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the beauty salon

2022-09-29 00:55:34

The beauty salon opportunity...

Jessica had been to her usual beauty salon,it didn't take much to maintain her beauty, but pampering herself was one of her vices.....whilst there she was chatting to the owner,sally,they were talking about how sally had so much work,not enough girls to work,it wasn't Jessica thing, working,working,but sally was talking about a window in the salon diary, did she want to come in and run a little clinic,

the salon closed half day on weds afternoons ,as they opened all day on Saturdays when trade was busiest,so what sally was offering was a free afternoon on weds, Jessica could use that time,and split the profits 50/50

Jessica strode down the road,and after initially dismissing it as beneath her, she was growing on the idea,it could be fun,plenty of cash to be made, her favourite thing....but doing what,what could she offer.....?

what about trying to offer a unique male grooming service,unique as it would be free,initially ,and payment would be made on a voluntary basis,i.e the customer would pay what he thought it was worth,so if they didn't rate it, it cost nothing,if they thought it was a good service,they would pay more

as always,Jessica thought of a little twist,it would work well,exploiting the males...as usual!!

The new weds afternoon clinic was advertised,with a picture of Jessica,and the free element combined, she had a full booking of 8 clients

Jessica had many uniforms,she loved role play,and here was a perfect vehicle for it, she searched through her draws,

"ah yes...here it is"

she pulled out a sexy nurses uniform,not your standard plastic type,far more revealing and classy than that,it was black with two red crosses over the breast areas

it was soft black material, figure hugging tight,very very short,with a long zip down the middle

Jessica put on her push up basque,it made her already heaving breasts push up and outwards, put her black sheer suspenders on to the basque,and her 6 inch black high heels shoes,opened toed and diamond encrusted straps

over that she slid on her white uniform,zipped it up,leaving it 3/4 done up showing her massive cleavage

she tied her thick blond hair back ,this made her look very striking and commanding,,

she left her flat,passing the postman as she did, he dropped his letters as he stared at her magnificence ,she laughed, she knew she had men eating out of her hand, quite literally!

her first booking was Steve,36,a little over weight " he knocked on the door

"come" Jessica ordered

"and what can i do for you Steve?"

" well, its first time Ive come here,i Spouse i need some grooming, but what do you suggest?"

"lets see.....er.....well you could do with some exercise ,but its about discipline Steve isn't it....if you dint have discipline you cant achieve,or lose that weight"

" i can get a bit lazy,what is the best way?"

"to instill discipline?"

"well....i can try for you today if you wish,it is free,unless you think its worth paying for,so lets see"

"did you want to try or not today?"

" OK, lets give it a go"

" right...lets see if we can get there with you, take your clothes off,lets have a look at you"

Steve took off his clothes

"threes your first mistake, throwing clothes on the floor, did you expect me to pick them up, get them tidy"

"Ive got a little test for you,bend over the bench"

she got her rubber gloves and started to finger his arse hole,

"I'm going to stick this right in Steve, you dint complain,you say thank you miss Jessica each time i thrust"

Jessica thrust one finger into Steve,he shot forward

"what are you doing" she shouted

"sorry...its just a bit intrusive" Steve said

sorry...who? barked Jessica

"sorry miss Jessica" he moaned

" right...that's better....now....im going to insert two fingers now,and you are going to learn to take it for me"

Jessica thrust in two fingers,Steve lurching forwards, he had never had this before,and it was uncomfortable

right that all seems to be clear ,Steve, what I'm going to do is give you a little test,to encourage you to try hared for me, do you think you can do that Steve?

i will need a sample from you

a urine sample|?

oh no....i dint do that....a sample of your spunk Steve...Hope does that sound?

Whit on earth for?

well.....to see if you can follow orders and endurance....if you can....then losing weight will be easy, and that is the goal isn't it?

so lets get started, i have another appointment at 3

so lay back in that chair, head slightly raised for me

Jessica walked over to a cabinet and came back with a glass

you are going to provide me with a full sample Steve, into this glass, but there are limits...i will tell you when to start and stop, count you down, and you must stay fixated on me t all times, i will also want here you compliment me at all times,and finally Steve....as a treat....you will drink your spunk from the glass

a treat?

i didn't say is was a treat for you did i? for me? well yes a little

by doing this it will show discipline, and Thais your first lesson, its slightly cruel....but I'm a great believer in cruel to be kind Steve

so lets get started......lie back, get that cock hard, look up at me, and give me my sample

Jessica stood inches away from Steve, her breasts pushing at his face....

i cant hear you Steve?.....tell me about my tits Steve go on...i want hear you pant

Steve couldn't resist any more, he was near to coming

"dint you dare come on my tits" barked Jessica

"you ask me before you cum, and make sure you get it in this glass,do you hear me....weal do you"

"do i have to ...Jessica" moaned Steve

"well...you Do want to cum dint you?" she asked

Steve was near, he stared up at her protruding breasts, she forced them nearer and nearer

"now,Steve....do it now" she commanded

she held the glass at the end of his cock....Steve spunked into it

"dint miss any out Steve,darling, that's it, give it all to me......i so want you to have your treat" she laughed

Steve emptied all he had....it was a strange experience, he had come in just to try and see about losing weight....but here he was naked, lying on a naked couch with a gorgeous girl, extracting spunk from him...

he lay there helpless and exposed....

" was that lovely for you Steve?" asked Jessica

" yeah think so" Steve said

"what have i told you...its miss Jessica" and with that she smacked his cock hard

"sorry miss Jessica...thank you miss Jessica" Steve crawled

" right, now your treat.....what was you treat?" she enquired

" Erma...to drink my own spunk"

" that's right!!!!......so open that mouth nice and wide for me, be a good boy" Jessica teased

she wiped one of her fingers around the glass, her long black nail varnished nails scooping up some of Steve s spunk......she dropped it into his month, wiping it off on his tongue

"swallow for me honey...threes a good boy"

Steve gulped as the nasty taste went down his throat

"shh...was that nasty darling" she laughed

" OK...before you go....tell me my best feature...whats my sexiest thing ,Steve...i love a man drooling over me"

erm...well......your legs in those high heels are amazing"

" you think so?" Jessica dangled and twisted her shoes round to look

" yes they are sexy aren't they....well just before you go...we still have some spunk to get rid off from the glass dint we....i cant waste it"

" so I'm going to pop up on that counter over there, where I'm be nice a high perched on it, you can get down on your knees, cm on, quickly!"

Jessica dangled her 6" heels ...Steve was confronted by her shoes, on his knees

" now Steve.....I'm going to pour rest of your spunk over my shoes...and you re going to lick it off.....i adore a bit off foot worship?"

Jessica slowly dribbled the spunk onto her shoes, white it stood out on her black shoes

" well. what are you waiting for...get licking" she commanded

Steve licked them clean, he just wanted out of there

" hm mm....nice Job Steve.....now run along.....oh and Steve.....i expect you to lose some weight before you see me next time...or.....well ill leave that to your imagination.....i hope this lesson has motivated you, and next time your are with your wife, try not to think of me,my tits, my shoes, my control...hey" she giggled