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first love_(2)

2022-06-29 00:00:14

Foreword: This story was written by Laura953, and translated from Italian and edited by Empress Lainie. Copyright, 2012, Laura953. Published exclusively for XNXX.



After I have had, for the first time, anal sex with my sister, I was hugging Marisa asleep naked on the couch next to me now satisfied and exhausted. It was Saturday, Feb. 18.

As I watched my sister's naked body, lit by the dim light of the fire, my hand stroking the between her legs and buttocks, where pussy and ass seem to join, my fingers were full of my sperm, I remembered even when I lost my virginity in my ass that occasion was not filled with sperm, the man who had owned it anally used my mouth to enjoy and ejaculate. I wanted to ask Marisa if such pleasurable emotions and sensations were felt in having bathed the inside of her in ass cum, but the serene face of my sister who made me desist rested satisfied. For the question, I would wait for the awakening. I was curious to compare my experience with my sister.


From the time I first fucked a woman in the pussy, the loss of my anal virginity, which coincided with my first sexual experience complete with a man and a woman, was nearly, a year later, and the first time I did have sex with a man .

At that time I traveled by bus every day to go to school and I often return to hitchhike to get home early and have more time to go to the beach where, at the beach or hidden in the bushes, I loved masturbating watching nude tourists that often were having sex.

Thirty years ago, not many cars were on the roads in my area, a small village in Sardinia, but almost all drivers took on board our students. It was easy to get a ride hitchhiking.
It was the last day of school before the holidays for Easter, and I was sitting at the roadside, waiting for a ride, when I saw coming a big open car and I immediately realized that was not an Italian car. It was a Mercedes coupe and to my surprise the motorist stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride even though I had not made the sign "Autostop."

Perhaps because of my long hair motorists believed that I was a girl.
I was happy to get into that beautiful car, it was one of the most beautiful of cars. I said: "Hello, thanks for the lift and congratulations on your beautiful car", and as I often hitchhiked, I realized that the drivers were pleased to receive compliments for their cars and if I saw them again in the area I always gave them a thumbs up.


The gentleman who picked me up said "Hello boy, where are you going? I am on vacation and know little of the area even though I have come at other times." I tell him the name of the region, and I added the location where I lived, for many tourists know the beautiful beach of the same name. The motorist claimed to know the beach and offered me a cigarette then asked me my name. "Matthew," I told him very politely and thanked him for the offer of the cigarette. He shook my hand and said his name is Peter, which corresponds to Pietro in Italian and that he was from Switzerland.

The warm spring sun and the air on his face made me appreciate the journey aboard the Mercedes coupe and relaxing in the comfortable seat I realized that my pants were down on the sides and I could see the girly panties I wore. For some time I had a passion for wearing women's clothes and often, even to go to school, put on women's panties, the thing that excited me so much.. When I went to school wearing women's panties, in the bag of books I had a bra, that once out of school I often wore under my shirt.

Last summer I received a gift of a few pairs of women's panties with their matching bras. That day I first wore the panties I had been a royal woman for the man who the previous summer had first fucked me in the ass. Yet still he was the only man with whom I had had sex. My woman's wardrobe in that period was limited to three bras and panties for women, a bikini, and shorts, as well as a necklace and some bracelets, I did not have any money to make purchases and I would not even know where to get them.

When I noticed that my women's panties could be seen, I tried a little intense pleasure, and I did nothing to hide that I was hoping that Peter could see my panties. That day while I was waiting to hitch a ride, hidden behind a bush beside the road, I had also worn a bra. The shirt I wore had a glimpse of the bra straps on my shoulder. I had opportunities to show my love for crossdressing. Knowing that Peter was a passing tourist and not a person of the place gave me the courage to make me look for the first time for a man while wearing women's underwear.


Later when we were walking for about twenty minutes on the road that runs along the cliff overlooking the sea after arriving in the beach area, I reflected that Peter saw my panties. I made sure that the panties would go down even more in the hips and I was excited by the possibility of being seen with women's panties by this strange man. Peter looked at me smiling and asked me how old I was: "Almost seventeen," I said, my voice was really excited. Peter said: "Matthew, you must indicate the road so I'll take you home and see also the road to get to the beach."

I was very disappointed, not even a word was said about the panties that I wore. They were very nice women's panties, an emerald green color with an almost transparent fabric like lace wrapped around my hips with a narrow strip of elastic fabric that was placed in front of some flowers made from the same fabric of the panties but a darker green, and had a very sensual, well covering fabric in front of my small penis and buttocks, leaving my behind almost entirely exposed. I also wore a bra but it was hidden by the shirt. It was my first time wearing women's underwear to make me not look like a man and I was afraid a now useless occasion that did not get the desired effect. It made me want to do things sexually, and I understood what I looked like and wanted to be treated like a woman.

I gave him directions to my house saying, "Mr. Peter the road to my house is not paved and there are many potholes that could ruin your nice car. I could also leave the village and go home on foot" while talking, I moved in the seat to accommodate my pants to cover my panties slowly. Continuing to talk to Peter of my studies and other subjects I was not able to hide the disappointment, which he read in my face, of the decision by Peter to take me home at once while I was hoping to stay a little longer in his company. Perhaps Peter was aware of my disappointment because as he removed his hand from the gear lever and put it on my leg, he said: "Matthew do want to come to lunch with me? I know a restaurant where we can go very close to the beach you mentioned and do not call me sir, I want to be your friend, just call me Peter "

The words of Peter surprised me as I was thinking I made a bad impression because of my panties that I had exhibited with no shame and I thought that Peter was taking me home to get rid of me, a young and foolish little boy. It was not so. Now I was very happy for his unexpected invitation. I rose up from the seat where I sat, where I had been almost hidden thinking of myself as a fool, turned to him and said enthusiastically: "I am very happy to have lunch with you, I never went to a restaurant."

Now I have repented, it seemed that my only interest was to go for the first time to the restaurant and not for the company that Peter had deeply desired. I tried to correct the gaffe, saying: "Peter, I also want to be your friend. I have no other friends, I apologize for how I behaved." Apologizing, I hoped that Peter would say something about how my underwear appeared. Peter did not say anything so I thought he was not interested in a boy who liked to wear women's underwear.

Peter could have been about 45/50 years had an athletic body and a very masculine face, was dressed very elegantly, was very tall. I was a young boy, perhaps too silly. Peter looked so elegant; how could I be thinking that a nice man like him could not show any interest in a boy like me. The elegance of Peter and his obvious wealth contrasted with my poor clothes and my humble graceless appearance. I was small but well proportioned, my face was still childish despite nearly seventeen years, my long black hair gave me the semblance of a teenage girl but I was a boy. I deeply regretted having shown that I was wearing women's underwear, I thought that Peter's invitation to go to the restaurant and the offer of friendship was only a matter of courtesy to an adolescent poor and stupid that he would no longer want to be seen with.


We arrived in front of the house and I saw my father loading fishing nets in his boat. He stops and sees me alight from that beautiful and luxurious car. I go to my father, who remained motionless and looked shocked. Then Peter gets out and approaches my father. I say: "Dad, this is Peter, a Swiss tourist, who asked me to be his guide in our area. If I do not return tonight, do not worry ". My father and Peter shook hands greeting each other without words. My father would not have worried, however, as he worked day and night every day of the year, and was accustomed to my absence from home. For my father I had greatest respect even though he often beat me, sparing no strokes, when I had not obtained good results in school and for him I had just imposed a requirement to continue studying to eventually leave the miserable life I led. It was a commitment that I would keep in order to study for all the years I have a scholarship.

While I carried the bag with school books in the house, I asked Peter if he would drink a glass of wine. I've never been ashamed to live in a poor house. Inside it was very tidy and always clean, outside my father kept a small vegetable garden and, in memory of my mother, also a small flower garden. Peter entered the house and we drank the wine that we keep in the fridge in the pit outside the house, I moved to accommodate the school books. Then hidden behind a curtain I washed, and I quickly removed the women's panties I was wearing. From behind the curtain I told Peter to drink more wine, so I had an excuse to take more time and decide what to wear.

I had a wide selection of clothing for men and women but was limited in underwear, between a bikini and short shorts. In solitude behind the curtain, I thought I had already revealed to Peter my secret love for women's underwear, even if Peter has so far appeared to remain indifferent to my passion. I also thought that I had no reason to hide what Peter already knew and so I decided to wear the little black lace panties that were almost transparent; the most beautiful I had along with its matching bra and shorts which were wrapped in a sexy way around my cute little ass. Then I donned a T-shirt and put on the high heel shoes for women that I had found the first time at the beach. Panties and shorts were the gifts of the woman with the man who last summer had taken my virginity. It was the first time that I was not to be alone secretly spying on tourists having sex at the beach, but instead finding and wearing a bikini on the beach and walking around freely after putting it on when the man and woman returned and I had my first sex adventure.

I knew not to meet any people of my locality at the seaside restaurant where Peter was taking me, and so my dress to a casual eye would seem that I was a small anonymous girl. I was happy and proud of my appearance. I modeled for Peter as he was just sitting and drinking wine. Once again, Peter did not reveal any surprise or excitement at seeing me with both heels for women and shorts that prominently showed the rounded shapes of my little butt.

Peter in happiness, perhaps even helped by two or three glasses of wine he had drunk, suggested we go straight to the restaurant located just a few miles from home. I had worn over the little black girly panties a pair of short pants and a light T-shirt that hid the little bra that matched the panties. So my appearance was that of a girl much less than almost seventeen years. I felt important being close to a nice handsome and sexy man like Peter
and was walking nonchalantly on the high heels of women's shoes to the Mercedes coupe.


Arriving at the restaurant, we sat outside while others who had finished dinner were leaving. A quick glance all around gave me confirmation that Peter and I were the only guests present. The waiter was sitting at table with the other employees of the restaurant, but seeing the expensive luxury car, he turned to Peter and said: "We are still open, so sit there and I will serve you immediately." While standing up he gave us an impressive menu. The waiter, like the other people sitting at the table with him seemed to pay no attention to my attire Of course I am sure they most likely considered me to be a young girl, perhaps his daughter. Peter continued to ignore it, knowing that I was a boy.

Shortly after we were seated Peter proposed we go and wash our hands. So we went together into the restroom that was located inside the restaurant. It was almost as big as my whole house. Peter peed in a wall urinal and invited me to do the same. Peter had to see me take my shorts and panties down to below my buttocks, exposing my nearly hairless bottom, in order for me to pee. And I took pains with intense curiosity to watch him, because besides having a nice cute penis, perhaps not very large, it had not, like mine, the skin covering the head. So without shame I had lowered the short shorts that being for a woman therefore had no front opening, and my bottom was wrapped round with the small black panties, which had crept between my buttocks, and was visible in the mirror to the eyes of Peter now washing his hands with indifference to my appearance.

On the wall above the washbasin was placed a long mirror that allowed me to look at my half naked body while trying to pee. Seeing the tiny black panties that had crept between my buttocks sensually and which did not conceal the small white panties mark left by my bikini, plus my hairless legs caused me an immediate erection of my small penis that Peter could not see being behind me. I was excited for shamelessly exposing my slender body and I was glad I did and felt no embarrassment for showing Peter with women's clothing the femininity that I felt inside of me. I felt almost euphoric, because I thought that if Peter had not yet made any outward positive appreciation of my clothes at least he did not even make negative remarks. So now he had no fear of being seen with me. Thinking that, I returned to our table in front of Peter walking and swinging my ass shamelessly across the dining room and with the sound of my high heels echoing and on which I walked with expert ease. Peter continued to apparently remain indifferent.

We were at the end of the excellent dining and with the scorching sun, now thankfully our table was in the cool shade on the gallery. I had eaten with relish any food brought to the table. Peter, who had finished dinner before me,moved his chair, which was across from me, placing it at my side. On the shady gallery, Peter and I were alone, and from time to time Peter took my hand as we talked about trivial things, I sensed a great sweetness in that gesture. Peter talked about the beaches of the place and places to visit while he had repeatedly filled his glass of chilled wine and each time he did the same thing with my glass but it was still nearly full.

Peter had not yet made any comment for my appearance or about me using female underwear. After lunch and we had eaten a couple of ice creams for dessert, Peter paid the bill, and ordered a few bottles of wine and fresh water to take with us, put in a plastic bag in the back seat of the Mercedes. While Peter and the waiter arranged the bottles the waiter brought as a gift a few glasses. Before getting into the Mercedes we returned, with me walking easily on the high heels of women's shoes, to the table where we dined to retrieve the cigarettes that Peter had forgotten. We climbed into the car and Peter asked me where we could go to rest a little and stay close to the sea. Peter was not going straight home and his reporting this fact did end many of my fears for me believing that I was of little interest to him.


Just after I got in the car, for the first time Peter mentioned the clothing I was wearing. He said: "Matthew you have changed the panties that you had on this morning, now you are wearing the black ones that are very nice and look really good on your body. They make you look very sexy, and also wearing those shorts that look so good with beautiful shoes that make you walk with a gait of a very sensual, confident woman." Saying that, Peter then caressed my cheek. Thanks to the perennial tan, no one can see the blushing of my face from the joy for the compliment. Peter finally had expressed his opinion of me and despite all my fears, it was not a negative judgment but in fact an enthusiastic acceptance of my behavior. Peter did not think I was just a quirky teenager, but he considered me to be sexy and sensual. I then even more admired Peter, not only for the words spoken, but especially for the kindness and delicacy with which he addressed to me.

I explained the way he had to go to get to the beach that I visited every day and that I knew to be a secluded and quiet. I was glad that Peter wanted to stay with me still and not take me home immediately. I continued, from the comfortable seat of the Mercedes, to admire the beauty and simple elegance of Peter, and dreamed of compliments and kind gestures coming from others towards me. In the quiet, secluded place where we were going, I wanted the opportunity to show my sincere interest in Peter and I dreamed of having sex complete in every way with him as I did once with another man.


Peter drove in silence while with his arm he hugged me. I had moved to one side and I put my head on the chest of Peter and I put my arm behind his neck to support me. The affectionate gesture by Peter caused me a thrill of exciting pleasure that made me crouch on his body and I timidly kissed his chest covered with a fragrant white shirt. While Peter was embracing me his hand felt my bra under my T-shirt. Then he just looked and smiled. No longer was I hiding my desire for Peter. Finding myself in the arms of a man known but a few hours, I was with infinite gentleness and respect, running my youthful thoughts toward the fantastic images of sex that I had often watched in solitude hiding in the bushes of the beach, and where once I had successfully experimented in part, and today I wanted to try again.

The bumpy road full of potholes caused me to slide my head down between his legs. And when Peter was caressing my cheek I felt the engorgement of his penis in his pants. The hardness of Peter's penis on my face gave me more vibrant emotions which increased every time that Peter moved his legs apart more to better receive my face between them. I really started to believe that I have aroused a real interest in Peter, even sexual, towards me.

Back in the restroom of the restaurant while Peter was urinating, as well as myself, I was excited because I like to see a man pissing. I noticed two things: first, that his penis had no skin covering the head and how well shaved was his pubis; the second that Peter was not wearing underwear. The habit of not wearing underwear and having shaved private parts I had already noticed on many tourists, almost all foreigners. The thought that between my face and the hard cock of Peter there were only the pants did increase my excitement.

We were close to the beach when hitting the nth hole, I slid back my head tightly between the legs of Peter. And still without lifting my head, I removed the arm that encircled the neck of Peter and put my hand on his knee from whence I slowly started to caress his thigh moving closer and closer to the top of his legs. Peter seemed to get pleasure from my touch and it gave me the courage for a more enterprising caress of groping between his legs and with my palm, feeling the rock hard excitement in his pants. I purposely pressed my hand firmly on the hard penis because I wanted to demonstrate to Peter that I had no more brake inhibitor!!!!


It was the first time that I had ever taken a similar initiative with a man.
With the palm of my small hands stroking, outside the trousers, Peter now seemed as submissive as I had appeared in the restroom of the restaurant, and I could feel that the slow crepitation of my hand was causing his penis to have hard frequent contractions. I also thought about opening his pants and feeling Peter stroking his cock naked on my face and my lips. The only time I had kissed a cockhead, sucked it and took cum and a piss in my mouth I had felt a great pleasure.

But now I feared that Peter could react badly to a lot of, maybe too much of, my initiative. For now, it was just a nice erotic game without any exhibition of sexual organs and I was already satisfied with what I could do and had completely overcome my shyness. Peter was stroking my ass nicely wrapped by the short shorts that gave the impression of the sensual shape of the panties I was wearing. His touch was accompanied by the movement of my little round ass and I could not restrain faint moans of pleasure while the strong hand of Peter, which was now under my shorts, between my buttocks was vigorously insinuating his fingers through the panties to touch my hole without penetrating the anus.

Arriving near the bottom of the road where the car drove smoothly, I told Peter to turn to the right, where hidden by thick bushes and tall pines, a smaller road would bring us very close to the sea in an open space shaded by five large pines, which is my favorite place to spy on naked tourists on the beach. It was the same place where last summer I had my first sexual relations with tourists, a man and a woman. Despite the long erotic games with the woman I had not had the opportunity to put my penis in her pussy so at this time I have not ever experienced the pleasure of fucking a woman.

We were still and silent in the car for some time, me always with my head between his legs now holding his cock, and such that Peter continued to caress my butt and now my back where the hands of Peter crept under the narrow straps of the bra I was wearing.
He said: "Shall we walk to the beach?" Then we went down to admire the beauty of the place and take a short stroll on the beach talking about unimportant things, Peter returned to the car and took out of the back seat a bottle of wine still cold and fresh from the bag that also contained two glasses. After opening the bottle and filling our glasses, Peter toasted to our friendship.

Perhaps I had already drunk much wine, but I felt good and I drank all my wine glass without hesitation. Usually I did not drink wine, and felt a slight pleasant stupor which was helping me to have no inhibitions. My hands were shaking, I was visibly moved and excited. A little wine was sliding along the edge of my mouth, and Peter, smiling, with a finger stopped the trickle of wine on my chin and brought his finger to my lips, it was natural for me to shake his finger gently with my teeth and with my lips and then I did suck it into my mouth where I continued to suck on it while I held up my hands to stop Peter from taking it out of my mouth.

I was amazed at how naturally and spontaneously this was in my actions, I had never been with a man, nor a woman, but on the one occasion in which I had only once, nicely, had the initiative of the couple and now I was the one to act. Even though I was moving spontaneously and naturally my mind did not realize how excited I was and how embarrassed I was for how I acted. Peter with his compliments to my appearance and my clothing had given me the courage not to be shy towards him and I, perhaps helped by the haze of the wine, did nothing to hide the pleasure I was feeling and my desire to have sex.


Peter with his free hand touched my buttocks. His fingers began to creep under the small panties, my body got excited as I helped with movements of my ass, for Peter to pull off the short shorts, leaving me to suck his fingers in my mouth. Neither of us spoke, our bodies with movements and gestures had one common language, the language of sensuous pleasure. For the first time my actions and those of the man who was with me were not unknown gestures, I knew only of my previous experience. I knew what I was doing and the pleasure that such actions could bring to me and my man.

The hands of Peter removed the T-shirt and I managed to make fall at my feet the short shorts, now wearing only on my body the small black panties and bra. I had a really feminine look, the hair that I had did grow up behind me looking like a teenage girl. Wearing women's panties, I learned to bend my little penis between my legs to the anus and testicles to trace under the skin of the pubic bone so that it seemed really a girl's crotch. I stroked my pubic area, still covered with the black panties with intense pleasure by moving my body to try to excite Peter even more.

Peter looked at me with evident satisfaction and amazement slowly making me do a few complete body caresses of myself and I understood his admiration when, after completing the caresses, I undid my bra and he said: "You seem a really nice little woman, even a little bitch. I will no longer call you Matthew, but now you become Laura for me." It was one of the most exciting moments of my life when I heard Peter say that he saw a little woman, a bitch, and that I would be called Laura. I would have preferred to hear Peter say that he also considered his wife a whore, but it was the final confirmation for me that I had the appearance, not of a sissy slim boy, but that of very feminine little woman.

This story written and copyrighted by Laura953. Translated and Edited by Empress Lainie. Published exclusively for xnxx.com.

I immediately started talking as a women instinctively, as if I were a girl, with Peter, tilting my head to sway my long hair and give me the look of a naughty girl. I started opening the buttons of the elegant white shirt that Peter wore, and freed his bare and manly chest, that to kiss I had to put myself on tiptoe despite high-heeled shoes that elevated my height My attention then turned to the opening of his pants, already knowing that Peter was not wearing any underwear and his cock would immediately appear in my sight and be available to my caresses.


Once again I admired my courage in taking the initiative, courage that I was given by the real attraction I felt towards Peter, but very much also by the way Peter behaved toward me. I had succeeded in dropping his pants at his feet, and Peter, now completely naked and with his penis wonderfully erect approached me and pulled me to his Mercedes coupe having me sit in the front passenger seat. He then made me sit on his legs from which emerged his very hard cock standing straight up, with a fabulous tip completely uncovered by the lack of skin, and much larger than it had seemed at the restaurant while Peter pissed. I still wore small black panties that, because of their shape remained stuck between the buttocks and could not cover all my seat and I felt a good feeling to feel Peter's penis on my wet bare ass while he was stroking my penis with his bare hands.

We spoke little or nothing about sex until this moment. Each intimate movement was as the result of a secret complicity as if they were not intended as only the first few hours that we spent together but the result of a much longer sexual harmony. I felt that Peter was becoming very important to me. Breaking the pleasant silence, with him still stroking my penis, I asked Peter: "Because you want to call me Laura? It is a name that appeals to me too, thanks for having chosen it, even that you call me a bitch excites me so much!" And I timidly approached my lips to his, trying to brush the tip of his tongue, hoping to get a kiss waiting for the answer, that answer came quickly, kiss, unfortunately not! Peter told me, "Laura was my first woman and we were both about your age, seventeen, during a holiday when we made love for the first time. Laura then went to live far away from Switzerland and we never have seen each other again after that first time."

"Today is my first time with a boy" - and after a long silent pause Peter said - "But this is the last time I consider you a boy ...... now for me Laura and I meet again as you are my new Laura, calling you a bitch is not intended as an insult, but a compliment that to me you are so exciting." At this point I tried to touch his lips again and with the tip of my tongue I pushed with greater pressure to finally get that kiss so much longed for, while his hand was still gently stroking my penis in full erection. With me having moved, my ass was now clenching him between my thighs, with my other hand caressing his chest squeezing a nipple, but this time Peter's mouth was not open to exchange with a nice kiss and tongue as I learned to do last summer.

Peter had not the initiative of my first and only man who possessed me anally, but this was certainly the first time that he was naked with a boy who wanted to be a woman and for me it was the second time I was almost naked with a man who, even if he wanted to call me Laura and said I had to be "a little woman, a bitch" still probably considered me only a boy. I had to decide quickly what to do. I liked Peter as a man. I felt at ease and not just sexually attracted to him, do not think I say nonsense to say that I was falling in love. I was not a homosexual or bisexual guy, I really felt like a woman in his company. I longed to make love with him, not wild sex between strangers. I wanted Peter to feel that same attraction for me. The silence had fallen between us again, you could hear the surf of the sea and nothing else in the warm spring afternoon. Many joys and disappointments I was having. The caresses of Peter were certainly much more shy than mine. It looked like every time there was involving sexual pleasure he was hesitant. Peter's reluctance to kiss me in the mouth, I could understand, I was not a woman, but I did not understand his resistance to my now indecent sexual provocations.

"Peter would you give me a little cool wine." I said, moving my ass on his penis, which was now without an erection. So I immediately raised up and exited from the Mercedes to buy time and figure out how to act and behave in this situation. Peter told me it was a good idea and took the bottle from the bag and retrieved the glasses placing them on the hood now filled. Now a little joy is back among us, and I am thinking about what to do to get out of the embarrassing situation where neither of us took the initiative to have a real interlude of sex and love.

While drinking the wine I have tried to be casual and I played with his penis even though it is not erect. I bowed several times to kiss the tip of my discovery. I have long held his testicles in my hand and asked why his penis had no the skin over the head. With a long explanation Peter told me it depended on the tradition of his religion. I saw Peter worried and thoughtful, affectionate some moments and some moments away from me, almost scared. I found myself thinking about the women in my head because it is past that thought "Maybe Laura, Peter thinks you are too young and afraid of any consequences, maybe not imagining getting to this point with both ready to have sex almost naked."


"Laura,you need to tell him that this is not the first time with a man and that you will do all the things that you've already done with another man. You say that you want and now wish to be taken as a whore by a man like him. Laura does not have hours to spend and Peter must find the strength and courage to make your real first man be Peter. Laura must be a whore." After a few more sips of wine, that certainly helped me to have more courage in action, whereas Peter stood silent and looked thoughtfully at the sea I went over and took his hands, my words came out, rather from the heart than the mouth but a determined excited voice said: "Peter, I've been once with a man, like a whore, last summer, a man much older than me, and that man had been good, we did everything I liked and I'm glad I did, since it is my desire to do it again love, now I want to feel your kisses in my mouth and your hands on my body and have your cock between my hands and in my mouth and feel it inside me in my ass. Peter today I want to be your Laura your bitch, no matter if you go away tomorrow and I never see you again. I want to love for the first time, and feel loved and desired. "

I have a lot of emotion with courage and tried to unlock the embarrassing situation. I tried to make it clear to Peter that it was not just my hands, my mouth, my ass want to fuck him. It was with my whole being, with my love for him to desire lightning. Now that I had openly declared love, I hoped that Peter was not scared of this further report to him that could have no logical sense because he is a man much older than me and that I could look like just a guy with obvious behavioral quirks. I hoped not to have it all wrong.

Peter always silent as he turned towards me, shook my hand firmly, and we came back to the comfortable and spacious seat of the Mercedes, where I finally felt Peter's hands moving over my body without the hesitation that they had previously. Now Peter was caressing my ass with his strong and masculine hands and even his cock was standing proudly back up.. Before I got on my knees to satisfy my strong desire to give him a blowjob, I closed my mouth to Peter's and touching his lips again I finally found him ready to meet my tongue for what was become the kiss most beautiful and sensual given and received in that time, and was the first kiss wanted and desired by me and not just as suddenly as the first time, but a long and loving kiss, accompanied by a complicated game of our tongues and the hands of Peter passing from my buttocks to my chest and my face and whole body. I was ecstatically happy. I hugged him and almost passed out , small as I was, in his arms. I loved and was excited to feel our tongues unite in the heat of passion. I loved to feel the saliva produced by the kiss dripping off my chin. I had no desire to stop this fantastic long sensual kiss. I liked the taste of the mouth of Peter, but I also wanted to feel again the taste and smell of a cock in my mouth. And I am finally on my knees no longer hesitating in front of the car seat, and take the hot beautiful now dripping cock with both hands licking up and tasting the sweet precum and slowly lavish Peter's cock with my tongue all now beginning to lick from the base to the head with passion and vigor, always finding it beautifully swollen and wet with exultation.


I do not remember the precise moment when, during my solitary masturbation, for the first time I tasted my cum. I could see, watching the couples on the beach, very often women who opened their mouth when the man ejaculated in the silence of the place and heard their moans of pleasure, all this led me to believe that the semen in the mouth gave another strong intense pleasure. I remember the first time I held my cum in my hand and then licked it up with excited curiosity. I was really given a new intense pleasure I did not know. I liked the scent and flavor of my cum and when for the first and still only time a man has ejaculated in my mouth the pleasure was much more intense, even if I did not imagine receiving squirts of semen in the mouth and the surprise was almost greater than the pleasure.

In the summer I learned something, though not much, about how to suck a dick, but none of the memories were needed now, as my mouth followed the instinctive pleasure of it and that I performed well was understood by the moans of pleasure and obscene words all very much related to my way of sucking and licking his cock, as Peter constantly repeated calling me his bitch and Laura, as well as by the continuous push of his hips to impale my mouth with all of his cock, which now seemed very big and looking as enormous as that of my first man. I squeezed his cock with pleasure in my mouth and my hands and sucked greedily, encouraged by the obscenities that Peter kept moaning, while I held my mouth shut in order not to pass a breath of air while the tongue would not stop a moment from tantalizing the large cock, so I sent to it countless numbers of fiery pulses of pleasure. I could feel the swelling cock enlarge in my mouth and my tongue felt the fullness and swelling of the central vein on the hard cock of Peter about to explode inside me.

My mouth was so full of saliva that it was hard to swallow with his cock in my mouth, but I did not want to give up the manfucking that I had long desired and after long minutes I stopped, sucked and did not move my tongue. I held his cock with my hands,
tip only in my mouth, while trying to figure out what to do. Peter's hand pushing back my forehead invites me to stop the blowjob, not as an order but for me that to decide whether to continue my work as a whore with my mouth and enjoy Peter in my mouth already full of saliva or stop sucking his cock and drain saliva from the mouth, the better to empty my mouth, with the smell and taste of hot cock all over me. I was sure that the hot cum from Peter would taste so wonderful in my mouth, but I am having a real desire to feel him inside my body, and to feel his hot cum squirting and filling my ass.

I decided to stop the blowjob then have the opportunity to receive the Peter's sperm inside of my body, after feeling the warmth and the pleasant taste that his cock left in my tongue and mouth . I lifted my head from the erect cock of Peter who was lying in a comfortable position in the ample reclining seats. I saw Peter was sweating. The hot sun and maybe even the wine drunk in addition to the sex practiced there had made him sweat.

I took Peter's hands, saying: "You excite me when you call me a bitch and I get excited with all the obscenities that you say." Then we went to the beach where we were immediately immersed for a refreshing swim, I took the opportunity to take my little panties all wet from the two orgasms I had while I was giving a blowjob to Peter, orgasms with my penis between my legs folded under my black panties. I also had wet the bottom of my buttocks and inner thighs so thoroughly because I was constantly moving to give myself pleasure. At sea, I took off my panties full of my sperm and for the first time I felt Peter's hand caressing my naked groin. My small flaccid penis was completely contained in all of Peter's hand as his fingers touched my anal hole with an electrifying shock of pleasure. It led me to make a small leap to hold my legs to the sides of Peter and my arms around his neck as if I could actually fly to and up on him. I wanted to feel Peter's cock penetrating my ass once and I tried several times, helping out with my own hand, to let me engulf the hard cock of Peter, but the position was just not suitable so I just kissed the mouth of Peter with all my passion.


After a short swim to retrieve my panties, I rinsed them free of the sperm with the waves. We emerged from the sea and within minutes our bodies now refreshed by nature's bathtub were dry, the skin of Peter had a pleasant taste of the sea and while I kissed, he did not seem to have completely lost his hardness. Beachside, Peter was lifting me to put his hands on my chest and bringing my body to join his with my ass and back to him. I felt his cockhead far above my ass and I said aloud: "Peter I would like to be taller to feel your hard cock between my buttocks, not on my back, "Peter laughed gleefully and reiterated that I was a whore."

Once back in the seat of the Mercedes I sat down first and made certain that Peter was above me. Peter placed his knees on the seat where I was lying and was positioned such that I could once again put my mouth on his cock. I also liked touching and kissing the pubes of Peter, hairless and slightly stubbly, with my mouth. I struggled in deciding whether to keep his cock in my mouth and have him ejaculate to have the pleasure of its pleasant taste and enjoy the likely abundant and vigorous squirts of sperm or whether, as I did the first time with another man, wet it with saliva and facilitate my ass fucking.

It was Peter's decision to avoid me the embarrassment of indecision because he removed his cock from my mouth. He then had me get on all fours on the reclined seat, with him kneeling behind me on the floor. I instinctively lifted my pelvis having understood that Peter was about to insert his cock in my ass. I was thrilled with my bottom raised and reached back to hold his cock with my hands to facilitate the penetration, but everything was difficult because of the fear and indecision that Peter had every instant.

Peter touched my anus with his fingers and with the tip of his cock constantly to make sure not to cause me any havoc with his cock still entering each time for only a few centimeters. He was hesitant and I felt that Peter would never push his cock with enough strength into me. I wanted so much that Peter would find the strength and courage to completely stuff my ass.

Although I suffered like the first time today, better then the pain it gave me more joy, I knew what would happen during anal intercourse and I was aware that now I was to have chosen the man to whom I wished to give the pleasure of my ass and from whom to receive not only pain but big emotions. I only had one cock in my ass, just once, and now I was behaving like a whore, first bathing his cock with saliva and then having his fingers dilating my anus and filling it with saliva, practicing all possible moves to allow Peter's cock into me giving me a nice intense pain like that I first had with another man; but now I had poor results.

Peter, instead of pushing his cock in my ass was pushing me away with my hips, I knew I had to control the game if I wanted to try again the intense pleasures of last summer, because Peter had not the sweet malice that possessed the man who took away my virginity. I will never be grateful enough to the man who first owned me anally and made me suck his cock because it was done at the right time for me and left me with no possible psychological trauma, its sweet nastiness and violence had never had at any time of his sexual advances anything except my full availability and participation. But it was a unique and unrepeatable occasion, from that day do I have to choose my own man for myself and go through it with pleasant anticipation.

Now Peter had been chosen as my man. I realized that it was not just to satisfy my sexual desires and his, I was in love, and Peter was my real first man to whom to donate my body and my unconscious for young love and real passion. Not his style, not his apparent wealth, not his beautiful car that had struck and attracted me, I was impressed and attracted only to the man Peter.


I was saddened and disappointed by not being able to fully enjoy Peter and by not yet receiving his cum. I had had two orgasms while I was giving the first blowjob. I was now sorry that I had stopped, because I wanted to receive the cum in my mouth which was too full of saliva, which would have prevented me from appreciating the flavor and aroma.
Peter was more than 30 cm (ten inches) in height over me, and his size made me look a child, but this did not stop me with firm authority from taking the initiative in the relationship.

After getting out of the car, I made him lie down in the large car seat and I once again was kneeling before Peter's legs to suck his dick. I also had the courage to put my slender fingers in his ass. I proceeded with increasing skill in my blowjob. I pleasantly realized that his cock and ass liked my actions. I had plenty of saliva coated directly with the mouth and tongue on Peter's cock, with my hands inside of his buttocks, in particular the area of the anus, which I also massaged internally to produce more lubrication by milking precum from it, and then with a rapid and decided movement I quickly got up over him and sat on the cock that would fully fill up my ass. Peter froze as if he were so frightened by my own initiative. So I decided from his reaction to my boldness to just say: "Now Laura gets really bitchy" Peter looked at me without replying but my fingers were gripping his small hard nipples and his hands were now tightly clenched into fists.

Now to make the run I picked up the base of his cock and began what I consider a devastating but nice for my ass plunge down on the big hard cock of Peter, who watched in silence my attacks on his cock which I called out as too small and unable to fuck my ass. Putting the tip in the middle of my bouncing ass I initiated with all my might the increasingly intense continuous thrust of my body down towards the base of his cock without any hesitation from the intense pain and moans of Peter. But I also restrained myself from wanting to cry by just thinking about the intense pleasure I was feeling. Instead of yelling and screaming profanity and obscenity, which I did not imagine you know, would help either Peter or his cock that is now inside of me, saying to myself "Laura, you are a perfect whore that sucks cocks and deserve to be screwed in the ass. Laura must be filled in the ass and mouth by liters of cum and piss in the face."

For every inch of cock that came into me absorbing the intense pain that I had already tried, with intensity similar to my first time, was transmuting pain into pleasure amplified by the fact that I was to decide how much to push and how much of Peter's hard cock would be in my ass. Peter was under my initiative and complete control, but I realized as I was pleasantly sharing the penetration that I was almost imposing.

The hands of Peter covered easily my whole face and his fingers titillated my ears, my mouth, and my nipples. For many long minutes I had no consciousness of what was happening, as my body was separated from my mind I had the body numb to pain but I felt Peter's cock slowly slide up into my ass and my mind became overwhelmed with pleasure. Peter was not with his cock fucking my ass. It was me who was fucking my ass with Peter's cock. Peter was fucking my brain with my love and my ass with his eager hard cock.

I moved with increasing awareness and enjoyment, while I felt about to achieve yet another orgasm for me that now was also physically and mentally great, a number of longer squirts of my sperm were bathing Peter's chest, which I immediately licked up with voracious desire and help from my fingers which collected all of my cum. I continued to go down with my ass on my lover Peter's cock, and my movements were a harmony of malice and sweetness, which I had already experienced, that allowed me to have my man.

Millimeter by millimeter, swear word after swear word I was pushing Peter's cock in my ass and millimeter by millimeter I felt our flesh along the way to the electrifying final pleasure. Not a moment I stopped my work of conquest of pleasure, transmuting the intense pain, often excruciating, to pleasure in repeating obscenities. I pointed that out to Peter, not hesitating, as I impaled my body on the cock of my man and now I see that nothing else could get in because I already had every micrometer of the big cock inside my ass. I released a violent scream, held until now, as Peter's body, like mine, was convulsed by intense pulsations which were transmitted from his cock inside my body which was flooding me with vigorous squirts of sperm.


Indescribably my happiness and my joy made me repeat to Peter all the obscenity that we said as he fucked my mouth and then as I made him fuck my ass. I thought that Peter now believed that nothing that was done was wrong. I had had my first man chosen by me, I had to possess and enjoy him in my ass with devastating painful pleasure, now
I was just waiting to put my mouth on his cock again and finish the blowjob interrupted several times before his mighty orgasm.

I had intense orgasms of indescribable thrill to feel for the first time enjoying a cock in my ass. I never thought I would feel so much pleasure in perceiving pervasive heat ramping sperm inside me and taking the pulsing of the cock in my anal muscles that twitched uncontrollably, incredibly excited, to recover from every drop of cum and everything happening in the arms of the man who I had chosen to love.

I collapsed into the arms of Peter still shaking, hugging, feeling his chest rise under the pressure of a fast heart rate that seemed pulse rhythmically with the sound that I heard coming from my own heart. I had no words to say to my man, I wanted my kisses and my hugs to be the only way to communicate my intense happiness.

After a very long pause to enjoy both, all the way and reach the maximum of pleasure, with a gentle movement of my body, I released his cock from my ass to my man Peter, and once again this cock I voraciously took with everything in my mouth. . Along with the cock from my ass is the taste of semen that Peter had squirted in large quantities. In putting his cock in my mouth I felt the taste and smell different than the big cock I had on the first blowjob I ever gave. I am excited in my buttocks and I tried with my hand to obtain residuals of semen that I spread on my face. I felt my buttocks and thighs sticky with cum from my ass while sitting on his heels and moving my mouth and tongue greedily on the cock of Peter.

Peter tried to stop. He tried to say he was exhausted and his cock ached, but without result because I was in the master role. I am small and frail but full of desire and longing for what I felt was my man. It took a few minutes and not so many movements of my tongue to feel the prick of Peter regain strength, I liked to suck it and feel once again the taste of cock, that cock that my body had recently held, wanting it to arrive quickly as I hoped, to a new rich orgasm for Peter. The penetration of my ass had taken a long time because I had acted slowly, not only to limit the pleasant but intense pain, and especially to savor every moment of the sensations that I had previously known. Until now, I could not fully appreciate and enjoy the inexperience of my first time. Now I quickly felt the semen flood my mouth, which was in waiting and ready to not lose a drop of hot fragrant cum. I wanted to feel with the taste of the cock that was in my mouth the taste of my lover.


I thought by that sucking and licking with vigorous passion Peter's cock, squeezing his balls hard, and the base of his cock I could feel the pulse in advance announcing the imminent ejaculation in my mouth.

Does not exist, and if it does, I am not able to find words to describe the pleasure and joy of the moments of waiting for the ejaculation of Peter in my mouth. There are moments of pleasure so intense that only those who have tried everything can understand and interpret. Indelible moments become unforgettable memories.

A first strong squirt of sperm surprised me as the head, and strong shaft of the fucking Peter touched my lips, and I swallowed the accumulated saliva in my mouth while the other more abundant and vigorous liquid satisfied the hunger for cum in my mouth. When I finished sucking his dick with relish, I held the semen in my mouth for a long time while his cock emptied every drop from his balls.. I opened my mouth full of cum and moved my tongue obscenely to make Peter see my pleasure, I placed with my tongue, some semen on my lips and then sucked it back into my mouth voraciously until I made a delicious swallow, to absorb the taste of my man I saw lying motionless and happy in front of me. My hands were between his buttocks which had been semen smeared by the cum dripping from my newly fucked ass and that was being covered still more by what I was swooshing out of my ass by repeatedly contracting and relaxing the anal muscles.

Peter was still and I, still kneeling at his feet in front of the seat of the Mercedes, was trying to figure out by looking at his face how happy he was for loving me. After another long moment of pleasant relaxation, during which my mind greedy of pleasure retraced every moment of this marvelous afternoon until it drew to a close, Peter now radiantly happy and serene and happy seeing me, now lifted me in his arms, standing up the seat that we had hosted as lovers, carrying me to run toward the warm sea, saying with a laugh: "Laura I love you, but now you need a bath because you smell of semen all over like a real whore."

I did not feel offended by the comparison with a whore, in the words of Peter, as well as that the love and the sperm that you gave me, were the most rewarding gifts I could wish from the man I wanted to love and enjoy doing everything with. It was true that I smelled of semen, semen of my abundant love of Peter, who with thrilling pleasure I spread on my body to be a female teenager impregnated with the smell of men. It was true that I had acted without any shame, perhaps like a real whore swallowing the cum greedily that I took in my mouth, but having never known a whore I could not do a comparison, and when Peter threw me out of his arms into the warm sea, I felt very sorry to lose the smell of sex that was between us, although it was the smell of a bitch.

Peter and I were exclusive lovers for six years until his untimely death in 1986 while climbing in the Swiss Alps. I shall always treasure his memory, and love him forever.

Dedicated to my one and only beloved man, Peter.

Copyright 2012 Laura 953
Translated and Edited by Empress Lainie
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