I was a genius, and I used that word technically, a genius is classified as someone with 140 or greater IQ. The last time my IQ was measured it was 147. (And Matt's 165 by the way.) I play an airhead really well it seems. In this business you're going to get screwed one way or the other, so why invest any brainpower in it.

In academia, no one suspected either. I did my best to be frumpy and unlikable, so no one guessed I was a sex goddess. I didn't have much of a social life at college, I was working too hard, both academically and on my back. That made it easier to keep the secret. I worked with Matt, as Kennedy, for several months before I found out he was a fan of Kiki's, I had to do the trick with the glasses to show him I was Kiki as well. He was really surprised to find that out.

He was even more surprised, but really pleased when I suggested that we wouldn't just be friends, but friends with benefits. But, no one else in the department guessed, or at least everyone expressed surprise, in the last few weeks when I became Kiki. I started dressing more like a typical student, less frumpily, in the department, not like a porn star, but I was now much more attractive, both physically and emotionally to a lot of the men. I got a lot of attention those last few weeks, not all of it welcome.

AVN: You mentioned running a company your way?

Kiki: Yes, I got really frustrated as a performer, no one ever listened to the girls or valued their opinion. I wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone's opinions are heard and respected. Of course, now I'm running a company, I appreciate that you can't always act on everyone's opinions, but I wanted them at least considered.

I also have special programs for college students, they have to keep up a B average to get on the program. The "College Nerds" series is so popular now, I can be really selective about the talent I use, they'd have to be a very special person to get on with only a B average these days. We also have the "Naked Notes" series, we make serious instructional videos, except that we use the College Nerd talent, and they try to be as distracting as possible. They're some of our most popular lines. I'm not sure if anyone ever learns anything from them.

AVN: Why did you start your company, rather than continuing your academic career?

It pays better. Seriously, the chances of even getting a postdoc position are slim, less than 10% of new doctors are likely to get a postdoc. Less than 1% will become tenured. I could have gone into industry, but if I'm going to prostitute myself, I might as well do it my way. [Kiki grins saying this.] Porn is one of the few businesses where females are paid more than men, maybe ten times as much as the men. Men are actually lucky to get paid in porn.

In my life, I've had a constant chorus of "girls don't do STEM subjects." [STEM means: "Science Technology Engineering Math."] All the way from high school on, I was basically told that girls don't do the things I wanted to do, and after fifteen years, I just got sick of it, particularly when the alternative was so easy, that is porn. My parents had been nothing but supportive of me in physics, and Matt may be my biggest cheerleader, but he is a bit biased. Everyone else didn't think I belonged, my department had three women in it; I was the only American woman.

If I'd known then what I know now, I'd have come out as a geek earlier, the fans they're so supportive. They might have given me the motivation to carry on, but blending a career in porn and academia would be difficult. I also wanted to be myself. To get ahead in academia, I had to be hard headed and aggressive; I had to be Kennedy. I wanted to be Kiki; I wanted to be feminine. In the US, that's just the kiss of death. If you go to conferences, you'll see women scientists from say, Italy or France dressing sexily, it's accepted there. But, the American women all dress dowdily.

AVN: You mentioned your fan site a few times.

Kiki: Yes, I set that up myself, I did a lot of software development during my research, setting up a website was easy. Again, there's a certain set of fans who find that very hot. I have exclusive content there, and it’s a way to keep in contact with my fans. There's a lively discussion forum there and I'll join in some discussions, particularly in the "physics nerds" section I mentioned earlier. If they can impress me with their minds, they might find themselves being invited down here to watch a production. Who know's what else might happen, obviously I find a good mind very sexy.