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First experience at Gay Bath, sex at 18 explored

2022-09-26 00:43:54

My Hollywood venture; found gay sexual encounter with gay teen, and on to discover hard core sex with a Hot older man with a huge endowment.

When I turned 18 years old, I began to venture on my own, going to movies and walking downtown on Broadway. One day I decide to try Hollywood, and rode the bus to get there. I walked the boulevard, and enjoyed sights along with the tourist that flourished about. I visited a barbershop, and got a haircut. I requested my hair cut short on the sides, faded, to appear neat. The barber cut my hair to look like a marine haircut, which made me look cute, and brought my manly facial features out more.

As I walked the boulevard, I got glances from several older men. Some tried to stop me to invite me for coffee. I was bewildered with the attention.

Night-time fell, and cruising cars past along me in the bustled traffic as I scurried exploring the varied attraction on the streets, the light glare charged my pace with excitement against the multitude of headlights that lit the city darkness fall.

I got a surprised when some passing cars honked at me; cars loaded with young teenage girl passengers, drawing at my attention with whistles and cat calls.

Some girls in car stopped alongside me, and requested to take my picture, telling me they thought I was cute, wanting to compliment me with small chat, and then speeding away.

I stopped and stood at a bus stop behind the bench to rest and gather myself as I glanced at every direction, and observe the atmosphere around me. As I stood, a young guy approached in my direction, and our eyes met. He carried and listened to his walk-man with headphones on his ears. He stood beside me behind the bench, smiling. He removed his headset to speak to me, and asked me where I was heading to.

“Just walking”, I said.

He asked me if I wanted to go to a club with him, but I declined since I was not yet 21 years old. I was curious about what music he was listening to on his Walkman.

He allowed me to listen, placing the headset on my ears. I heard strange, and marveled stereophonic sound, a vibrating Disco music, a new strange music to my ears, upbeat, energetic, and wild that eluded the senses to sexual desire, free, a gay orientated like sensation and mystique.

Although, Disco was novice to me, as I had not experienced it before, I had nevertheless correctly sensed its homosexual undertone.

He introduced himself as Abraham. He was Latino, about 5.9 slender with short black hair. He wore trendy clothes; he dressed to fit a club boy image, ready to dance the night away at places where young gay boys frequent and meet.

He was very inquisitive, and asked me if I had ever been with a boy.

He asked me if I liked my dick sucked. He shocked me with surprise, caught me off guard when he reached out and unzipped my pants, and pulled out my dick with fast skill.

He said, “Nice”, as he stroked and played with it, and it got big and hard in his hand, his lewd, stroking action concealed from on lookers’ sight behind the bench.

His bold hold and jerking motion on my cock felt pleasurable, and surprised me to hear him moan at seeing my cock’s engorged with hugeness, that filled his hand.

He became excited more when he got rough with it, tugged at it hard, and drew it forward closer to him. I got uncomfortable and pulled back embarrassed.

I quickly zipped up my pants, feeling baffled I did not react to his intrusion, sooner.

We walked along the Boulevard, down to Santa Monica Boulevard. He said we could hitch a ride and try to make some money first. He knew a club where we could go later, but he realized I need an I.D.

He stuck out his thumb at passing traffic, but no cars stopped for him. The cars honked as they sped along and away.

We then continued to walk, and headed to an apartment on a side street off Santa Monica Boulevard, where his friend lived. He said his friend could probably get me a fake I.D to use to enter the club.

We went to an upstairs apartment, and a young, slender, tall lanky, gay looking boy answered the door.

He informed Abraham in a gay, effeminate, high pitch voice, “Tommy is busy in his bedroom with his lover. I doubt he wants to come out now.”

I found the boy’s swishy manner and talk strange, funny to observe. I had never been around gays, and I was not then comfortable near an obvious gay life style so open.

As we waited, other boys in the apartment just glanced at me, and turned their nose in a diva manner. I faced them off, and then looked around.

The apartment looked sparkly, with mirror walls, glass lamps, decorated with varied colors, tossed pillows strewn about the living room, with red drapes.

Abraham turned to me, and said, “Would you believe this apartment was trashed, and looked a mess before.”

I imagined he described it as a hippy place before; observing now, I thought it looked girly.

We left the apartment. Abraham did not get to talk to his friend; he never came out.

Abraham said he wanted that I join him, but only had a few bucks for both us at the club. I told him I had my own money.

We tried to enter a club on the Boulevard, “Circus Disco”, but my entranced was rejected because I was underage. We went away, detoured, to find someplace else.

As we walked, Men on the Boulevard would call out, “Want to date?”

One Black older man said loudly to Abraham, “You better hold on to him, or someone might steal your boy away from you.”

When we approached Santa Monica and Highland, I was surprised at seeing so many young men standing along the Boulevard hitching for rides and checking out the passing traffic, and seeking the attention of men drivers more. Abraham told me they were out hustling for money, which made me curious about what he meant.

I thought they were out selling dope.

He explained that the guys were out to give sex in cars, turning out as many tricks as fast possible to make from $50 to $100, depending on what sex act they performed. Usually, they gave blow jobs for $50.00. I was baffled and amazed how good looking and straight they appeared. I would never have guessed they were gay, or out to have sex for money.

Many of the boys on the street knew Abraham, and greeted him, “Hey, Abraham! Are you out tonight?”

A very cute white guy, with shoulder length blond hair, and white painter pants, caught my eye. He made me laugh, when he said, “Want to date?”

Apparently, Abraham hustled too.

I then wondered why he chose to have me stay with him, when he could be out with then to make money.

Then, Abraham turns to me, and says, “Are you up to make some money, get into a car with a man, and turn him on?”

He immediately goes out and stands near the street and pulls out his thumb, again, to make his presence known to cars passing by, he is out selling his stuff.

I stood bewildered, and told him I would not get into that, and rejected his suggestion. We then continue to walk again. He said he knew of a place, I just had to show I was eighteen. Of course, I was eighteen and had I.D.

We walked down Del Mar, to a club, “Holiday Spa” a gay bathhouse.

We entered, and walked up a glass window, behind was a stud looking man, who asked for I.D and $12.00 for a room and key. In the desk area, behind the counter were overhead monitors, showing gay movies; hard core action sex, men with huge dicks, fuck and suck.

I paid for a room and Abraham for a locker. I was handed a key and towel.

I could not believe the sight, and felt uneasy, knowing I was about to enter that shocking gay world, that an establishment existed where men satisfied their gay desires, and lust for other man, easy to meet up to consensual man to man contact was permitted, as encouraged, was a culture shock too, before me, that I saw and would experience bold man sex so open.

Obviously, I was already checked in and directed inside, and others waited to enter too and pass the security door, and beyond, into strange territory, a Gay orientated and sexually graphic; an adult pornographic environment not meant for innocent eyes to behold or experience; or for those so offended by it, forced along inside into its sight, but I was buzzed in.

Immediately, I saw before me, a huge lit metal stair well leading to upstairs, to an open hallway lined with roles of rooms with numbers on its doors, which opened out the view railings and overhead down below the main gallery. The surrounding walls were black, covered with large framed posters of hot muscular men, many sharing close body contact, and sexual display.

In between the stairway, a cage was hitched; it was a D.J. box, where a guy played records, selected varied sounds; the music dark, set the sexual pace, a trance like, high energy music, flowed, humming to ears and senses, bizarre.

Many men stood and walked about as onlookers, some staring down to the main area, spotting new visitors that entered past the secured metal doors, who clutched their towel and key.

In every direction, I began to notice men in towels coming from everywhere, appearing clad and naked to my eyes, stirred me with disbelief, conjured sexual thoughts, I was surrounded by so many male bodies, many looking at me, and holding glances on my young body, smiling, searing, with lustful look, aroused, hungry for me; appearing horny, and tough.

We looked for my room number. Abraham found my room. Once inside, I sat on a hard frame for bed, a thin mattress covered in black. I removed my clothes, and draped the towel around my waist.

Abraham showed me to the showers, were naked man showed openly together. We showered and then headed to the sauna, and stream rooms. I observed a Jacuzzi too, naked men in them.

We walked back to our room, and along the way, Abraham asked some men if they had any poppers. I thought that Abraham was inquiring for drugs. Then a “nelly” looking guy came up and said, “You looking for this?” and handed Abraham a dark little glass bottle containing a liquid.

We went to our room, and Abraham removed my towel, and gave me a blow job.
I notice that Abraham had a skinny, twisted looking dick. It was not impressive.
Abraham tried to fuck me, but I did not like it. His curved dick hurt me, so I refused to allow him to continue.

We decided to check out the place more and we went to the Jacuzzi.
A young cute, white boy was in the Jacuzzi, and he began to stare at me, and smiled. Abraham noticed I was attracted to him too.

Later, the while boy came to my room, and we made out, and we had sex. I fucked him, and he really enjoyed it. We had passionate sex.

After, he left. I went to check out the movies in the viewing room, and got some coffee, free to take, offered in the adjoining lounge.

I thought it was getting too late, and I had to leave to catch the bus back home. I left Abraham, and hurriedly dressed, to get of there.
Abraham stopped me to ask me when we could get together again.

I gave him a fake number.

I would return again to that place, to experience and explore that gay world, as obviously, due to my encounter with Abraham, he helped to reveal that environment, and opened my sexual intrigue and desire to experience more its environment, that catered to manly lust, for a man to man contact easily again, but with someone preferably masculine, aggressive, and strong.

As I went out to explore, and to that place in particular, to walked its explicit sexual nature, and search it’s for a wild encounter, a sexual contact with a man, I dismissed, neglected, and ignored the sissy, gay, effeminate, skinny, ugly, old, perve, and overly hair, fat, bald, looking men. I was not turned on to their sight.

However, many amazing, huge muscular, and fearsome black man appeared, desiring me frightened or intimidated me; many with huge bulges, long hanging, along down their legs, as observed outlined on their towels that wrapped around at their waits, caught my eyes, to intrigue me with awe, and phantom what they possessed underneath was their man tools, appeared frightening, as weapons, huge.

I dared to fall to their hands, and I secretly desire it, and would ultimately, and did succumb to them, to their big physical muscular bodies, felt their manly, Black, sensed their musty smell, got in their muscular arms, holding , touching their chest, stomach, legs, ass, and all their power, and enjoyed wild pleasure from it, from seeing, feeling, experiencing them, getting possessed and fucked by the, with their huge male tools, so revealed to me, when their towel did not hasten, but did fall and drop ever so fast, a huge long Black cock loomed for me.

The removed of that towel I sometime took upon myself to do, fast, to show, and reveal the massive tool he possessed underneath, and due my impatience and from my intrigue I could no longer wait to see, I wanted and yearned with my veering eyes that shown puzzled, what played an unexpectedly, but then so big a surprise, by allowing its release, and hold it.

Sometime they accommodated the removal of their towel for me, carefully, so I could realize what he concealed, with intrigue to amaze, and not frighten me so fast, but so that I could pleasure them slow, the imagination runs wild how I accomplished to take so big a challenge, tears filled my eyes from doing it, from the feat of it first, and the passion for it followed, once accustomed, learned, got skill with continuous action and progress.

It happened to encounter an experience with a black man, so ascribed.

I was in the lounge at the Spam and in the corner of my eye I saw a masculine, muscular, tall black man. He was about 6.4, had the body of an athlete, he could have been a football player or basketball player, with broad shoulders, chiseled handsome face, muscular arms, and a hard, defined sexy chest; he was undoubtedly hot looking, manly, intimidating, strong. I was drawn to him, but I hesitated to take action.

I notice him get up, and motioned me to follow him. He entered the restroom, into a stall, and I walked up to meet him inside. He closed the door, and removes his towel. I was shocked at the sight of his huge dick. It was massive, long, and hard; appeared about 12 inches long, big!

He takes his huge dick in his hand, placed it in my direction on my face. I held it, veered at it, marveled at its sheer huge size, not believing that a man could possess such a big dick, was awe, an awesome tool, a gift. His looked powerful, juicy nice, inviting, beautiful. I had seen other big dicks, but many looked frightfully ugly, but not his.

He spoke with such a sexy, masculine voice; it sent chills up my spine. He said, “Would you like to take a try at it, and taste it?”

I opened my mouth, I realize that I had to respond to his dick differently and amazingly, and to really enjoy it, and make sure I could pleasure him, and have him enthralled with my desire, and learn skill to please that magnificent size. I wet my mouth and lips and suck his dick slow and easy, slurped it, loving it carefully, with passion, and sense enjoyment, so big, how good it felt in my mouth.

I had him going; he was moaning, with a sexy manly voice, and he held my head down, pulling my head closer to his cock, and to go deep into my mouth, tears came out my eyes, drool at my mouth, as I tried to take all of it down my mouth, with deep throat action, pulsating, quenching my lust, and desire to with his hugeness and manly action. He fucked my throat steady, firmly, as he gently maneuvered it in and out my mouth, felt hard.

I invited him to my room, and he agreed.

In my room, he lay on the bed, on his back his legs spread apart, open way for me to his huge dick hard that loomed large, long, straight up in my direction to suck. He had no need to coax me, immediately got between his legs and sucked his massive dong, making it wet and juicy in my mouth. He held my head down, occasionally I would look up to catch a glimpse of his face and saw him enjoying it, his eyes rolled back to my giving him pleasure.

I begged him to teach me, show me how to handle it better, and really make him feel good, the way he liked to feel. He said, “You’re doing a good job just the way you are now.”

“Oh, yeah boy, you are a good, a hot boy; you know that this man got what you like, what you need. You like my big, dark chocolate cock. Take it, enjoy it.”

“Yeah, I want it, to make it mine.”

“Yes, boy, it’s yours, Keep doing what you do, you are the best.”

He fucked my mouth deep and hard; I would gag to his deep penetrating invasion, and tears shot out my eyes, stung and blinded me, I was in a haven though, lost in a whirl to it his manly control, was a fearsome workout, and I perspired, our sweat drenched us, I clung to his manly touch and remained engulfed to his manly body, his wild passion, and I moaned out loud, “Oh, Oh, I love your big cock!”

I wanted to show him, that I was now his to pleasure him; I too, showed how good he made me feel, with my cries of joy; the pleasure he gave my hungry body ecstatically paved the way, to meet his pleasure most.

He took out a little brown bottle he had with him, ( poppers) placed it at my nose, and instructed me to take a big whiff of it while I sucked his dick; I felt a hot flash all over my body, my heart beat hard, and my senses floated, I became more receptive, and opened my wild desires, my inhibitions gone for its pleasure, for it got super hard, felt more engorged, felt bigger and beyond this world, as he fucked my mouth with his deep manly thrusts, his hips pushing up fast, furiously at times.

He stood up and offered his big dick in the manner as to worship it, fucking my mouth, hitting my head against the panel wall.

I then got on my side, to ease up, and to just stare it. He lied down again, and I sucked him from an angle, as I laid on my side, and I caught the sight in the mirror, the reflection of what I was doing, his huge cock seen going in and out my mouth, aroused me to lurid proportions, I had quickly became a slave it to, a whore for a his huge cock. He said I was his slutty boy, made me beg his cock, for it was hot.

He then turned me on my side, raised my legs high over his waist, held my leg up as he inserted his massive tool in my ass, now greased, and ready, paved the way with his groping, and spreading my ass with his huge manly hands, he was careful at first with ease to find way into my hole, opening it, hold it with his playful, searching hand. He made it all the way inside me; his huge dick way up inside me deep, now. He was free to fuck hard and fast with that monster; his male tool and weapon, and surely he did fuck me royally.

My ass, round, firm, yet manly and resistant, met his force in a swayed motions. My suave ass, creamy, shining as if polished, was greased well, that it made my ass buns and muscles shimmer, as they contracted with slight clenches and then with relaxed releases, while meeting his brutal man force,

My ass hole tightened within, puckering to hold a steady grip, his huge cock forcing itself within me inside me, which I handled with skill, holding repeatedly my ass firm, and allowing ongoing subtle squeezes, and slightly, releases from his tight penetration and hold here and then, but never squeezing my butt hole hard on his big dick in a vice gripping manner, for that brought unwanted remarks to open up my hole, give up my ass more, to spread my ass well, and open wide.

However, I did not like hearing those remarks, for, I had to possess as much I was to be possessed.

Instead, I would entertain his pleasure and extract his excitement with my ass play, that rendered him into joyous ecstasy, and I limb, desiring more, as he pounded my ass and that my puckering hole continuously met, and pleasured this fearsome Black hot man in wild folly, and he squirmed with feverish delight, shaking visibly, sweat running from his brow, and trickling down his handsome chiseled face, as he cried out and shouted, “Man, your ass is good! You sure have a fine, ass booty! And I like fucking it good. I sure want to come a lot inside you, and that means I will need to come back a lot, for more of your great fucking ass. Man, your good!”

I cried, and moaned, and he turned me around again, this time to ride him, sitting on his massive tool, I had to hold dear to his neck, cling to its passion, while he gave it all to me, all his force, deep, up, and hard and fast, as he cupped, grabbed, and swayed my ass down and up, and all around on it, to guide, direct, assure to ride his huge tool, steady, and precise to his given pleasure, and control.

He moaned with manly grunts; his buckling motions in that position worked me over fierce, and assuredly opened my ass hole wide, exclusively for his frenzy, and more, for his enthralled, sexual pleasure.

I was his captive so, pinned down and released only to glide down and up on him, but not escape from his mastered total control, or away from his detachment, he assured that pleasure was long lasting, and skillfully performed, never ending, my tight Latin hole, did but accede and comply to his manner, the demands, and controls of his body and motion.

I sought out and gravitated to seek from it pleasure, and met pain that charged me too, was only instrumental to waken me and lead me to his final climatic end, a total ecstasy.

We clung at each, we were together, joined wildly, moan and groan mutually to the sensations so derived from his awesome, manly body, and huge dick performance, that stirred inside me, and I became crazy in frenzy for more; his stamina grueling and amazing, receptive.

He shot his load, and he rested, breathing hard.
I wanted more. He said he had to go. I wanted to see him again, but he smiled, said, “You will get plenty of dicks from others.”

He was ready to hit the showers.

He mentioned he had to go, tapped my side, as to say, that is it. Other men did the same thing when it was over, and I found it funny how they did that, tap me, to indicate, “Thanks for that hot ass of yours. ”

He said, “But I got to catch you later, maybe we can do a second round if I see you.”

He said that he really liked how I moved; I took his huge dick well. Not many could, not even his wife.

Yeah, apparently he had wife, and no one knew he fucked hot boys, which he sought out if he got horny for a hot ass boy.