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Columbian drug Lords Revenge part1

2022-08-06 00:09:15

The Bogotá court room was stifling in the afternoon smog. The man who everyone was here to see sat coolly flanked by expensive lawyers and co defendant associates. His hands were un-cuffed at present, a dozen heavily armed police officers spread about the old baroque room itching for him to try and escape.

The big man was theatrically preening himself taking in the crowded press gallery his flamboyant reputation making him a surreal celebrity choice in this troubled country.
Cesar Mendez had learnt to be patient. His arrest and prolonged trial had taken over two years and to the frustration of the outside world seemed as far from conclusion as when it started.

The last few weeks however had started to unnerve even this amazingly rich and influential drug lord.

The pot bellied Columbian narrowed his eyes stroking his unshaven face in growing anger as the afternoon proceedings drew more and more difficult.

The latest judicial prosecutor to take his case was proving better than he had anticipated. With the last half dozen in hiding or already dead Cesar had assumed this new young and inexperience lawyer would not be up to the task. However she was proving unsettlingly confident and adept

“You told me this young bitch wouldn’t be any good!” Mendez hissed under his breath as the gallery gasped at the young lawyer latest rock solid accusation.

His surrounding team shrunk back fearful of his anger. Even in jail Mendez’s influence could reach into their homes and souls with ease.

“Cesar, “his closest advisor said exasperated. “It is beginners luck, she is nothing.”

Across from him a slim shapely woman in her late twenties spoke softly but with steel purpose to the judicial panel.

Veronika smoothed her trim black business suit into her hips as she continued her prosecution. Her full pouting mouth seemed to have captivated the judge the man mesmerised by her deep dark eyes, her cascading face framing brunette hair and that full maternal bosom encased in a tightly stitched jacket.

Veronika leaned forward showing a long calf; her high heels giving her a towering dominant appearance.

“You’re Excellency?

She paused, a little frustrated with his manner, eyes like oil pools. “Sir?”

The judge snapped back from his fantasy Veronika momentarily put off her stride by his apparent day dream. He shuffled his papers muttering to himself. The young woman calmed herself and smiled.

“I suggest we re-convene tomorrow Sir, when I will present more key evidence.”

The judge nodded a little embarrassed and called a close to the day’s proceedings.

The drug lord almost roared with rage. The informant why had he evaded detection so long? And this bitch wasn’t playing by the rules; all this new information was beginning to look bad for him. But he had made his decision days ago; you had to know when to act and like normal it appeared he had acted none too soon.

Sat in the back of his armoured prison van the sole occupant was simmering on the brink of explosion as he returned to his cell. But he took deep breaths reminding himself he had proved as slippery as an eel when it came to the law and this would prove to be the case again.

“Why do they under estimate me always?” He said in a resigned yet excite frame of mind.

Driving home that evening Veronika edged through the darkening street her body tired from standing in that heat all day. She knew her job was a big risk, but with the enthusiasm and confidence of youth she had risen to the challenge. Mendez has got through 4 judges and 9 prosecutors in the last two years. 1 judge had died mysteriously others had just decide to retire or move abroad; either way the case had moved at a snails pace. The same unexpected changes and tragedies had also happened to the prosecuting teams; the law was a joke.

Veronika was embarrassed and disgusted by her countries meek and cowering attitude to the evil men of influence. Bribery and corruption were common place and in that environment people such as her; young in year but patriotic and with moral fibre could rise to senior rank incredibly quickly. A successful prosecution and she could have the pick of government attaché jobs anywhere in the world. She planned on Paris.

“Beep, beep!”

She narrowed her eyes. The truck ahead had got himself stuck in the bin cluttered street and as she huffed and gestured trying to do a u-turn another vehicle a four by four almost ran into the back of her car.

It was over in seconds. Masked armed men jumping from the blocking trucks rear canopy, more from the pinning jeep.

They dragged the business suited goddess from the car many hands blindfolding and binding her arms behind her back. She felt herself gagged with a cloth and thrown into the land-cruisers rear. There was a slam of the boot and calm controlled chatter from her captors. Veronika’s heart was racing, it had all happened so fast. In the tight narrow streets with little overhead light and Mendez loyal citizens all around she suddenly realised how easy kidnap was.

The ride in the boot of the jeep was hot and cramped Veronika wriggling but unable to adjust her position in any way that could attempt an escape. She heard voices as the vehicle slowed like at a check point and she made muffled calls for help. The kidnapper vehicle speeded up again and appeared from the echo to be entering a tunnel.

The boot finally opened and hands helped her out and to her feet.

She arched her back bust rising in her jacket her eyes blindfolded her breaths in short pants.

Climbing metal steps she heard keys rattling and heavy doors opening and slamming. There were echoes of distant voices; a low hum of humanity, but in the blackness of her world she concentrated on the different surfaces her heels stepped on. There’d been metal, then concrete and now as yet another door opened then slammed behind her, slippery tiles.

She felt the humid wet heat as steam caressed her skin and she instantly started to sweat buckets her white linen shirt no doubt beginning to turn transparent with the perspiration. The gag; then blind fold were gently removed.

Veronika’s eyes opened wide as if to take in the impossible.

In front of her was a naked fat hairy man. His body hair was like a gorilla as he washed and scrubbed standing under a streaming shower head. As the young woman looked about she saw the wall curved out of view holding many shower heads the grim tiled room steaming the floor draining water down channels. The hum of voices, men’s voices was still there, in the air like ghosts.

Leaning against the wall were two other mature men dressed in shorts and flip flops smoking cigarettes. Behind her one of the kidnappers held her shoulders. He was bizarrely dressed in a Hawaiian shirt his grinning face now unmasked.

But it was the naked washing man that made her stomach knot. She shivered in horror at his audacity.

She was in a shower block, a prison shower block!

“Ah Miss welcome to my humble home,” said Cesar letting the spray rinse his face of lather.

Her lips parted then decided to say nothing. She looked around a little desperate hoping for a sign she was safe. Cesar saw her confusion, her disbelief at the situation.

“When you have lived as long as me,” the scrubbing man said, “you will realise nothing is as obvious as it seems.”

He wiped the water from his face turning off the shower tap.” Do you really think I could be held by this country if I didn’t allow it?”

What could she say? It had become painfully apparent that the rule of law was worse than she imagined. Maybe he’d blackmailed the guards and prison governor or maybe he’d just bought them all. Either way it was obvious Cesar Mendez had more to gain by choosing to fight and win a court case, which would exonerate him, than been on the run forever.

Mendez reached for a towel. “We have your informer, the one that’s been making you look so fucking smart”

Veronika acted confused. The government informer was only known to her by a code name. He had never revealed himself but somehow Mendez claimed he had him. There was no way for her to know either way.

She shrugged her shoulders starting to talk her way out of the questioning.

“Don’t fucking play games with me,” Cesar snapped now more menacing. ”Your supply of juicy information has gone.”

He calmed himself returning to his gentleman approach. “Now we need to negotiate a truce.”

Veronika shook her head acting braver than the situation should dictate.

“Never! I will not be bought; I believe in justice.”

Cesar smiled, “I know you do, very amicable. But I didn’t say I would offer you a bribe. It’s too late for that.”

He came closer his belly and genitals swaying unashamedly.

“Bringing you here shows my power and how little you have. If I can smuggle you into my prison unopposed, how easy would it be to bury you somewhere deep in the jungle?”

“He looked to his compadre’s with a grin, “Or sell give you to some sick mind as a fuck toy to use and dispose of later.”

Her chest began to pant heavier and heavier her wet clinging shirt showing two balloon size breasts battling to escape. He continued his lecture.

“All I ask is that you decline to attend court tomorrow. I know your career would be over. But the alternatives surely make it an easy decision”

He looked back at her. “If you agree I will take you at your word and send you home.”

She looked unconvinced so he explained again, still amused at her lack of understanding.

“Why would I worry who you told? Another reported kidnap charge against me wouldn’t make much difference. You could tell who you liked you’d never live to make the accusations stick in court. If I can find you once I can do it again”

The shower block door suddenly opened and a guard half entered. He froze in horror realising his intrusion. Cesar barked for him to get out Veronika looking at him with pleading eyes the man not returning her stare, quickly and submissively he closed the door, head bowed.

Cesar paused to let her think but when no reply came either way he smiled. “It’s a lot to ask so I will trust you to make the right decision. When my men drop you home think about what I’ve said. I do not expect you to be at court tomorrow.”

Veronika just wanted to get out the of claustrophobic atmosphere but gave a grunt of surprise as the Hawaiian man tugged her jacket down from her shoulders forcing her shirt to thrust out buttons about to pop, breasts wanting to escape their wet imprisonment

“Uh what, I” She looked at Cesar. “I thought you said…”

The man was looking in a mirror over a basin admiring his full but receding hair line.

“Negotiations are indeed over,” he said turning his hand caressing his hairy balls and expanding cock.” Now you must repay me for your arrogance at taking the job in the first place.”

“Now its time to fuck.”

Veronika gave a silent gasp of disbelief. No he couldn’t; not here! The two men at the wall had jumped into action as the Hawaiian man pulled her suit blazer off making her shirt tear open wet tits pressing on white fabric. She screamed as she was bit by bit undressed her clothes falling in a heap on the wet tiled floor.

“get off meee you uggh, filthy bast…”

As she cussed, strong hangs on her cute wrists Cesar spoke calmly in a charming polite way.

“There, there Veronika. It is Veronika isn’t it? Don’t be afraid.”

Her blouse came away her bra heaving with sweaty boulders.

“You are very sexy. Too sexy for these pigs.” He laughed at his grinning friends.

“Only I will savour your body tonight.”

Her black skirt was pulled down over her rump, thong knickers looking ridiculously tiny in such a predicament. Male hands took the opportunity to squeeze her perfect rear.

“My men are not animals, they obey my every command.”

She gasped and gave a timid mew as her bra strap was snapped her wet 40 inch tits springing out the nipples like bolts on some medieval armour.

“Tie her hands to a shower head,” he ordered his cock now rampant his hand pulling back his clean foreskin.

“For Gods shake,” Veronika screamed aware that authority figures were so close by patrolling the cell corridors. “You can’t do this!”

The cord wound her hands in a binding grip.

The men stood back to admire their efforts. Veronica was now naked stood with her back to them, legs tight together high black heels giving her erect posture the shape of some goddess statue outside the city hall. Her hands were up above her head tied to a dirty shower nozzle, her slightly bent position letting her fantastic tits hang down the firmness of them defying gravity.

Oh she was wet; her body looking as if the shower head was streaming a constant cascade over her. Sweaty rivulets ran down her back into her ass crack, her cleavage also a valley of torrentional perspiration.

She looked over her shoulder, dark brunette hair framing her slightly freckled face; big dark pool eyes and ruby red kissable lips giving her a porn actress appeal.

“Don Mendez,” she gasped in a little girl voice, “please I am only doing my job.”

The man waved her pleas aside nodding in understanding but not changing his intent.

Veronika gave a law court barrage. “This isn’t right, you cannot just do this!”

Mendez shook his head. “Be quite you silly girl; enough of your protesting. Your cute smart tongue won’t get you out of this. You made a mistake you know that now. I’m sure it will be your only mistake, but you must be punished. I have a reputation to keep up.”

Veronica wailed at his perverse reasoning, her body trying to break free.

“Oh Jesus,” she cried tugging on her binds.

Mendez moved near her his fat hand trailing down her back over a firm buoyant ass. His hand squeezed her flesh then he gave her a massive palmed slap on the ass and she yelped. “Ooooooooooooooooo!” He looked to his men.

“Compadre, get my souvenir.”

Veronika watched confused as one of his cell mates smiled at Mendez’s request and then moved to collect something from a corner of the room.

“Oh no you… No!” Veronika was innocent but not that innocent.

The man had a bucket filled with grease. In the metal container pointing head down was a long red and beige shaft that tapered to a rubber bound handle.

The bucket clanked on the tiles and the lawyer began to pant and shake her head in disbelief.

“No sweet heaven, this can’t be happening.”

Mendez gripped the handle drawing the thing out of the goo like King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone.

“This was a personal gift from the New York Yankees,” he said lifting the baseball bat to his eye line. “Look it’s autographed by all the team.”

Veronika’s knees bent inwards, her heels teetering, her back arching as she took deep breaths trying to calm herself.

“Please don, no not that I, I mean I can’t oh sweet heaven no, no, no!”

She felt the greased massive ball end press on her pussy and she screamed.

The don slowly twisted it smearing her lips with gel.

“There, a little lubrication first.” He said pulling the end thankfully away from her pussy hole.

The don was behind her his hard cock against her ass his posture slightly bent as he angled the smaller handled end of the bat towards her slit.

“Uggggggghhhhh,” she felt the hard intruder sniffing her opening. “Oh, oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

The handle tip opened her up then slowly the don ever so carefully slid the ribbed grip deeper and deeper.

“That’s it miss suck it in,” he coached his men gloating with lust filled eyes

“No uggh its ugggggg!” She arched her back the stiff rod filling her shaft the lubricant helping but the sensation one of humiliating impalement.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh!”

He began to slowly pump her hole his other hand on her fantastic wet ass holding her steady.

“That’s it Veronika, good girl now your taking it. Good at last we are getting somewhere.”

She gave a wailing grunt of horror and frustration. He was so casual. How many times had he done this before? How many indignities had he performed in his wretched career as a criminal immune from the law?

“Oh God its ugggghhhhhh!”

She gasped as he angled it deeper the pumping getting faster her heels tapping on tiles as he made her dance with the upward hammering motion.

Flut! Flut! Flut! Flut!


She cooed, her eyes wide and disbelieving her red mouth glistening with sweat and saliva.

“Yes; you dirty bitch! Not so confident now, good.”

He slowly removed the glistening handle, pushing the fat head back into the grease bucket.

“Now the big end,” he said with a wink to his men.

The voluptuous lawyer looked over her shoulder the baton head swinging towards her exposed rear.

“Oh God no that’s impossible. I… please no you… God no ohhhhhhhhh!”

She felt the fist like torpedo head of the bat back at her slit. The grease red tip pressed at her and she squirmed and bucked her legs biting together her hands trying to pull her amazing curved body up the tiled wall to the shower head.

“Noooo please I’ll do any thing you want just stop.”

“Yes you will bitch,” Mendez said not raising his voice an octave. “I know you will and first you’re going to ride this fucking monster up your tight, arrogant, young twat.”

Even his men grimaced as she bucked and wailed. They knew the prison guards would never come but the echoes in the shower room made the place sound like bedlam.

“Ohhhhhhh no, no uggggggggg!”

“Yes a little more. Yess open, open uh oh oh that’s its…just...”


Veronika’s eyes crossed and rolled back her mouth open in a goldfish pout. Her shoulder slumped and knees buckled but she did not fall her body lifted by and incredible arm size piece of sports kit greased and smooth opening her shaft growing inside her like an alien.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Veronika s body sucked it in.

“You dirty bitch,” one of the men laughed all of then with hands covering huge erections.

“Oh yesssssss,” gasped Cesar holding the bat with both hands Veronika bending over more and opening her legs into a porno shoot stance.

“That’s it my dear make it a little easier on you. Its all the way in bitch, does it feel nice?”

Veronika moaned and gnashed her teeth it was like a fucking flag pole twisting inside her. It was slowly twisting and pushing deeper and deeper until…


She nearly puked her gut convulsing with indignity and sensation.


The upward thrust of the blimp tipped end nudged her cervix, tapping away wanting to split her up the middle.


“Uhhhhhh God,” she coughed the humidity making her body seem to float on a cloud of mist.

“Uhhhhhhhhh!” She could only groan as he began a two handed pump; harder and harder.

Slop, slop, slop!

Her pussy made squelching noises, her slime covering the shaft and Mendez’s hand.

Bump, bump, bump!

The men were awe struck. The bound heeled brunette like she had been dipped in oil. Her glistening body shuddering, her ass rhythmically riding an invisible saddle as the bat slid back and forth inside her.

“Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh!”

Veronika was in a world of her own, the evil bastard’s toy stretching her body wider than she ever imagined. He in turn was mesmerized as her pussy lips slurped and swallow his enormous souvenir.

“Oh! Enough, enough!” She groaned her long lashed eyes pleading to her audience.

Her body was like an exhibition of perversity many eyes eagerly watching and gaining amusement from her captive embarrassment.

She gave a long high pitched squeal as the fat tip drew to her lips limits, then…


It was out, her pussy gasping the air like a drowning man.

She slumped down only held up by her bound hands her mind thankful of the relief.

The bat clattered on the tiles making Veronika jump back into reality.

Cesar pulled away and his co-horts hurried to untie her. She dropped to her knees her chest heaving her hourglass shape like a 30’s movie stars.

Do we have an understanding? Mendez asked. Veronika nodded, “y…yess don Cesar we do.”

“And what should I do now?” He asked stroking her hair Veronika looking up at his pot belly and rampant cock.

The lawyer didn’t know what to say. He didn’t expect her to beg to be fucked; did he?

Mendez looked over to Hawaiian shirt man. Mendez asked him a similar question in a jovial way.

“My friend, I think she should ask me to fuck her. Fuck her up her tight law bitch ass. I think she should ask me to ram her so hard she screams. Do you agree?”

The Hawaiian man shook his head. “No Don Cesar I don’t.”

“What?” The drug lord said in mock surprise Veronika’s eyes lighting up in hope. Had he gone too far even for his men?

The Hawaiian man shuffled his body and smiled.

“Because if she doesn’t you will give her to me.”

The drug lord nodded and motioned for him to continue.

“Then I’d be able to take her out into the forest and rape her until she begged to be put in that newly dug grave.”

Veronika’s heart sank her mind suddenly filled with the horrible images. She couldn’t push them aside. The dense jungle, herself on all four tits slapping together as the ugly Hawaiian man humped her rear like a demented hog, two others digging her grave as he rutted into her. Then when the pit was finished all wanking off over her face before the come drained hog put a pistol to her head and pulled the trigger.

“Nooooooooo!” He mind screamed.

“Please Cesar do it, fuck my ass.” She gasped in horror. Her imagination was more of a torment than anything he could do.” I beg you to be merciful.”

“Oh, oh, ugggggggg!”

The drug baron didn’t need telling twice Veronika thrust onto all fours the man directing his cock at her anal hole and spearing her with vengeance.


His rod slid to the hilt and his pelvis firmly pressed on her ass. He hooked his hands under her to grab both dangling tits.

“Eieeeeeeee!” She gave a shriek as he slid almost out then thrust in.

Phut, phut, phut, phut!

“Uhhhhhhhhh!” She began to foam at the mouth spittle frothing, her eyes rolling his ass rape fierce and scorching in its passion and intensity.

Phut, phut, phut, phut!

He was indeed a rutting hog yet now she hoped she would see the light of day. His body slapped against hers and she felt a humiliating flush as he bragged how tight she was, like a virgin sow.

He pushed her head towards the wet floor his fingers pulling hardening nipples.

“Yes, yes feel the fucking thing ramming up you. This is your place, on your knees, a milking device for a man’s cock.”

Veronika gasped and thrashed her talon fingers clawing the tiled floor desperately

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Her high pitched grunts filled the room, then a long horrified moan her tits almost twisted 360 degrees as Cesar froze; a look of sheer triumph on his face.


His cock spat deep inside her ass filing the young principled lawyer with filthy drug fuelled come.

From his prison window he saw the light of the four by four depart. The lawyer was dressed and trussed in the boot. The men would take her almost to her door, no need for more degradation. Veronika had been told that no one need know what had happened tonight and they could keep a secret her resignation would be humiliation enough.

“So Cesar,” his fat friend said pulling up a luxury non prison chair, “you have the bitch in your pocket, their prosecution is in tatters.”

The don narrowed his eyes. “Its not enough my friend, a new prosecutor can always be found. Our boast about the informer was only that, the traitor still evades us.”

The other man smiled, they had been friends for a blood soaked lifetime.

“I have some good new don,” he announced watching his friends face change.

Cesar knew his friend never made jokes about the business and a cracked smile appeared on his face.

“You’ve found him!” The drug king said seeing his friend nod in pride, “by all the saint!”

“Yes Cesar,” came the reply, “my men have phoned to say they have found him.”

Mendez looked out into the night sky stroking his stubble nodding to himself.

“And now we can turn that to our advantage.”