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seducing my professor

2022-09-25 13:11:01

Due to good grades and recommendations from my high school I am able to go to a nice university. I am starting my sophomore year. As an English major I have the advantage of using poetry and witty turn-of-phrases to seduce any woman I want. It is how I got my high school girlfriend and a few girls last year to spend the night in my dorm.

The first day of classes was already half over and I was not scared at the perspective workload. My next class was a writing class, it look interesting because we were able to write stories, poems, essays, opinions, or whatever came to mind.

I took my seat just as this tall redhead walked in. she looked young and I half expected her to sit down in one of the desks near me. Instead she put her bag on the desk in the front of the classroom and started writing stuff on the board. I could not believe this beautiful figure before me was supposed to be Professor Williams. I expected an old man with gray hair and a bushy beard, not a woman who looked like she could have been a swimsuit model.

We started and once introductions where done and she explained what the rest of the semester had in store she let us out early. Everyone was happy we got to leave early but I wanted to talk to the professor. I held back while everyone ran out as fast as possible. When it was just she and I, I went up to talk to her.

I held out my hand to shake hers, her skin was soft and smooth. I introduced myself and asked her if this was her first year at the school. She said that not only was this her first year at the school but this was her first year in the city. I told her that I had spent a lot of time here growing up and would be more than happy to show her around town; I mentioned a few of the great restaurants and museums I knew of and she seemed interested.

I asked her if she wanted my cell phone number so she could call and ask for directions or recommendations for where to go. She seemed hesitant at first; she could see how awkward and inappropriate it would be for a professor and student to be calling each other out side of class.

I assured her that there was nothing inappropriate about someone who is new in town asking for advice on what sights to see. I then gave her my number and told her that if she wanted to talk about museum exhibits or the best place to get a pizza, to call me. Then I left.

She did not call me but I figured as much. I saw her in class and we were discussing a poem. She told us that our homework would be to write a poem for next class about whatever we wanted. I took the opportunity to write a love poem. I did not say who it was but I described her red hair and long legs. I wanted to hint that it was she but still make it vague enough so that it could also apply to a number of other girls. I got it back with no comment on its content. She seemed to ignore it. I tried again with another love poem, this time I was a bit more intense when I described the physical actions I wanted to do to her. With innuendos and euphemisms I basically said that I wanted to fuck my red hair goddess until our genitalia were sore, and then fuck her again. I also hinted about how I would fuck her hard and strong from every position.

Once more my poem got no recognition. She treated it like every other piece of homework that she came across. I knew she liked me; I had been sure to do all my work, show up to class on time, and have plenty of interesting things to say on the readings. She smiled every time I said something insightful and would love to have the class discuss the ideas I brought up. (If you are thinking I am a teachers pet just remember I am trying to get into her panties, had she been the old man I imagined I would not put in nearly this much effort.)

When we were supposed to write short stories I was sure to write one that would be painfully blatant in its message. She gave us free range to write about anything we wanted so I wrote an erotic story about a student fucking his English teacher. I changed the names but it was clear that I was writing about her and me.

The class when we got our stories back mine had a note at the end, “See me after class.” Finally the reaction I was waiting for.

After class I walked up to her desk and held out my paper, “You wanted to see me?”

“Yes, we need to talk.” It seemed as if she was forcing herself to be calm and steady when speaking to me. “Your writing so far is concerning.”
“Why, did I have a lot of spelling errors or grammatical problems?” I was playing dumb.
“You know what I am talking about. At first I thought it was kissing up, then I thought it was a crush. You are not the first boy to have feelings for a teacher. But this last story you wrote, it’s too much. This has to stop.”
“What has to stop?”
“Your sexual advances.”
“I never made any sexual advances.”
“In your writing you did,” she pulls out a copy of my second poem and starts to read it, “those legs of ivory which hide her precious hidden treasure will part so that I may make my passions known to her.”
“How is that a sexual advance?”
“You’re saying you want to spread my legs so you can get to my vagina.”
“I did not use your name though, I could want to get to some other woman’s vagina; did you think of that?”
“I did, but your story is about a student having sex with his English teacher, who sounds a great deal like me.” She took out a copy of my story and started reading from it. “Her hair was a fiery red that resembled hot embers. Her face was like that of a carved statue of the goddess Venus with sapphires for eyes. Her form was slender but still had the hint of curvature that would satisfy and man. Though her breasts are small they fit well with her figure and do much to enhance her beauty. Her legs start at the ground but end somewhere high in the heavens miles away. They too are slender but reveal muscle that could do the work of a hard night’s romp.”

She puts the paper down and looks at me, I can tell she is a little flushed in the face with either embracement or excitement. I can feel my opportunity opening up and know that she is walking closer and closer into my trap.

I look back at her, “Do you think that description is of you? A face like that of the goddess of beauty? I do think you are attractive but I am afraid to say that you are a bit egotistical and self-absorbed.”

She looked shocked, “What!?! You think I am self-absorbed you are writing a story about a student having sex with an English teacher who is young, redheaded, slender, has small breasts, and long legs that is a description of me.” I could hear the anger and hurt in her voice. It seems she would rather be the object of my lust rather than just some other girl.

“I don’t know your legs don’t look that long to me.”

Once more she looked shocked and hurt, she then raised her skirt to her upper thigh showing the entirety of the beautiful leg. I wanted to see what else I could get her to do.

“Ok you have nice legs, but your breasts are rather large and I think fake, I would say they might have been small at a time, but work has been done to them to increase their size.”

She grabbed her chest and held it them up, “how could you say they are fake, they are all natural.” I shrugged and she started undoing her blouse and showed her white cotton bra. She played with them again and looked at me, I shrugged again to show my disagreement. She jumped up and down bouncing her tits in front of my face and finally took my hand and put it on one her tits. “Does that feel fake to you?”

I wanted to scream with jot but kept my composure, “Well I think they are real, but I can’t tell if that is silicon or bra padding.” She undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. There she was topless and had me grab her breasts. I could not believe things were going so well. I squeezed them and played with the nipples, which soon became hard and erect. She noticed that I was not grouping her to see if they were real, now I was just playing with them.

“This was a very bad idea, we need to stop.”
“Because this is wrong.”
“But it feels really good.”
“No we have to stop.” She grabbed my hands and pulled them away. She looked at me and then down to my groin, where a very visible tent had gone up. “I think you better leave.”

“I think we should leave together.”
“I think we better go back to your house and finish our discussion somewhere more private, where there is less chance of someone walking in on us.”

She finally took her eyes off of my erection to notice that she was standing topless holding a student’s hands while he was sporting a hard on in the middle of a classroom. She dropped my hands and got dressed. She stood not saying anything for a while, obviously trying to decide if she should take me to her place, and if she did would she be able to handle me, would she be able to handle herself.

“Let’s go, quickly.” And we were off to her apartment. It was a nice place. We sat in the living room while she spoke. “This has to stop I can’t believe I brought you to my house, alone. This is so inappropriate and illegal. You know what you have to go, I don’t know why I brought you here, anything we can say here we can say in my office on campus.”

“May I say something?”
“We came here not because you wanted to talk about my writings or my advances, but because you wanted to act on them.” I started getting closer to her on the sofa. She turned her face away so I gently put my hand under her chin and turned her back so I could look her in her eyes. “I saw how you couldn’t keep your eyes of my erection, or how your heart was pounding when I grabbed your tits, or how you blushed when you were reading from my stories. They excited you, didn’t they? The idea that a young man, who has his choice of all those young, busty college girls, would fantasize about you was a turn on for you. I bet you even liked to fantasize about me. I bet you even touched yourself when you were reading the story, keeping up with the characters. When John touched Lola up and down her legs I bet you did the same.” I was running my free hand up and down her thigh going higher each time. She made no attempt to stop me as my hand pushed her skirt higher and higher up her thigh. “And when they kissed you hungered for my lips.” I kissed her and it took her no time to kiss me back. She flung her arms around me and pulled me in for a deep French kiss.

I broke the kiss and whispered to her, “Not here.” I then picked her up like a groom would his bride and I took her down the hallway to our honeymoon suite. I gently put her down and soon we were kissing again and she was holding on to me for dear life. I started moving down her body kissing her earlobes, then neck, I undid her blouse and pulled her bra down to get to her breasts they were harder than they had been in the classroom. And when I was sucking and licking her nipples she didn’t pull me away she moaned in pleasure and told me to keep going down.
I left her breasts and went further south. Her stomach and then I met the top of her skirt. I slowly pulled it down with her panties to reveal her precious treasure. A small patch of trimmed hair was the only covering to her beautiful pussy. I stood there and looked at her nude body, just absorbing the beauty of it all.

By the look she was giving me I knew she wanted more tongue bathing. So I went to her long legs and worked my way back to her pussy. I could see and smell her excitement it was sweet and potent. I went in for the kill, and slowly lapped my tongue up her slit, when I reached her clit a shiver ran through her entire body. I did that a few more times before I inserted my tongue like I tiny dick and fucked her with it. She was groaning and gyrating and every time I ran my tongue across her clit she shivered. She moaned, “Oh god this is incredible, it has been so long since a man has gone down on me.”

“Then I bet it’s been even longer since one has done this.” And I shoved two fingers into her pussy as deep as they could go. She sat up like a bullet and every muscle in her body contracted and her face showed either intense pain or intense pleasure. After a couple seconds she fell back on the bed and relaxed. I climbed up on top of her and kissed her on the lips. For a moment she just lay there not even noticing my kiss. Then reality sank in and she was once more trying to swallow my head. She started pushing her hips against my pants getting the front covered with her juices. Then she snapped, “I can’t take it anymore take off you fucking pants and fuck me already.”

In the blink of an eye my pants were gone and I was once more between her glorious thighs. This time there was nothing keeping my dick out of her cunt. I slowly entered enjoying every millimeter of her warm soft flesh. Then one hard thrust and I was completely engulfed by her. “Oh god that feels so good in there.”

“That’s because that is where it belongs.”

I start pulling out only to go back in with full force. I start slow with long strokes. Trying to enjoy the sensation and memorize ever motion of our bodies. With out me even noticing I am pounding into her pelvis as if I’m trying to break her bones. The bed is slamming against the wall and she is breathing heavy. I feel my balls tighten and I know I will cum any second; so I pull out of her marvelous pussy trying to prolong the pleasure as long as possible. She groans and begs me to put it back.

I kiss her and put my fingers back in her twat while my resolve rebuilds. When I am good as new I tell her to get up and ride my dick. She is all too happy to oblige any request, so long as it results in me putting my pleasure stick back inside her hot tunnel.

She sits on my dick and goes wild. She is practically jumping up and down on my dick while gyrating her hips in circles and throwing her head around making her look like a woman possessed. She kept saying, “Keep fucking me like that. I’m almost there. I’m so close. Almost THERE!!!!!” she went from crazed moving to still as a statue. And that is what she was, she sat there my dick still halfway in her pussy her hands on my chest for support, digging into my skin. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and it seemed like she passed out. She fell on my chest with out a word. I could hear her trying to catch her breath and knew she was still awake.

“You don’t think we’re done do you?” I thrust my dick up inside her and she gives a small gasp. “We just got started.” I start to fuck up into her from below and her gasps are turning into moans she whispers to me, “Oh God that feels so good.”

“You think that’s good try this.” And I take her hard nipples into my hands and pinch them. She sits up a bit more now getting back into it and her hips go back to gyrating. It’s when I take her nipple into my mouth, lick and suck on it, that she screams with her second orgasm. I turn her over so that I am on top of her in a missionary position. She looks like the life has been sucked (or fucked as the case would be) out of her. She is barely conscious as I ball her with every thing I have.

I kiss her some more and suck on her incredible nipples. She manages to whisper to me, “No more, I don’t think I can take another orgasm.”

“Not only will you have another orgasm but you are going to take mine in you hot little pussy.” I doubled my efforts on her pussy and nipples making her orgasm rise inside her and then while working on her climax I reach my own. My nuts burst open and I feel like my penis and mind will be ripped in half with the force of it. I don’t know how much cum I pumped into that tight little twat but I know it was the biggest load I ever got off.

When she felt my sweet cream fill her pastry she had her fourth and most powerful orgasm of the day. She shook from head to toe and when it was over she passed out. I followed her lead and fell a sleep with my dick still in her slippery hole.

When I woke up in the morning there was note that said, “Had to go to work. Lock up when you leave. See me in my office at 3:00.”

I just sat back in triumph of my accomplishment. I set out to fuck my professor and I did. But I wanted more. So I headed to my classes and pretended like everything was normal. Then when three rolled around I headed to the English department to see my provocative professor. She was sitting in her chair looking out the window when I walked in. She jumped in surprise, “George, good we need to talk.”

“You wanted to see me Lilly?”
“That’s Ms. Williams.”
“I think after yesterday we can drop formalities and call each other by our first names.”

She blushed at the mention of yesterday’s romantic roll in the hay. “Look what we did was a mistake and I just wanted you to know that it can and will never happen again.”
“Sure it won’t”
“I’m not joking that was a one time error in judgment.”
“You say that now because you are more guilty than horny. But soon you will be filled with desire, your sexual needs will drive you crazy. It won’t be long until all you can think about is my dick and how I rammed it into your hungry cunt over and over again.” She was squirming in her seat, both uncomfortable and turned on by what I was saying. I got up and walked close to her, going down on my knees so we were almost eye-to-eye. “The memory of you orgasms will make you constantly wet. Sure you’ll use your fingers or dildos to get a small fix, but nothing will get you off harder than when you were riding my cock like a wild woman. Your hips moving like a belly dancer and your hair being tossed about. Right now you say it was a sin but before long our ‘sin’ will drive you mad with longing and you are going to beg me to fuck you.”

I was moving closer and closer to her face, our lips were almost touching by now. “Do you know what I will say then?”
“Only if we can fuck in your office.”

I went in and we were kissing with mad passion and desire. We stood up and I was laying her down on her desk. I pulled up her skirt and saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “No panties, how naughty.”
“I wore them to work but I kept thinking about you and soaked them by the end of my first class.”
“That is so hot.”

I went down on her and indeed she was soaking wet. My tongue and fingers primed her pussy well enough. After a few minutes of swimming in the most delicious and copious amounts of pussy juice I have ever had, I undid my fly and took out my monster tool. There was no protest as I filled her pussy again with my meat. We fucked missionary style for ten minutes on her desk. I knew my orgasm was coming soon so like before I pulled out to keep the fun going.

I told her to get up and bend over her desk. “Yes sir” was her response. I just admired the sight of her long legs spread to reveal a wet, tight, and probably sore pussy. She turned one head over her shoulder and asked, “Are you going to fuck me or what?” that snapped me out of my daydreaming. I positioned my hard dick at her waiting entrance and just went to town. I grabbed her hips for leverage and smacked her hips into my pelvis. I could tell she wanted to moan and call out in pleasure but was scared that someone would hear her. I whispered into her ear, “Does my sexy little teacher want to scream in pleasure?”
“No someone will find us.”
“Let them.”
“No don’t”

I increased my pace and fucked her so hard I could hear the desk creak. The faster and harder I gave it to her the more I could see her face turn red from holding it in. I slapped her ass and told her to let her orgasm out. “No someone will hear. Just finish up and cum.”
“Not until you cum for me.”

I reached into her blouse and even though I could hear her say “no, not that” I squeezed her nipples hard. “OH MY GOD. YOU FUCKIN BASTARD. NOOOOOOOO.”

She came like a monster, her voice ringing through the office and urely down the hall. Her muscle contraction made her already tight pussy even tighter and I just let loose once more deep inside her pussy. I finished up just in time to hear a voice at the door. “Lilly are you alright, is something wrong?”

I dropped under the desk and she sat down in her chair just as the head of the English department walked into the office, obviously concerned. “Lilly I heard you scream, is everything alright?”

“Fine Beth I was just reading a book. The husband just cheated on his wife sick with cancer. That fucking bastard.” She bought the lie and slowly walked out of the office. Lilly looked down at me hiding under her desk and said, “We are going to have a long talk at home about when it is appropriate to fuck me and when it isn’t.”

“Does six work for you?”
“Make it seven I need some time to rest and replenish bodily fluids.”