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Finally I have npmy first real fuck

2022-06-23 00:06:42

Sex is a part of the normal day to day life in our family. For 18 years I have waited to have my first fuck with a man.

All my life I have known about and witnessed my parents enjoy their sexual habits openly and without shame. My mother and father have their sexual relationships in their bedroom and have no inhibitions about me being present.

I am often in their bed at the same time. I have seen them have sex in its various forms hundreds of times.. I watched them both enjoy the various ways and means of copulating and other pleasures.

They always were prepared to explain nicely if I asked a question if I witnessed them doing something which fascinated me or to satisfy my curiosity.

I was always advised never to tell anybody about what I may have seen or described what they do together.

Often I was permitted to engage with them in a way that satisfied my curiosity but I was told that until I turned eighteen my father could not do to me what he did to mum when he put his penis into her vagina.

As much as I wanted him to do that I was always told that I had to wait. He could get into big trouble if he did and anybody found out. From the experiences, I witnessed mum enjoy many things and found it hard to control my urges. I often asked why couldn't he do that with me? I always received the same answer – he can when you are sixteen. That is a law.

Mum was very sympathetic as to why I couldn’t do things she did with dad. My dad was most insistent that I never allow a boy to do to me what he and my mum do together.

When I was approaching puberty my mother explained what puberty was all about and what to do when I had my first period. She gave me all the information I needed to handle the situation and the use of sanitary pads etc.

She explained that’s when you become a whole woman and can get pregnant and have babies.

I must never let a boy have sex with me and do to me what she and dad did together.

I surprised her by saying,” You mean let boys fuck me?”

She asked me to explain, thinking I already had let a boy do it. I assured her I haven't. I want dad to be the one to show me.

I told her many of my girlfriends talked about it a lot. They always asked who I was saving myself for. I always said ‘somebody special’.

I also assured her I never talked about seeing her and dad fucking.

I always wanted my father to be the first man to fuck me. Once I had my first period I asked him to do it and he said he couldn’t as he would get into trouble. When I turned eighteen he could fuck me. Before that he let me suck his cock and masturbate him.

He would never do anything with me unless mum was there other than kiss me as his daughter.

We all masturbated together a lot. I could do it anytime I wanted to and they never tried to dissuade me. I was free to go naked or masturbate any time I wished.

I had occasionally had a girlfriend visit and we would undress and masturbate. I had a lot of friends that would ask if they could come over. Some had even let their boyfriends fuck them and told me all about it. My mum knew them all and would talk about sex to them. A few said they wished their mum would explain what sex was all about like my mum did for me. They didn’t know I watched my mum and dad doing it.

A lot of boys wanted to fuck me, but my dad told me I must never let them. I would let them undress me and finger my cunt or play with my tits while I wanked them off. I let them cum in my mouth and swallow their cum. It was great. A couple of times boys tried to fuck me by holding me down but they never managed to do me.

I always said I would tell my father and he would cut their cocks off if they did it.

This ensured my virginity remained intact, I wanted my father to be the one who got that.

Mum started me on the pill after my period two months before my birthday so I would be safe.

On my birthday I woke up early as I was so excited. I immediately went into their bedroom and said today is the day. It was a Saturday so he didn’t have to go to work.

My period was not due for a week so everything was perfect.

Mum told me to have a shower to be ready for dad to have sex with me.

Dad and mum were fantastic and always made sure I was happy and understood why we all did things together.

Sex was something they enjoyed and wanted me to understand what they did and why.

The three of us talked about how we should do everything we wanted to do. I wanted my virginity to be the most important day of my life. I always wanted my dad to be the first person to fuck me like I had seen him fuck my mum.

I had shaved and waxed my hair the day before so it was nice and smooth and be nice for them. Mum and I often did it together.

I had been doing that since it started to grow at puberty. Dads hair was always clipped short. Both mum and I had done that for him. He shaved his balls so they were nice and smooth.

I always wanted my virginity to be the best thing I had ever done. I had seen mum enjoy herself so much I wanted to be like her.

Mum was happy to just be my friend and help me as we all did everything that I wanted to and said she wanted my big day to be just me and dad. She would only get involved if I asked.

I wanted her to be part of my experience and share my pleasure as she had done during my education in sexual satisfaction. I was so happy that I was part of our wonderful family. No other girl I knew was as fortunate in having two people to help her enjoy everything we had done together and be there as I began my journey as a woman.

Dads cock was the biggest the most beautiful one I had ever seen. Then I had only seen boys cocks. It had a lovely big pink head and a long thick shaft and you could see where he had been circumcised. It stuck straight out and pointed up a bit. When it was soft it hung over his balls and looked just as desirable.

I had enjoyed sucking and masturbating him many times. I was allowed to do that.

I suggested the three of us started together. Dad could lick me and I could lick mum. Then I could suck his cock, while he licked mum. Mum called it a threesome.

I lay on the bed and dad got ready and mum sat over my face as she had done many times. I was showing her that I loved her as much as I loved dad.

We all started together and it felt awesome with dad giving me a wonderful lick and me giving mum the same treatment.

Mum was so excited and came pretty quickly and I tasted her juice. Then she got off me and it was just dad and me until I came a few minutes later. My first orgasm for the day, one of many I had hoped for.

When I was ready I wanted to suck dads cock.

We worked out the best position.

It was great as he had some pre cum leaking from it which tastes different to his cum.

I had sucked his cock often before and I felt completely relaxed as we did it and mum played with herself as we enjoyed ourselves. Dad was great and let me dictate what we did. I played with his balls as I sucked him as I knew he liked that and it helped him cum.

It took about five minutes for him to cum. I sucked his cum and swirled it around my mouth to get the taste of him before I swallowed it as I had done many times.

Mum managed to get some great video shots of me doing it and his cum in my mouth.

I had now had one orgasm when he sucked me and I had given him one as I sucked his cock.

After he came he said it would take a few minutes to get himself hard again for my big event.

I was happy for him to take as long as he wanted I wanted us both to be rested and relaxed.

I had waited sixteen years for this and wanted it to be just beautiful.

Mum was enjoying everything she was doing and was quite happy getting involved with us as she used the video.

So far everything I had done with dad had been things I had done with him before. I had done everything with mum as well. The only thing that I had not done was fuck or be fucked.

I had looked forward to this day for a couple of years now I was to fulfil my deepest desire to have a man’s cock inside me and feel him fucking me and to feel him put his cum in me. I had seen mum enjoy him do that to her so often and see how happy she is when he cums in her. I want to share that feeling with him as I have with mum when we do all the things two women can do together.

My big day had arrived. I had done everything else but be fucked and have a man cum in me. I had often masturbated with toys so I knew what it was like to have an orgasm when masturbating with something inside me.

Dad and mum were quite excited as we discussed what way we should do it the first time. I said I always wanted to be fucked missionary so I could see the dads face while he fucked me.

There was no argument.

I hugged and kissed mum before I kissed dad. I used my tongue with him as I kiss my boyfriends, I didn’t do that often but today was special. It felt great kissing my dad and feeling his skin against mine and the fact he was much older.

Mum always said fucking an older man was always felt better. She had let an uncle fuck her when she was younger and said it made her feel so grown up with a man nearly fifty years older than her fucking her.

She said it made her feel grown-up and not like a girl.

She told me she would go to his place and ask him when she wanted to. He had shown her different ways to fuck.

He had a book of ways to fuck and she could pick the way she wanted him to fuck her and they would do it that way. She said dad was amazed when they started to fuck before they got married and she had all these different ways to do it. I have seen them do it a lot of ways myself and want to do it like that once I have started to do it with him.

Mum and I have talked about which boys I will let fuck me once dad has done it. I have a few picked out as some of the girls have told me that some are fantastic and can last for ages. Some guys cum after a minute. I will avoid them. She told me to be very ***********ive as once they realise I am fuckable every boy in town will want to. I have seen just about every boys cock so I will know what to expect.

Once I was ready, I lay on the bed and mum got the video camera. We all posed and mum got good pictures of us all nude and with me laying there ready for dad to fuck me.

It was getting more exciting by the minute and dad took a couple of videos of mum.

Then we got ready, I was shivering with excitement. I had seen him fuck mum hundreds of times but this was to be the first time for me. I thought I knew what to expect because I had seen mum fucked so often. I had fucked myself with toys and knew what it was like to have something up my cunt. This time my orgasm would come from something I had no control over, dads cock.

Mum moved dad into a couple of positions before he put his cock into me so she could work out the best ways to video us. I thought it was great with him on top of me with his cock hanging down but not going in.

When she was happy she said I will have to get a couple of shots of him going in, so you will have to do it a few times so I can get it from different angles.

I said that was great I would have two or three first times. They both laughed.

I got into position and mum propped my head up on a pillow so I could get a good view of his cock going into me. Dad knelt on the bed between my legs. His cock was nice and hard and ready for me. Mum kissed his cock.

“Ready?” he asked.

I had seen dads cock hundreds of times, both soft and hard. We all spent a lot of time inside the house nude. Dads cock was big but not huge, Mum said it was not quite seven inches long and I could see it was nice and thick, but not too big for me. I always enjoyed having it in my mouth.

I shivered again, “I love you both. I can’t wait, let’s do it..”

He took his cock in his hand and guided it to the lips of my cunt and just rested it there for me to feel it before he put it inside me.

Mum was videoing it.

I loved the feeling of the big head on it spreading my lips. After a few seconds, I said, ”Put it in.”

I took a deep breath in anticipation.

Daddy then slowly pushed his cock down into me. I could feel it opening my cunt and going in. He has a big head on the top of it and I could feel it pushing its way inside me. I relaxed, it hadn’t hurt me at all. It felt awesome. I shivered with excitement again. I was ready for it and concentrating hard on what it felt like. I couldn’t believe it felt so good, it was going in deeper and deeper and I wasn't pushing it, daddy was.

As I felt it going into me I looked down. I could see it between my breasts and over my tummy and hair disappearing between my lips which were all puffed up with anticipation. The feeling was even better than I imagined.

The feeling was beyond anything that I had expected. It didn't hurt jor feel uncomfortable. It was a most satisfying feeling. I had imagined this so often but it was unlike anything I had expected. The sensation was just amazing. I could feel it going deeper and deeper up inside me until his cock was completely inside me. I could just feel it touch something inside me. Mum told me it was my cervix, and she would explain to me all about that afterwards.

She told dad not to go too deep to avoid it hurting me.

Dads cock was also longer and thicker than anything I had ever put into myself. I had been told not to play with the things mum had in her drawer. They would have to wait until I was old enough to have sex.

I had seen her use a cock shaped thing when she masturbated but she never allowed me to play with any of the things in the drawer. .

“You look beautiful my darling, mum said as she aimed the video at my face. She had taken videos of dads cock going into my cunt for the first time now it was the smile on my face. A huge smile.

Dad now had his cock right up inside me, he couldn’t get it any further.

“You aren't a virgin anymore. How does it feel?” he asked.

“Like I am in heaven, I have done everything else but this and it was worth waiting for. I know what I am doing but never expected it to feel this good. Your cock feels far better than any dildo I have had up to me. Now I know why mum loves doing it as often as she does.

“I feel so proud and blessed you wanted me to be the first man to share your virginity. This is far better than the first time I fucked a girl. We were both a bit scared about doing it.

Even the first time I fucked mum was not as good as this.”

“I can't believe we are finally doing it and we are all here to enjoy my first time.”

“My darling I feel so proud of you. I love your mother and the first time we fucked was nothing like this. It was on some guys bed at a party and I wasn’t the first one to fuck her. This is one of the most wonderful moments of my life.”

“I am so happy, I love you both,” I said.

I looked at mum with the camera and she had tears running down her face.

“Oh mum doesn’t be sad, it's wonderful,” I said.

“I am not sad I am so proud of you and your father. I just wish my first time could have been so wonderful.”

I had heard the story of mums the first time. It was at a party and she had agreed one boy could do it and the next thing three others were there and after the first boy finished they all took turns. They all wanted to have a photo of her virgin blood on their cocks.

My time was the most wonderful and best time in my life. I no longer had to imagine what it was going to be like, now I knew. I was doing it with my father who I loved and my mother was there to see us do it. We had all had sex before in various ways but never had I been fucked.

Dad began to fuck me and then mum suggested that he start to again and she could get different angles of his cock going into my cunt.

For the next couple of minutes, mum changed her position and took a video of dads cock going into me. For me, it was just wonderful as I could feel it each time he put it in and it was like the first time all over again. I guess we did it four or five times and finally mum said I think I have got it from every angle.

Dad didn’t hesitate and once it went in after mum said she was happy, he began to fuck me the same way I had seen him fuck mum hundreds of times.

As he was fucking me and I could see he was enjoying it as much as I was.

This is what I had waited all those years for and wondered about how I would handle it. I had decided many years ago that I wanted dad to be the first man to fuck me.

I didn’t want a boy to do it as many girls had said how disappointed they were as the guy came before she did and spoiled the whole thing. Dad said we had to wait until it was legal for me to have penetrative sex with a man. Perhaps it was worth it, but I would have been happier if it had happened much sooner than it did. It was time for me to forget my regrets and enjoy the fuck of my life.

Dad fucked me for a few minutes and mum said, “Try doggy,”

I knew exactly what she meant and dad pulled out and I got up on my hands and knees. Mum got the video again and dad used his fingers to spread my lips so mum could see inside me.

Mum said,” You even have a nice bum hole. I haven’t taken any notice of it before.”

Then she told dad she was ready and he put his cock back into me again. It felt different this time and when I commented on the feeling, mum told me, “It’s the different angle you are in when his cock goes in. I like it like this too.”

I then realised as he was fucking me my tits were swinging under me which felt nice too.

After a few minutes, I said wanted to go back to missionary.

Dad pulled out and I lay back down ready for him.

Mum asked, “Is there a problem, why do you want to go missionary?”

“I want him to fill me now, I don’t want this to be a marathon I want to remember it all. I want to see dads face when he is cumming into me.”

“That’s a really good idea, you have waited so long just remember the best times and we can always do the other ways some other time so you will know what ways you like it when you go with a boy.”

Dad got back into me again and he began to fuck me like he fucks mum and just fucked at a normal pace. I looked at his face and he smiled at me often.

We fucked without speaking for the next four or five minutes. It was heavenly feeling his cock slipping and sliding inside me. Mum was taking video’s of us from different angles.

After a while, he broke the silence. “My little princess, you look beautiful,” He said.

“Daddy you have made me the happiest girl in the world. I cannot think of anything I wanted more in my life and with the man I wanted to do it with.” I replied.

As he and I were talking, I could feel my orgasm beginning.

“Fuck me hard daddy I am cumming.”

Mum grabbed the video and managed to get it working a second or two before I came.

“Hard , hard, hard,” I begged. And he did.

It was a memorable orgasm, it was the first one I have had made by a man with his cock inside me.

It was awesome and lasted about two minutes.

I went all limp after it.

Once I recovered mum began to tell me.

“There will be many boys in your life now and you will have to be careful who you let do this with you. Some of them just want to fuck and forget you.” Mum said.

“I know, a lot of the girls have told me that the guys are all over you until you let them and then they treat you like dirt. Then they tell everybody that you are whore. I know of a few guys already. Some I have dated and told them they have no chance when they try. You never get asked again.”

“Just be careful, you will do it a lot I am sure now you can legally do it. The boys will all be around you after they hear you have let one of them into your pants.” Mum added.

I laughed and said, “ I know I have sucked a few off already and then the others are soon hanging around wanting it. I only do it to the ones I like.”

“Honey are you ready? Daddy is about to cum”

“Oh I have waited years for this, please make it feel good for me,” I pleaded.

Dady then got this serious look on his face and I could see he was doing everything to make it the best he could. I have seen him cum in mum so often I can almost read him and how he is going to do it. Sometimes he just slows right down and he spurts each time he pushes his cock into her, other times he goes real, hard and fast and fills her up quickly.

I was watching and he slowed down a bit and I could still feel him fucking me and then he grunted and his body jerked. This was a good one. It was one of the ways he came when he fucked mum. When he had filled her he collapsed on top of her exhausted. I had seen his balls pumping it up into his cock and he always put a lot into her and it leaked out. I was thinking this is going to happen to me. And it did.

I could feel his cock jerking inside me as his cum flowed out of it and into me.

Suddenly his cock felt all slippery inside me. I had achieved the epitome of my first fuck. I had been filled with cum from my dad. I almost cried with emotion. I had waited so long for this and now it was over … and I could not have been happier.

I put my arms up and hugged him as he lowered his body onto mine and I could feel his slippery bare skin against mine. We were both sweating with the exertion we had both put into my first amazing fuck. After a minute his cock slipped out of my cunt. It was over.

Dady kissed me and then got off the bed. I lay there for a minute to take in the complete euphoria of what I had just achieved. Nothing could have been better than this. I remembered the first time I sucked his cock and drank his cum, it was so long ago. Now I had completed everything that I could do with him. I had made love, fucked, shagged and any other word that is used to describe sex with a man.

Then I saw mum about to get onto the bed.

“Stay there sweetheart, this is something I have wanted to do forever and it will be the first time for me as well.

Mum then got between my legs and began to lick me as we have done before often. Then I realised it was daddy's cum she was licking out of me.

She stopped long enough to say to daddy, “Let her clean you up.”

Daddy came to the edge of the bed and held his soft cock out for me to suck. It was covered in our sticky juice. I was getting to taste the cum and my juice that I had made off his cock as mum was licking up the same mixture from me. I had sucked his cock and swallowed his cum before but This was even better.

Mum kept licking me long enough for me to cum. Dad removed his cock well before it got hard again.

After I came mum got off me and we all sat on the bed elated at what we had just accomplished. It had taken us a few years to get to the climax of our sexual episodes but now I was happy, more than happy I was fucking happy.

My cunt was still leaking cum, “Mum get the video I want to see this.”

I stood in front of her full length mirror mum uses to check how she looks when she is going out.

I looked great. I spread my legs and could see my cunt was quite red where daddy had fucked it as it also dribbled a bit if cum onto the floor. I had become a real woman. From now on I hope daddy will continue to fuck me as well as fucking mum.

After that, I hugged and cuddled mum then daddy. We have the most wonderful loving family.

- 0 -

Over the next couple of years, I continued to fuck suck and lick with mum and dad and added a few more boys to my score. None could fuck as well aamy dad.

That video is my prized possession and I have looked at it dozens of times. Often with mum who loves watching it as well.