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Cynthia 5

2022-09-28 00:11:57

My sister Cindy and my two nieces had had arrived last week to spend their Christmas break at my house. I promised Cindy a very special present; and I told Kerriann and Carlene that their favorite cousin was living with me. Sharon was delighted to hear they were coming. The three of them always had loads of fun together. Although Sharon was almost ten years older, she treated her cousins as if they were the sisters she never had.

Last weekend, several days before Christmas, I allowed Cindy to receive her gift early. Her gift, I found out afterward, was something she longed for her entire adult life. Had I only known, I would have introduced her to Pete, my masseur, several years ago. Pete was here last Saturday and christened Sis with her very first erotic massage. She told me on several occasions that she loved massages, so I decided to book her for a massage this year as a Christmas gift. I didn’t tell her it was an erotic massage.

I contacted my dear friend Pete and booked an appointment for Cindy; I also booked one for myself. I was over due for my monthly treatment. Pete was more than delighted to accommodate both of us. I got my delicious massage first. Oh, my God did it feel wonderful; Pete knows my body better than I. Every nook and cranny was sated to its fullest. Still, I wasn’t really sure how Cindy would feel about her special massage. After all, this would be her first. Would she accept it or run away screaming; leaving me hated for the rest of my life?

I felt there was only one way to be certain. After my massage, I went up stairs to wake Cindy for her treat and I told her I would lie down to enjoy the lasting feeling from Pete’s magic fingers. I did lie down but not upstairs in my room as Cindy thought I would. I waited until Sis had gotten settled upon Pete’s massage table and crept into the living room to check out first hand how she was enjoying her massage; if she was enjoying it at all. With just my robe on, I got comfortable on the soft divan across the doorway to my dining room.

I was only going to listen if Sis was enjoying her massage. So far, all seemed okay; Cindy was complimenting Pete on how soft and smooth was his touch. I don’t know why, but I turned to look when I heard Sis moan out loud. There was Cin, totally naked lying on her tummy and Pete’s hands were inching up the backs of her thighs toward her firm round butt. I wondered, was my butt still that firm? I know it’s wider, but I’m sure it’s just a s solid. Even though I just had a massage, I think I felt a little jealous; I knew how nice those strokes feel.

It would be a while before Pete got around to the sexual part of the massage treatment. I didn’t want to leave just in case something drastic happened. I turned away and just lay on the sofa. Soon I heard Pete telling Sis to turn on her back. I took a quick glance and first thing I happened to notice was the firmness of her boobs. She shouldn’t have such firm tits I thought to myself. I never knew I was envious of my sister. As Cin settled back down, my eyes opened wide as I caught a look at her bald pussy. When did she do that?

Before turning my gaze from the dining room, I noticed Pete seemed to be enjoying the front side of Cindy’s smooth white hairless flesh. His cock was pulsing at the front of his pants. There were a lot of oohs and aahs while Pete did her front; but I sat quietly and waited for Pete’s voice telling Sis to turn over on her back again. This would be the beginning of the erotic section of her Christmas present. I took a chance by staying in the living room; if Cin didn’t approve and got up quickly, I would be discovered lurking in the living room. It might be difficult to explain my embarrassing presence. So far so good; Pete was kneading Cin’s butt, rocking her from side to side. She was still oohing and ohing. I was safe for a little while longer.

Then Cindy began complimenting Pete on his technique and especially how she liked it as his hands massaged her legs. Being on her feet most of the day at work had begun to take its toll. The massage did wonders. I turned to look once again just as Pete parted her legs. I don’t remember him doing that to me. Maybe I was too anxious and spread mine without his help. I watched Pete slowly work his way up Cindy’s leg to her thigh and continue over her round butt cheek. Over and over he repeated this maneuver; Cindy, so far, was enjoying everything. On the next slow gliding stroke up her leg, Pete’s hands did not continue over her ass and hip.

This time Pete’s hands slid off each side of Sis’s left leg; One on the outside and one on the soft milky inside of her thigh. Higher and higher until Pete’s right hand pressed into her crotch and his left held her hip in place; Pete slid his fingers up and down the bare soft lips. I felt relief that Cin didn’t scream. I also felt my lower half stirring. My eyes now remained fixed on the scene across the hall. Pete relentlessly worked her lips from her left leg before repeating the same procedure on her right. I could feel myself leaking.

I still wasn’t convinced that Cindy would go all the way with this. Of course I had to stay and make sure all would be okay. I don’t remember sticking my hand into my robe, but when I heard Pete saying,
It’s time to turn on your back again, Cindy,” I went to shift my position and noticed my right hand was all wet and slippery. I turned away yet again knowing it would be a few minutes before I would hear Cindy moaning in pleasure. It looks like I made the right decision; Cindy seemed to like massages as much as I. I put my hand back between my legs. I couldn’t believe how wet I had become.

Cindy squealed with delight. I glanced toward the continuing sounds just as Pete was pulling stretching the hardened nipples of Cin’s solid C-cup breasts. Even from ten feet away I could easily feel her pleasure. I found my hand dipping into the hot moisture between my thighs once more. My pussy continued to drool its slippery juices. Not wanting this slick love fluid to just pour all over my robe, I scooped some up and began to smear it over my vulva; paying special attention my swollen little nub. I watched further as I saw Cindy spreading her legs wide apart. She was quite moist herself. It wasn’t long before Pete had his hands and fingers working their way to her glistening crotch. Pete was pushing and pulling and sliding his fingers all over Cindy’s aroused pussy.

I couldn’t take my eyes away now. Pete had her lips parted; her swollen clitty pleading for more stimulation under his expert professional touch.

Did I just hear Cindy say, “Fuck me, Pete!”?

I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly, but I could see Pete’s massive tool was certainly up to the task as he kept pushing himself against the side of the table; as if that would have helped shrink down. If anything, I think it swelled further.
He poured some personal lube over Cindy’s inviting open lips; I watched as he poured more on his right hand.
He moved to her right side leaned his hard cock against Cindy’s hand as she gripped the edge of the table. Pete didn’t seem to notice he was crushing his meat against her. Cindy gasped when Pete stretched her hot love hole with his thick thumb. She quieted down as Pete began the clock routine. I knew how great that felt.

The first time Pete did that to me, I almost shot up to the ceiling and came all over his arm at the same time. Pete was almost done; and Cindy was all tensed up. Her hips were raised off the table. Her heels were pushing into the padded top as Pete continued to iron out the wrinkles of her dripping cunt. My own clitty was so sensitive and swollen as I maintained a steady rhythm with two fingers. Occasionally I dipped my digits into the well for additional lube.

I couldn’t stop pounding my gash. It felt so good. I just came an hour ago with Pete, and now I’m ready again with my own doing. I was close; I was beyond the point of stopping and the ‘just leave it alone thoughts’. I wanted to cum again. Cindy began screaming and begging Pete to stuff her with his hard cock. I looked up for the final time. Pete’s fingers were gnawing away at Cin’s G-spot. She had wrapped her fingers around his swollen cock through his pants. Pete had her left nipple tightly between his lips. Pulling and tugging while working her cunt. A loud scream and a gush of ejaculate shot from her pussy. All over Pete’s hand and forearm.

My fingers were in overdrive; strumming for all its worth. I knew a huge orgasm when I heard one. Cindy’s thrashing and screaming just sent me over the top. One more quick dip of my fingers and I felt myself starting the all too familiar wild ride. I soaked my robe as I exploded in orgasm. I almost screamed; maybe I did, but nobody seemed to notice.
I pulled my drenched hand from between my legs and weakly and dizzily hobbled back upstairs. I was elated Cindy got a present she really liked.

I washed up quickly and returned to the kitchen. Pete was already there having a cup of coffee. Cindy was covered with a sheet. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. Sound asleep from such an enjoyable and stress relieving massage, I imagined.

“Well, Pete, I see Cindy seemed to have enjoyed her massage. It looks like it took a lot out of her.”

“I guess, Rhoda, you could say it was quite stress relieving. She had mentioned several times that she was truly enjoying it. Took it like a trooper. And while we’re on the subject, how did you enjoy your massage today?”

“You know the answer to that! And while we’re on the same subject, are you available next week? I want to ask Cindy if she would like another massage before she has to return home.”

“I think I can find some time next Saturday. Give me a call and let me know.”

Cindy finally woke from her nap. Still groggy, she came stumbling into the kitchen with her robe hanging loosely over her shoulders. She recovered quickly when she saw Pete and I having a cup of coffee. She asked if she could join us and of course there were no objections.

“What do you think of Pete’s massage techniques, Cin?”

“It was heavenly! Can I speak to you for a minute Rhoda?”

“Excuse me, will you , Pete?

“Sure, I’m not going anywhere.”

In the living room, Cindy and Rhoda were discussing the possibility of another massage before having to go back to New Jersey.

“Let’s not over do it Cindy.”

“Tell you what, Rhoda. It will be my treat for you as a Happy New gift!”

“No way, Cin; It will be my pleasure as a New Years gift for you. If you liked today’s massage, I was going to ask you if you would like another before you went back to New Jersey, anyway. After all I hardly get to see you very much.”

Discussion over, they returned to the kitchen.

“Pete, can you make it back here next Saturday? Cindy just has to have another massage before she goes home. And could you also find the time to give me one also. It will be included as part of her Christmas gift and an early Happy New Year’s treat for me.”

“It would be my pleasure!” Pete quickly replied.

“I think I might move in with you. This was the best massage of my life. I’ve been yearning for an erotic massage my entire life. How on Earth did you know, Rhodes?”

“You told me many times how you loved massages, even though sometimes you still felt tensed up afterward. If you loved them as much as I, I took a chance to see if you would also like a sexual massage. A sexual massage certainly releases a lot of deep hidden tensions.”

“Girl, I’ll say it does!”

Well, Pete packed up his gear and left us to savor our massages until next week. While we were still alone, I asked Cindy how she really liked her massage. She didn’t hold anything back and began to describe a few details. I looked shocked and put on a show saying I didn’t believe what she was saying; even though I knew it to be the truth. We went upstairs and got dressed before the girls returned. We were just getting dinner prepared when Sharon, Kerriann, and Carlene returned. They were all tired from a long busy day and after a light supper the girls turned in for an early sleep. Cindy and I stayed up a while and talked about massages, ‘erotic and sexual massages’, and what we wanted Pete to do to us next week.

“Rhoda, I got so friggin hot and horny while Pete kept brining me up to a climax and stopping and then starting again, I couldn’t take much more of it. I finally felt an enormous pressure building inside me. I’ve never in my life felt a climax expanding so deep and hard; I totally lost control. I reached out to touch Pete, and found my fingers wrapped my fingers around his cock. He has the thickest hardest cock I ever felt. I wanted him to fuck me. His dick was so hard. I squeezed him just as I came. Yes, Rhodes, I came so fucking hard. I wanted to rip his cock out of his pants and suck him right there in your dining room. I wanted to suck him until he blew his jizz into my mouth; I was so sexually excited, I would have swallowed his entire load”

“Cindy, I know just how you felt. To be honest, I’ve felt that way many times. His massages are so wonderful.”

“Did he ever fuck you, Rhodes?”

“Oh, definitely no! Although on a few occasions I noticed that huge dick of his tenting his sweat pants. I felt a desire just like you, but I could never allow him to do that.”

“Why not, Rhoda? You’re a single woman and Harry would have wanted you to enjoy the rest of your life; and be happy. He would have wanted you to have other men if you so desired.”

“Don’t you think he’s a bit too young for me?”

“Rhoda, you’re not going to marry him. You just need a little sexual release now and then. After all, you’re flesh and blood like everyone else. You have needs and desires; it’s only human seek out sexual pleasure.”

“I guess you’re right, Cin. Maybe next week I will think about asking him. Maybe you can ask him. I’m not sure if I’m ready”

“You think he could do both of us? He does seem to be in great physical shape. Rhodes, dear, I think we are going to have a ball.”

“Let’s just take it one step at a time and see how we feel about it next week”