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Chastity To Slutness

2022-06-30 00:12:51

It is a story of a widow who remained chaste till her 43rd birthday and thereafter became a cheap slut.

Divya was married while she was a teen and within two years of marriage she delivered a boy child. But thereafter she resumed her study and completed graduation. She was a sweet looking attractive lady.

At time of her marriage she was only of 42 kgs and having vital statistics of 32 x 22x 32. She was very fair with long and thick hairs. She was tall of 5’5” and looking lanky. But regular fuck by husband helped her to grow.

She became a widow when her son was only ten years old. Her family members and in laws requested her to leave city and stay in village. But she did not agree to them. Her husband has left good amount of wealth in form of cash and property including a good spacious house in city. She took up the challenge of bringing up child alone. Her husband’s good friend and a family friend helped her a lot. He, Mr Agrawal offered her a supervisory job in his big departmental store and she thankfully accepted it.

Another 12 year passed. Her son did management course and got a managerial job in local municipality. Divya was a real happy woman and mother. Her son Vinod got few more offers , better job offers from reputed companies but in distant cities but he opted to stay with mother.

When Vinod had his first pay packet he put it on feet of mothe and requested her to leave the job and stay back home and rest. But mother did not agree telling that store has become a part and parcel of he life so she can’t leave the job. Son doubted that mother is having some ‘illicit’ relation with someone at store. His first doubt was on owner, Mr Agarwal, father of his would be wife Ranju. Both family has agreed for this marriage. It was decided that soon after Ranju graduate marriage will take place.

In backdrop of above now read story in words of son Vinod.

I respected my mother very much. Though we are well off still she has taken lot of pain in my upbringing. I saw that how she could preserve he chastity. For few years after death of father I saw that my grand father, uncles and few others also tried their best to allure and seduce mother and even forced her to stay with them as their kept but she could save himself from clutch of those bastards.

But when she refused to resign from job even after I started working I doubted that mother is having a man. My first doubt was on Mr Agrawal who was our best family friends. I thought of few other men but I did not get any clues. I tried to find about love affairs of mother but there was no clues. I even asked my beloved Ranju and she laughed on me when I said that her father has made my mother his kept. Then she said categorically that her father has not fucked either my mother or any other sales women in the store. I enquired from few store staffs who also said same thing. Few of them said sadly that they themselves tried their best to seduce and fuck my mother but she never gave any one any liberty.

“Vinod Jai, your mother is a chaste woman. We can say with guarantee that neither Mr Agarwal nor anyone else has ever been succeeded in touching her breast at least inside this big store. “

I felt sad for mother that after death of father, for over 12 years she did not have any man. She has not taken any cock in her cunt. At age of 24 I had a desire to fuck mother. I had sex with few. Starting from fucking a lady teacher while I was in eleventh standard I had all together 8 females under my cock.

But I was still to fuck my would be wife. She was allowing me full freedom except penetration. She has given me blow job at regular interval, I have sweeter and finger fucked her many time but no real sex. I got confirmed in job after a year. Another six month passed and I was selected for an executive training programme at Hyderabad. Programme was for two weeks and non residential. My first reaction was to take mother with me.

I have observed that barring few days of casual leaves mother has never taken leave from the store. I talked to owner who happily agreed to give leave for mother. He had said,

“ Vinod, your mother needs a real break. “

He said that he himself persuaded her to take leave, travel and enjoy. But she never took long leave. I don’t know how words came out from my mouth,

“Uncle don’t you like Divya, my mother .’

And uncle replied promptly ,

‘ I like her, I like her very much. I always wished that Divya should be my wife. “

I explored further and asked directly

‘ I think my mother fucks with someone regularly in this store. Who is he ? “

He got up, patted my shoulder and replied.

“Vinod, rest assured neither I had seen her nude or fucked your mother nor anyone else. Your mother is a chaste lady. “

I came home. I arranged our tickets and booked hotels in the name of Mr & Mrs Vinod Gupta. I booked air tickets also in same name. As she was having a very sweet face she could easily be passed for a lady in early 20s. At that time, at age of 43 her statistics were 34x 24x 34. Even breast of my fiancée Ranju was bigger than that of my other. She was weighing then hardly 50 kgs.

We were to start early morning of Sunday. It was Friday night. She returned home at her usual time of about 10 of night. I saw her sad and gloomy. She did not talked to me , rather did not looked at me. I heated eatables. We had dinner and I put all used utensils for cleaning. Without speaking a word she walked to her bedroom. I waited for some time. Then I knocked at door. She never locked her bedroom door in past so that night also it was not. I pushed door and walked to her bed. I sat beside her and put my hand on her waist.

“What happened, why are you sad and angry ? “

She did not reply to me instead she said that she is not going with me. It was my fault , I did not tell her that I am taking her with me. Her store owner had told her that day. I also ignored her comment and forcibly made her flat on bed. I put my both hands on her shoulder, I pressed hard and looking into her eyes, I moved forward and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

“Maa, I wanted to give you a surprise. We are leaving early morning day after tomorrow, please pack your few dresses..others we will buy there at Hyderabad. “

But she commented again,

‘I am not going with you, I will manage alone in your absence. “

I kept pressing her shoulders and then I took her face in my two hands. I moved my lips very close to hers and whispered,

“But I can’t stay single day without seeing this sweetest face and juicy lips in morning and night. ‘

I pleaded her not to take it other was and I reiterated that I just kept her in dark to surprise her. I did not know that I have touched her week point by telling about her sweet face and juicy lips.

“I don’t know how it happened, your father used to tell me same thing every morning and night that he can’t leave for single day without seeing my sweet face and juicy lips.

I looked , in fact stared in her eyes.

“Maa, he was right, very right. Yours is sweetest face and juiciest lips. “

This time I boldly kissed lips and kissed for 10-12 seconds. She wiped her lips and asked.

“Whether my face and lips are sweeter than your darling Ranju.. ‘

I pushed my hands under her back and held her tightly. I kissed once more for longer time.

“Even her cunt lips does not give pleasure which your this lips have given. ‘

I said and moved my finger on her lips.

“Did you already made her your wife, are you fucking her.? “

She did not try to come out of my clutch .

“No maa, not yet fucked her, but she enjoys my mouth and hands on her cunt. “

Then I observed that her facial expressions have changed, she seemed looking in space.

“ Vinod, your father was also very fond of oral sex, so was I . Unless we suck each other extensively we were not doing sex. Many nights passed just in oral pleasures. “

She said so and pushed me away.

“Now go and sleep. We are leaving as you planned. “

I became very pleased to hear her and despite her resistance I kissed her once again and came out of room. I thought about what happened. I wondered that how I dared and kissed her, not only kissed I talk about cunt and fuck with a mother, a widow. I slept peacefully. I did not know that I have woke up a hungry lioness.

Next day she did not go to store. We did some shopping. In evening , mother explained to maid. Though I spent sometime on her bed before sleep, that night something stopped me from touching her. I came back to my room.

Next day , at 11 noon, we checked in our hotel room as Mr and Mrs Gupta. Receptionist, a lady winked and enquired that whether it is our love marriage. I nodded and she remarked,

“Your wife is really very sweet. “

I winked back at her and came to our allotted room which was having a large double bed.

“Why you have booked me as your wife. ? “

I took her by waist in my arms.

“If I had booked you as my mother then every one would have thought that I have brought my mother to fuck her… “

She remained in my arms ,

“So you have already made mother your wife..it is one and same.’

We heard knock and saw waiter entering room. He saw me holding mother tightly in my arms.

“Excuse me sir, I am sorry . “

Mom pushed herself away and I said ,

‘Nothing to be sorry..it happens. ‘

After freshening up, we went out. Roamed around market, I purchased few modern dress for mother and watched a movie . We returned back to our room by 10 night. I gave order at reception for morning tea for both of us at 6 morning, every day till we are hear. They noted it.

I bolted door behind us. But once we entered room I saw mother getting tense. It was natural. I don’t remember when we two, mother and son slept together last on same bed. Further, our last night’s kiss and she being introduced as my wife certainly have tensed her. I opened packet and took out a pack. She was looking at me. I opened pack and took out a cloth. I gave that to mother and told her to changed into that. She opened the pack fully . It was a see through nightgown.

“Please remove all clothes and wear this only. “

She looked very serious. She knew what is coming. She was untucked for over 12 years and now closed in a room with young and strong man, her son. She got up and walked towards attached bathroom telling that,

“I hope, you know what you are doing. “

I certainly knew what I was going to do but I did not reply. I just looked at her firm swaying hips. I am going to become my mother’s husband tonight. I eagerly waited and she came out. It looked I am seeing her, my mother for first time. I never knew that she is so attractive. I whispered,

“My God, maa you are really very very sexy..so beautiful.”

I whispered but she heard.

“Now onward call me by name only. Never call me maa.”

She was wearing gown but looked as if she is fully nude. Gown was now looking much more transparent than it looked at shop. I cherished her beauty through the see through gown . I sat on knees at her feet and held her both hand. I kissed both one after another and proposed.

“ Divya, be my wife…”

I looked up in her eyes. She stared at me .

“Do I have any option ! “

She was ready for sex with son. I got up, lifted her on arms and put her flat on bed. She watched me getting undressed and saw my throbbing cock. I pushed gown clothes apart and her frontal nudity glared at me.

I looked in her eyes and rode over her. I grabbed breast and positioned tip of cock on cunt hole. Without any fondling, kiss, oral sex I gave one after another 4 push and then cock could open mother’s cunt.

“My God, it is tighter than a virgin cunt. “

I said and again started giving hard push. Then in 7th such push entire cock travelled inside cunt. She took me in her arms.

“You said that you are very good in oral sex but you penetrated without even kissing. “

I just smiled and began pumping my own mother. I pumped and after about 6-7 minutes I saw her face getting reddened. Eyes got closed. She tightened me in her arms and began jerking hip up. She has started enjoying. I pumped and we both enjoyed. It was a silent fuck. She bit her lips, jerked hip but she did not moan or scream. When I observed that her movement has fastened I also increased speed and thankfully we both discharged simultaneously.

“You reminded me of your father. He was also fucking like this but…”

“But what ? “

I enquired.

Mother said,

“But your cock is longer , thicker and even tighter than him. “

I enquired whether she liked sex with son. But she replied differently,

“I have no son…but Vinod’s cock has satisfied cunt of Divya. This cunt and body wants more. “

Mother replied and I pulled away from her . I laid beside her and remained quite for few minutes. At one side I was more than happy and satisfied after fucking mother but on other side I was feeling bad. Not because I fucked mother but because she did not resist a bit.

Though her cunt was very tight like a virgin I concluded that she is a cheap slut that’s why she surrendered so easily to sun without making any efforts , even for name sake, to stop sun from fucking mother. It seemed she read my thought. She came over me and looked in eyes.

“ Vinod , you are thinking that I am a slut, cheap prostitute that even without a word of resistance I surrendered to my son. Is not it ?

“Yes maa, I really wonder that a mother took son inside her so easily without any resistance. I expected a real resistance, fight, scolding from you. “

She heard me and I added to make her happy,

“Though I have so far fucked 8 cunts including 2 virgins I never had so much pleasure as I had today with you, with my mother. “

I moved finger on her lips and asked directly.

“Please tell me about your lovers, your men who fucks you after death of father, your husband. “

She began rubbing cunt on my limp cock. She pressed breast on my chest and asked me ,

“You have fucked 2 virgins and 6 already fucked ones. Forget virgins, do you remember how many strokes you gave to other females for pushing your cock fully inside. ?”

I thought a bit. She kept rubbing cunt and breast on me.

“Darling I think in 3rd or 4th strokes it used to go inside. “

I crossed my hands on her back and began squeezing hips, this certainly was very tight and words came out,

“Your hips are even tighter than hips of Ranju. “

She smiled and replied.

“Hips of regularly fucked women may look big and sexy but it is never tight. you yourself said that my cunt is so tight. Your tip could enter inside cunt only after 4 strokes and it took another 7 strokes to push it fully inside. “

She has counted my strokes. She added,

“You believe or not, you are only second man who penetrated me. But yours would be third cock who has touched my nude body and cunt. “

Now I believed her. I thought over fucks with all other women and I concluded that no one had such a tight cunt, breast and hips. But she said that mine is third cock who touched her nude body.

“Who was that other lucky man, second cock in your life. “

She smiled and again it seemed that her eyes have gone into space . “Who was that other lucky man, second cock in your life. “

She smiled and again it seemed that her eyes have gone into space .

“Not second, he was the first cock I saw, fondled, sucked and rubbed my entire nude body. He was gardener at my native. He was with my father even since before my birth. His wife , two daughters and one son were also staying at our outside. After my mother, I loved that gardener most. Most of the time after school I was spending with him. I grew and one day after coming from school I directly entered into our outhouse where they were staying. I entered. I did not find any one. I thought that his wife would be in our house and others had gone somewhere. I did not see him.

I turned to return and then I heard his voice. He was singing. I walked towards that direction and I reached at my destination. He was in bathroom. He was soaping his body and singing with eyes closed. He was nude and I saw what I never expected to see. His over 7” long and thick cock was throbbing. This was first cock I saw. I have not started talking about man-woman relationship and fuck either with friends in school or with mother at house. I turned into a statue. I wanted to move away from there but I could not. I removed my shoe and in uniform only I moved inside bathroom. My 6th sense guided me. I sat on my knees at his feet. Grabbed that cock and without any delay I pushed it inside my mouth. I started sucking. Soap slipped from his hand and he grabbed my hairs but I held cock more tightly and continued it.

He shouted,

“ ganga, don’t do it..Your mother may come any time, she will beat both of us..I will come to you in night , leave this, how you came so early. Go now, I will fuck you in night like I did last night. ‘

While sucking cock I smiled hearing him . He was thinking that his elder daughter is sucking him. So this man is fucking his elder daughter who was elder to me. I looked up, there were soap in his eyes. I smiled with thought that like me his daughters are also found of this cock. I increased speed and soon he began to ejaculate. I pushed cock out of mouth. I stood up and washed his eyes and face. He opened eyes and seeing me moved backward.

“Divya beti, tum….”

He stammered.

But I did not get embarrassed.

“Bansi kaka, jaise aap apni beti ganga ko lawda chusate ho, bur mey lawda pelte ho mere saath bhee karo…Mujhe ye lawda roj chahiye, agar aapne mana kiya to sabko kah dungi kee aap apni beti ko chodte ho. “

I told him that like he make daughter suck and fuck with him, he should also fuck me. I threatened that if he don’t allow me to play with his cock then I will tell to every one that father fucks his daughter.

He has come to his sense and requested me to go out soon as someone may come any time. I persuaded him again and he promised that he would give me his cock the way I want. He requested to keep this secret and don’t let any one know that I sucked his cock and he fucks his daughter.

After fixing an appointment with him for late evening I came out. I saw his daughter ganga and wife at our house. I took hand of ganga and pulled her into my room. I bolted door from inside and though she resisted I undressed her fully. I caressed her nudity and directly asked that since when she is fucking with her father. I asked whether someone else also fucks her.

First she insisted that she is virgin, no one touched her but when I threatened her also that I will tell her mother that she fucks with father she opened up. She surprised me when she said that she and her younger sister both were first fucked by my father. She said that it happened first about a month ago then thereafter every week he fucks both sister at least twice every week.She said that somehow her father came to know this that she is fucking with my father. So just three nights ago while she was asleep in night her father straightway penetrated her. She resisted for some time but then she started enjoying much more than what she enjoy with my father.

“Divya, mere babuji kaa lawda tere babuji ke lawda se jyada lamba hai, mota hai aur bur mey bhee jyada der tak tight rahta hai…”

She said that cock of her father is not only long and thick than cock of my father , he fucks also for longer time and much better. She said that now she herself finds opportunity to suck and fuck father. She said that that day also when her mother came to our house, instead of going to school she has fucked with father.

I let her dress and I desired to see cock of her father and also watch their chudai. I said that if I like chudai then I will also fuck with him, her father.

She smiled and asked whether my cunt has started itching. She said that instead of getting fucked by her father I should seduce other men, fathers friend who will pay me a lot for fuck.

“Divya, tum kitni sundar ho, chudai chahiye to apne babuji ke dosto ko patao aur chodo, lund ke saath saath bahut paisa bhee milega. “

But I insisted to fuck with her father and I told her to meet me at place and time where gardener has promised to meet me in evening.

I was first to reach there. Soon gardener came and I hugged him tightly. I used to call him kaka so I told him to fuck me .

“Kaka, mujhe juldi chodo, meri bur ko tera ye lawda chahiye abhi aur roj. “

But he was reluctant to fuck owner’s daughter. But I was horny. I wanted his cock in my cunt and mouth so I undressed him fully. Without shedding any of my clothes I again sat on knees and began sucking his cock. It was 4-5 minutes and I heard voice of his daughter ganga. She was telling father not to fuck daughter of owner.

“Babuji, chhoti maalkin ko mut chodo , maalik bahut naraz honge, tumhe jail mey daal denge, hum teeno ko kothaa par baitha denge. “

I heard her telling father not to fuck daughter of owner. It angered me and I pulled girl by holding her hand. I pressed her on grass and hurriedly undressed her. I told man to fuck his daughter.

“Mujhe nahi chodega to apni beti ko chod , abhi ..Yanhi..”

He pleaded , resisted a lot but I insisted. Finally his daughter only convinced him that if he don’t fuck her / daughter , me / I will tell to everyone that father fucks daughter. I pulled him down and he positioned himself on daughter.

Then I saw live chudai of daughter with father. Initially, he was slow and reluctant but once cock had tasted cunt juice, he began fucking daughter hard and fast. She has bit her lips and absorbing thrust of cock on her cunt. While they fucked I undressed and sat in front of him with legs wide spread. He saw my breast and cunt. I observed that breast of ganga was quite bigger than me. He was pumping daughter and she started moaning slowly. Finally he discharged inside bur and both hugged each other tightly.

After sometime they freed each other and I pulled elderly man over my nude body. I told him to kiss and lick my entire body. Seeing me nude he did not resist this time. Starting from kiss he licked and kissed each and every pore of my body from both side. He sucked my boobs and cheeks for longer time. He pushed fingers in my cunt and I rubbed cock on cunt. I told him that tomorrow evening he must come prepared to fuck both of us.

Finally I again gave him blowjob and he ejaculated cum inside my mouth. Unlike first time, this time I was ready for cum and I kept cock pressed inside mouth. I released it off mouth only when entire cum has gone down my throat to my belly.

Ganga looked me in shock and said that she never heard anyone swallowing cum like I did. I said that it was very tasty and I would like to have it daily. I told kaka to remain alone at home at time I return from school. I rubbed cock on my boobs and said that I would like to fondle it as much I could.

We dressed and departed. I entered house and observed mom staring at me. I came straight to my room. After dinner while I came to sleep in my room , my mother came to me and bolted door from inside. She charged me directly that whether I am having sex with someone. I trembled but she undressed me fully. She ran hands all over my body and pointed bruises on my cheeks, both boobs, belly and on hips. She ran finger on my slit and asked whether I am already fucked.

As my body had spoken truth I said so but lied little. I said that I am in deep love with a man and he also loves me . I said that though so far we have only fondled each other, may be tomorrow he will fuck me and I said that I am ready to take his nice cock in my cunt.

Then for about one hour she preached me. Conclusion was that I may continue to fondle with him as much I want but I must not let any one push cock in my cunt. Mom said that if my husband will not find me virgin , he may brand me as a prostitute and sell me off cheaply. After lot of argument, counter argument I promised that though I may continue to enjoy with cock I will not fuck with anyone.

While going out of my room mother said that before marriage she has played with not one but three cocks for over two years but remained virgin till marriage.

“And after marriage, how many cocks you ate ? “

I asked mother but she just squeezed my cunt and said that such questions must not be asked from any lady, even from herself also..

“Beti, without getting defamed if you can fuck around after marriage then have cocks as many as you can. “

Telling this she went out. I thought a lot after she went and reiterated that I will control myself. Then for next three months, I sucked his cock twice daily, once immediately after returning from school and again in evening while watching live chudai of daughter and father. After about fifteen days I convinced his younger daughter also to join us in evening. He was now fucking daughters every evening in my presence and not in house.

After about three months , one evening while I was sucking his cock my father appeared and he began beating him with feet and sticks. I was shocked at his unexpected appearance but I took control and held father’s hand.

“Babuji, when you can fuck his wife, sister and two daughters then what is wrong If this man fucks your wife and daughter.

But my father was furious. He kept hitting him and I returned back to home. Father also came after some time. Every time he tried to scold me I charged him same thing that as he is fucking kaka’s daughter so he can fuck me, owner’s daughter.

I was sad but I decided to continue our relation. But thereafter till few months after my marriage I did not see him. Father kept his both daughters with him and send kaka with his wife and son to some distant place.

I controlled myself. I has no interest in any other man. I got married after three years of that experience. I remained virgin and your father with his strength, chudai technics, oral sex made me his slave and now my son has made mother his kept.

“Son I controlled for 12 years but now if any one had shown me his throbbing cock I would have fucked with him like I fucked with son. My cunt badly need a cock, of anyone, even of small kid or even of a dog. I want cock, I want real fuck…Fuck me..”

She narrated . Her narration made my cock tighten and mother took it inside cunt. She pumped me from top. In this second round also we had no oral. I filled cunt and thereafter we slept. It was hot at hyderabad. Ac was running still we horny couple did not take any sheet to cover ourself.

My sleep broke with repeated call bell. I recalled that it may be tea service, without looking at my mother I got down. Morning lights have entered into room. I opened door. I turned and told him to come in. He put tea pots and tray on table and enquired whether he should make tea for us. I told him to make a tea for me only. Telling this I walked to attached bathroom and after pissing and wiping face I came out.

I sat on bed and then my eyes moved on my mother turned wife. She was nude like me. There was no use of covering her now. Waiter has watched her nudity while I was in bathroom. He might have touched her also.

“Sir, you have a very nice cock and very lovely and beautiful wife. ”

He said clearly and aloud. But my mother was in deep sleep. I felt happy and proud of having such a lovely lady with me. While drinking tea I moved my hand on her breast and squeezed softly.

“Thanks, yes she is very lovely. ”

She moaned softly and turned on her belly with face away from me. Now waiter was enjoying rear portion of my mother. I drank tea and he drank beauty of sleeping woman. I finished tea and gave empty cup to him. I told him to go out of room and bring another tea after an hour. I sat on bed and then my eyes moved on my mother turned wife. She was nude like me. There was no use of covering her now. Waiter has watched her nudity while I was in bathroom. He might have touched her also.

” sir, you have a very nice cock and very lovely and beautiful wife. ”

He said clearly and aloud. But my mother was in deep sleep. I felt happy and proud of having such a lovely lady with me. While drinking tea I moved my hand on her breast and squeezed softly.

” thanks, yes she is very lovely. ”

She moaned softly and turned on her belly with face away from me. Now waiter was enjoying rear portion of my mother. I drank tea and he drank beauty of sleeping woman. I finished tea and gave empty cup to him. I told him to go out of room and bring another tea after an hour.

“I will bring but please let me touch her once. ”

I got surprised at his boldness. Waiter was asking my permission to touch mother. I said ‘ No’ and told him to go out soon.

” Please sir, I will touch her feet only, nothing else, just once, I want to have feel of her skin..”

He was real bold and without waiting for my reply he walked to her and instead of touching feet he held lower calves , both and very slowly parted legs wide to wider. Now distance between her feet which was hardly one feet earlier became over 4 ft . He caressed both inner calves for few minute as if to check smoothness of skin and then he released her. But instead of going out he sat on floor between her wide parted legs. His eyes was in level of her cunt. It was very exciting. She was not moving and he kept focusing between her thighs, certainly on cunt which must have parted wide.

To subside my excitement I made another cup for me and began drinking. Without moving his eyes from where he was looking, he said..

” sir, very often I see nude women of different age group in rooms but your wife is special. Her skin are so smooth, she has so shapely thighs, lovely looking hips , nice tight looking boobs and tiny cunt having deep pink petals. She certainly is very less fucked. ”

I did not reply. He kept watching. I finished tea and told him that if she gets up, she will kill both of us. Then he got up and took cup from my hand.

” sir, she is worth at least 25 thousand an hour. ”

Telling this he went out of the room. I bolted door behind him and took his position on floor. Mother’s cunt has opened and upper inner parts was visible. My cock began to throb but I wanted to have taste of mother’s cunt.

I just slid over between her thighs and ran tongue on cunt slit. She moved. She pulled both knees under breasts. Hip was now raised up. I held hips tightly and began licking and sucking cunt. She also began to moan. After sometime she turned into doggy pose but I did not remove tongue from cunt. I pushed tongue inside, messed clit and chewed cunt petals. She was ecstatic. Afte sometime she began to moan loudly and shouted to push cock in. I fucked mother in doggy pose. I pumped hard and fast and before I discharge she collapsed and became flat . Cock came out of cunt. She turned, hugged me tightly kissed passionately.

” ohhhh dear I love you , I love your cock and I love your manliness. ”

She hugged me tightly and after kissing few times she walked to bathroom which was nearer to main door. She entered bathroom and heard call bell . I saw that bathroom door is closed. I opened door. It was same waiter. I let him come. He kept tea pots & cup on table and returned to go back. But before he could reach door mom came out of bathroom and both faced each other. Luckily or unluckily they did not collide. Distance between their body was hardly 6 ”

“please make tea for us. ”

Mom said may be to hide her embarrassment. He turned and she walked behind him. Instead of coming on bed she sat on sofa. I also sat beside her. He handed over tea cups to us. I took my cup but she kept it on side rest. She asked for drinking water. He gave her a glass of water.

” madam, you are very attractive, very sexy… ”

Mother – thanks.

Telling this she uncrossed her legs. She moved backward fully to make her back rest on sofa back rest. She began to drink water and handed empty glass to him.

Mother – I think you should not stay more with guests.

He blushed and went out of room.

Mother — uff Vinod, this was very good. I enjoyed early morning sex. It was so satisfying.

We remained nude and talked. At 8 we both entered bathroom to take bath. We washed each other and then started soaping. While soaping her hips I soaped her hips and fingered anus hole with soapy fingers. Though I had not fucked any of 8 females in ass I have finger fucked anus of all of them. Even it were very tight for finger. But here my middle finger moved easily and freely in anus.

” Divya, you enjoy fucking in back hole also.”

Mother – neither Kaka, nor your father ever tried to push cock in ass hole. It is virgin.

I believed her. I soaped it further and after few minutes of soaping I became very happy to find that not one but now two fingers are moving freely in anus. She commented,

‘ Vinod , I was of impression that it is very difficult to explore back hole but you are moving your fingers so freely . ”

She must have thought that I am thinking that she is a regular ass fucker. So she reassured me,

” beta believe me, no one ever inserted even a finger inside my asshole.”

I did not reply but pushed her down by pressing her back. She understood. She pushed hip backward, bend forward and held water pipe lines running inside bathroom. I held her tightly by her front waist and pressed cock . Initially it could not open gate . I pulled cock up and rubbed soap on tip & around it. I again soaped anus hole & around the opening. This time I did not press cock on hole but gave very hard push.

” ohhh maa, phut gaee.”

She screamed loudly. Her hips tightened. I saw that about one third of length of cock was lost in ass hole. I caressed hips and pushed cock up to entry and one after another gave three hard push. Entire length got inside. I remained still but continue to caress. After some time I observed relaxing of hip and her skin. I banged few time and then slapped hard on her hips.

” bitch, now crowl to sofa outside. / kutia , eise hee gaand mey lawda le kar bahar chal. ”

She did not object and like a bitch walked on her elbows and knees. But she kept hip pushed up so cock remained stuff in asshole. All along the way till sofa I kept slapping hips hard and both her fair hips turned red.

But, by the time she supported herself by holding sofa, cock has started moving freely in mother’s ass. I enjoyed my first ass fucking of life. But we got disturbed by a phone call. Without my telling mother again crawl to phone table. She only lifted and talked. It was from reception who said that breakfast time would get over in half an hour.

She hanged phone and said that though her cunt and ass is full her belly is empty. She said that she is very hungry. I increased speed and I came to point of ejaculation. I pulled out cock and turned her head toward me. She opened mouth and I pushed cock. I banged in mouth few times and began to ejaculate. I again called my mother a bitch and told her to drink cum.

She smilingly swallowed all cum.

” bitch never swallow dog’s cum. ”

She said and I kissed her passionately.

” but my this two legged bitch does. ” .

We took bath, dressed and came to restaurant. It was past 9. It being first day of training, we were advised to reach at centre by 9.30. I finished breakfast in haste. I advised Divya to take her breakfast comfortably.

Leaving her in restaurant I came out. Our training centre was hardly 5 km from hotel. Though I started from hotel at 9.15, due to heavy traffic jam I could reach at 9.45 only. Introductory session has already started, I registered myself and joined. When my turn came I also introduced myself. All had stated about their marital status, I also announced that I am unmarried. But later on repented because I was booked at hotel as married. But here I could not have lied as in registration form I was reported as unmarried.

Any way session started. There were 26 participants including 4 ladies in early 30s. Out of remaining 22 males, only 4 were of my age. 12 were in 30s and rest were over 40s. Most of them were north Indians or from Maharashtra.

During the day I called my mother twice during tea recess in the room, both the time she lifted phone promptly. When I asked her that why she is moaning, she laughingly said that she is watching blue movie in the room. Advising her to keep one CD of nice movie for our night fun I hanged phone down.

But whether really Divya was watching only videos or she herself was making blue films with someone !

Divya finished breakfast and returned to her room at around 9.45 morning. She has inquired and was told that lunch & dinner is not included with room tariff. So she already ordered for lunch at 1.30 noon. When she came to her room she saw same waiter waiting. She did not look at him and unlocked door.

“madam, I want to talk with you. “

She liked his ascent . she has heard him in morning also when he had said that she is so beautiful and sexy. She thought that this man is fascinated by her sexiness and desires to fuck her. Neither she looked back nor replied. She entered room and behind her he also came in.

“ don’t close door. “

She said boldly and sat on sofa. Any one passing off her room on corridor could have seen her seated and waiter standing before her.

“ madam did you see how each and every one even females in restaurant and around were staring at you. “

She – let them see, I am so ugly and badly dressed.

She has wore saari of white silky background with fine pink flower prints. Saari was very tightly clad around hip. She had low back, low cut sleeveless blouse. Shoulder strap of blouse was thin of about one inch only. Back strap of blouse was of less than 2 inch. One could see outline of black bra under thin cloth of blouse.

She had not tied hairs and these were flowing freely under fan wind. She had wore long ear rings and two rings in fingers, one each in each hand. Waiter was able to see naval point which was about 3 “ above saari and almost about same 3” below blouse. Belly was flat , waist was thin and smooth.

She – tell man, what you wanted to talk…

Waiter – when sir will return back ?

Hearing him she laughed loudly and her aanchal fell off her shoulder. Boobs became exposed but off course under tightly fitted bra and blouse. She composed herself..

She – you want to fuck me..how long you can fuck…6,7,8 hours…

She again laughed freely and waiter became assured that no other lady can be so sexy like this…

She – don’t worry, he will not come before 6.30 evening may be even late ..but why you are asking ?

Waiter – it will so boring for you to stay all alone in the room. How much TV you can watch …you will get bored…soon…

She – so what should I do ? should I fuck around . should I go to each room and tell them to fuck me as I am alone whole day..

Waiter became happy to know that lady is not only beautiful and sexy but very bold also. But before he could say any thing, she added..

She – but don’t worry, my husband is a very good fucker…he satisfies me every time ..i don’t need any one even you also…now go, let me rest…

Waiter took deep breath. He gathered courage and spoke out…

Waiter – madam how much you may try to remain chaste, men around you will not allow women like you to remain a one man woman..and you certainly is not a one man woman.

In morning this man has seen her nude with husband. He had appreciated her boldly. And now as time was passing her liking for this man, a waiter was increasing. What he said that she was not a one man woman was correct. She wanted him to stay longer with her in room. But he moved. She thought that he is going out of room. She felt bad but soon smile came on her face. Man has pushed door shut and returned back to her.

She – when you can say that I am not an one man woman then guess , how many have fucked me so far…

Waiter sat beside her on three seater and boldly pressed thighs.

Waiter – I am sure, so far not many , may be one or two beside your husband have fucked you….

She really was very much impressed by his observation.

She – you are very right. So far beside husband only one man has fucked me.

She looked deeply in his eyes.

“ are you desiring to fuck me ?”

Then some thought came to her mind. Unlike morning, this waiter was now in civil dress. He was wearing jeans and pink t-shirt. She could measure his arm and chest muscle with eyes. This waiter was more muscular than Vinod and looking stronger also. Though he was not handsome or fair like Vinod, he was looking more sexier.

Her cunt started getting wet for cock of this man.

“why you are wearing civil dress, are you not on duty ?…”

He informed her that this week he is in night shift from 8 night to 8 morning. He said that seeing her checking in hotel previous day he fell for her and decided to be friendly. Though his duty was on other wing, he exchanged place with waiter of this wing.

Waiter – now till next Sunday morning I am at your service and then Monday onward someone else will come.

She promptly replied,

“no, till I am here in hotel, you are only serving morning tea to me. None of other waiter should see me nude in morning. I always sleep nude and I want you only to watch me nude. “

He put one hand across her shoulder and with other hand he pressed boobs.

Waiter – ok, I will try to manage that. I also want to start my day with watching lovely cunt of a most sexy lady.

He squeezed boobs freely, took a deep and passionate kiss.

Waiter – madam, I have few customers for you, please fuck with them.. .

She immediately pushed him away and slapped him very hard.

“bastard get out, never show me your face again…I am not a prostitute, ”

Her face has reddened due to anger. Her boobs were heaving up and down angrily…

But he hugged her tightly and straightway pushed one hand under saari and palmed cunt. Simultaneously he kept kissing her till her body began showing sign of relaxation. After a couple of minute. She crossed his neck with both hands and responded kiss..

“ you are a bastard, mother fucker..”

Waiter- madam , maximum amount a prostitute can get is Rs five thousand but you are going to get minimum 25000/- per hour…enjoy with them, have fun, earn money and be ready for Sir’s cock in night… neither he will ever know nor you will be defamed. Believe me..

He again held her tightly and while kissing pressed boobs nicely. He kept his one hand around waist .

Waiter – be ready for your first client…do little makeup, i am coming back with him in 10 minutes.

He went out and she dumped herself on sofa…

“uff my God, how persuasive is he ? “

She drank a glass of water. She cooled down and after some time she got up. She shouted,

“ kutia, beta se chudwaee to randi se badtar ho gaee..chal ab sach kee randi bun_ja. “

She spoke that after having fucked with son she has degraded herself to much lower level than a prostitutes , so now become a real randi .

She piss, did light make up. She sat on bed and waiter entered room with a man , a ordinary looking man but young, may be in mid 30s. She stood up.

Waiter – madam, this is Mr Ravi, a senior govt official.

She extended her hand and man held her that hand with both hands.

“madam, you are a real gem.” Divya understood that man liked her. She smiled and moved close to him. He held her shoulders and kissed her.

Waiter – Sir, first…

He looked at waiter and from his bag took out few bundles and gave to her. But waiter took and counted. It was 25000/-. He pushed money inside table drawer.

Waiter – sir, it is 10.15..please enjoy her and leave in one hour.

Divya – but please remember , Mr Ravi is my first and last customer. I need some money that’s why I am going to open my thighs for a man other than husband..please don’t bring any one else.

Waiter – ok madam, I will not insist ..

Telling this he went out pulling door shut. It has auto lock system. She did not ask any thing but she replied all his question..her reply were mostly fake . she said that she is wife of an executive of municipal corporation of a big city.

Customer – madam, I am really fortunate to become your first customer..but don’t take it to your heart…these days most of house wives are doing this to have fun and earn some extra money…

While talking she undressed him fully. Cock was semi limped. She pushed him flat on bed and sitting between his leg she undressed herself..she began with kissing, caressing from tip to toe and then when she started massage of his body by boobs..man began to moan…and when she massaged cock by taking between her boobs he could not control and ejaculated. She looked at time. It was only 10.35.

Man sat up and pulled her on him. Then he kissed , fondled. He turned her on belly and without penetrating jumped over her. She then pushed him down and turned over her in 69. While thumping cunt on him she began licking and sucking cock. She fondled balls, sucked balls. Man did not touch cunt by tongue but he kept fondling and caressing. When cock tightened she fucked him from top. Finally, he pulled her down and fucked her till he ejaculated.

Both hugged and kissed a lot and when heat subsided she asked that when he can get much younger, school college girls at much cheaper rate then why they spend so much on a already fucked women..

Man kissed her passionately. He understood that this lady is not a regular prostitute but having occasional sex more for fun. He pulled her on his lap and while caressing her said that,

“ girls may be young but they cant do and give pleasure like she has given beside they are just an ordinary girl where as she is a housewife and wife of a reputed person. He further said irrespective of their beauty that price of female of family of IAS officers, police officers will be even more.

Man – darling, men don’t pay price on the basis of age of female but we pay according to the status of women in the society. Price of a decent housewife that also wife of any reputed man is highest.

She – and what you will pay for fuck with a widow, widow of a rich man…

Man – may be double than what I paid you, but she should be young like you.

She watched man getting dressed. Then again he kissed her, took another few notes of thousands and gave her.

Man – darling you are much better than what he (waiter) said… unlike most of call girls you are very co-operative and responsive.

He looked in her eyes and added,

“ I wonder that how come you are not fucked much..you are not virgin but almost like a virgin..you are very tight…”

Telling that he will come again he went out and soon after waiter entered room.

Waiter – how was he ?

She – better than what I expected. But when you will take me.

He pushed her smilingly.

“get dressed well, dry cunt, do some make up, next one is coming in ten minutes. “

This time she did not scold him for bringing another customer.

He palmed cunt, kissed lips and went out. When he returned with a elderly man she was ready.

He also happily paid 25000/- and she repeated same what she did with first. But this man was having more stamina. At fag end of second round phone ranged. She lifted phone. It was her son cum husband..but exactly at same time man pushed hard few times and she moaned loud which Vinod heard.

Vinod- dear, what happened, are you in pain

She – no dear, I am watching a blue film and with every stroke of black man in that lady I moan…ahhhh…slow….

Vinod laughed so the man fucking her. He gave harder thrust..She made face to him…

“uff I want that black man fucking white girl in my cunt…ahhhh so..nice…”

Vinod- keep one CD of nice movie, for our fun in night….

She —-sure….ahhhhh…no…so..hard…..ufff…

And she cut line.

Man – who was he, your husband …

She jerked hip and nodded…

“he must be thinking that black man is fucking me only…ohh my God you are so strong…”

One hour passed and she saw waiter standing beside her. She signalled him not to disturb and she herself began caressing the fucking man so tight and fast that he discharged in another 2-3 minutes….

Man grunted and collapsed on her….

“Darling, you are the best…”

She – and you are the strongest man I ever met..thank you sir…

In another 10 minutes, third man was with her…after third one went out she called for lunch and told waiter to give her rest for an hour. He agreed. And after lunch she started at 2.30 and by 5.30 , three more persons came and went. She had six men on first day. .

When waiter entered room she was nude.

“Till morning I had only two cocks in my cunt and you made me fuck with six men in one day. “

Waiter – my commission of the day…

She – how much ?

Waiter – our normal comm. Is 10 % but from you I will take only one thousand per person. So six thousand only.

She – it is my hard earned money, I will not give you a single penny.

Telling this she jumped down bed. She sat on knee in front of waiter. She unzipped and pulled down jeans along with panty. His cock was not yet ready.

She held cock tightly in her hands and looked up…

“you mother fucker, you are having such a nice cock, longest and thickest of all I had so far and you get me fucked with others. I will chew it fully. “

And she began giving blow job, cock tightened, it was over 8 inch and having thickness of over 4 inch…just few minutes have passed and waiter began to moan.. he grabbed her hairs and closed eyes.

As time passed his moans became louder and louder. He wanted to pull out but she has pushed his hips tightly on her face. Tip was touching entry of throat.. she used all techniques what she had learned long long ago from daughters of kaka while sucking kaka…

Waiter discharged but she did not release cock, she kept sucking and again cock tightened…he discharged again but she did not release still . but when he discharged third time, he used his full power and pushed her away…

He slumped down on sofa…..

She stood up smilingly and pulled his mouth on cunt…

But he pushed her away and put head on her feet….

“madam, not any more…see..it is 6.35..you kept cock for over one hour and made me discharge thrice…how you could do it….no one ever sucked me for over 20 minutes…you have drained me out…”

She pulled him up.

“Darling , I love you, I am at your service…sell me as much you want…take all my money I earned today or will earn in future….but keep loving me….”

Waiter hugged her and both talked. They dressed , he washed her face, combed hair and desired to fuck her in presence of husband…

She- yes, I also want you to humiliate him as much you can, you can also fuck him in ass but not so soon…you increase level of his humiliation day by day..

Then she told him to fondle her as much he can every morning in presence of husband.

“I will pretend to sleep, I will not open my eyes. “

Both fine tuned their action plan. While he opened door to step out she shouted,

“I will not take any man unless you fuck me first everyday…”

Waiter became happy to hear her that she is ready to fuck around. He was not much bothered for his commission. He received three thousand from each customer who fucked Divya beside priceless cock sucking pleasure.

Soon after he left Vinod came to room. He did not doubt anything. Waiter has already changed spoiled bed sheet, pillow covers before going out. Divya has shifted all money she earned in her suitcase. All six has given her handsome tip beside regular payment.

After an hour both went out. Strolled around, he bought some fancy dresses like chania choli, skirt blouse, frocks for her. She did not object . she also purchased few dresses for him and few extra also (for waiter).

They returned back to hotel after having dinner. They had regular sex but unlike last night Vinod spent more time on oral pleasure to mother than penetration. She wanted such oral which none of the customer gave. They slept peacefully.


Again Vinod woke up at sound of callbell. He opened door and it was same waiter. He came in and switched on light. He looked at Divya and made tea for Vinod.

Waiter – Sir, see how much peace and satisfaction she is having on her face. Her skin is shining and such things come only when she get good and satisfying fuck every night…she is certainly very much satisfied with your love and cock.

This morning he did not seek permission. She was on her side facing Vinod. Her one leg was straight where as other leg (upper one ) was bend at knee and pushed forward. Waiter can easily see cunt. He bend towards her and freely moved hand on inner thighs..

“Uff such a soft and silky skin.”

He commented and kept moving hand on upper inner thighs. But Vinod observed that he has not touched cunt. He caressed thighs for about 6-7 minutes and went out taking empty cup and pots.

Vinod – please bring tea after an hour.

Vinod heard sound of door getting shut and he very carefully made Divya straight. He started sucking and licking cunt and Divya moaned…

“Ufff Vinod..so nice..keep doing….”

After about half an hour of licking, sucking, chewing of cunt lips, clits and some finger fuck Vinod penetrated cock and fucked for about 15-16 minutes. He discharged cum in cunt. They remained hugged and then they heard call bell.

She went to bathroom and Vinod opened door. Same waiter with tea. He saw cock drenched with juice…

“Sir, you are very fortunate to start day with a nice fuck of such a beautiful and sexy lady. “

Hearing waiter’s voice Divya came out of bathroom and smiled at him.

She – Sir is lucky or not that he should decide but you are certainly very lucky to have full view of woman’s nudity first thing in morning..

She again sat on sofa with crossed legs..

She – I don’t know why, but I can’t get sleep with clothes on…please make tea for me…

He made tea and gave a cup to Vinod who sat on single seater. He gave a glass of water to Divya. While she drank water , he very boldly uncrossed her legs. He held knees and parted it wide.

Waiter – please move your hip forward.

He took empty glass from her hand. Divya blushed to hear him and looked at Vinod. He just smiled. But she did not move forward as waiter said.

Waiter – when I have already seen , let me have full view of most beautiful cunt of the world.

Saying this he pulled her by holding knees and parted knees wider. Now cunt’s full view was in front . both men can see slit and clit clearly. He gave tea cup to Divya and softly touched clit.

Waiter – why don’t you keep it clean shaved…

Vinod’s cock began to throb seeing waiter touching cunt. She caressed her very small pubic hairs and said that she like hairs on it.

She- small and trimmed hairs on cunt make it more sexy, I like it this way…are you married ?

Waiter – I was married but she divorced me few years back…

She – why ?

Waiter again caressed cunt and kept caressing inner thighs ..

Waiter – she always complained that my cock is very long and thick and it troubles her cunt every time I fuck her…

He moved finger on slit…

She – is your that is bigger and thicker than my husband’s cock…see how much it is eager to go inside .

Waiter blushed and went out of room.. she thought that husband will get angry that he touched cunt and she did not resist. But Vinod began fisting of cock.

She – what type of man you are? He touched me, touched cunt and instead of scolding him you made your cock throb…

Vinod – let him be happy .. after all he is a divorcee…where can he see such a nice woman and nice cunt…come sit on me….

She – I think, you will enjoy if he or someone else push cock in this cunt… It was Tuesday morning. Vinod watched mother Divya seated nude in presence of waiter who had fondled clit but he did not object. After waiter left Divya scolded son that he will enjoy if someone will fuck her in his presence.

Vinod heard & smiled. He was hot and turned mother in doggy pose. Then he fucked in cunt for sometime and then penetrated in ass. She moaned and expressed satisfaction. Afterwards they took bath together and went for breakfast. Thereafter he went straightway to his training and by 9.30 she was back in room. Waiter came in immediately after.

Waiter – should I send first customer now ?.

Moment he finished sentence she pulled him down on bed by pulling his collar.

“ you mother fucker…unless you fuck me every morning first, I am not going to take any customer. “

Telling this she began kissing and simultaneously undressing him. She smiled to see cock throbbing. Waiter turned her down on bed, he did not undress her but just pulled her saari & petticoat up above waist and penetrated hard…

“ yes raja, deep…. inside …. yes …. harder …..”

She moaned and hugged him tightly.

“ yes… this .. is.. the… fuck… I want…… tear me apart …. more… deeper…. deep…”

His over 8” long cock kept ramming her hard and fast . She kept moaning and enjoyed. Man fucked her silently with his full strength…and ejaculated…

“ uff darling, it was much better than all your customers…you are good, very good…”

Waiter – and madam, you are the best…from tomorrow your price is doubled.

Divya became happy hearing him when he said that she and her body gives feel of fucking a very young, almost a virgin girl.

Both remained glued for some time and then man got down. He began to dress.

She – Manoher, I want you to finger me, fuck me in presence of him. Fuck me tomorrow in presence of him and humiliate him as much as you can, fuck him also….

Waiter – why you want to humiliate him, he seems to love you a lot…

She – because, I don’t like a man who wants to see and enjoy his woman being fondled by other man…he wants me to fuck with you, with others also that also in his presence, beside I liked you, I liked your cock.

He kissed her and telling her to get ready for first customer of the day, he went out. She pissed, did some make up and waited.

Waiter came with a man in early 30s. Like previous day she had three customers one after another till one noon. Vinod again called while second customer was over her. She replied in similar way.

After 3rd customer left waiter came in to tell that next customer will come at after one hour at 2. Telling this he left. But unlike previous day she did not dress up. She remained nude and opened door for service boy who had come with lunch for her. He was another waiter, younger than Manohar. He was in early 20s, of same age like Vinod, stout with broad shoulder, dark with curly hair. He gave a casual glance on her nude body. He put plates on centre table and without speaking a word went out of room.

She felt insulted that waiter ignored her beauty, her nudity. She was expecting that he will try to touch her but he went out without speaking a word. She vowed to take him between her thighs.

“ matherchod, dekhen tu kab tak nahi chodega…!”

She remain nude and finished meal. It was 1.30 and next customer was to come at after 2.00 noon. She kept one leg straight on sofa and other she pushed down at floor. She closed eyes to relax. She opened eyes with a jerk on hearing male voice,

“ madam, my mother says that women must not ever remain undressed even in dark.”

She smiled and pulled him near.

“ and why she say so ? “

It was same waiter who served her lunch and went out without speaking a word. Now he was looking straight at her.

Waiter – mother says that women’s body is most precious and she must not let anyone see her lovely figure.

She – you liked me , my body ?

Waiter looked at his left and right and looking down replied,

“You are first woman I have seen like this. You have very beautiful figure.”

She – how many you have fucked before.

He looked blankly at her. She clarified,

“ I mean in how many cunts ( she pulled cunt lips wide apart) you have pushed your cock ( she caressed cock over trouser). “

She felt bulge and tightness. Waiter blushed. His face darkened and again looked down.

“ madam, I have told you, you are the first one I am seeing like this. “

“Don’t lie.”

Telling this she pulled him further and crossed her legs around him. He kept looking at her and she unbuttoned trouser, pushed it down and pushed underwear down.

“ oh my God, what is this..”

She shouted and held rock tight cock in her two hands.

“ what is your name ? “

“ Krishna “. He replied in low voice.

She – Krishna, I have seen and fondled few cocks but never had such a thick cock , I could never imagine that cock can be thicker than my wrist…. How it can go inside a cunt, even inside a thoroughly fucked cunt like mine. Let me try it. “

Telling this she laid on flat on sofa with one leg pushed down on floor. She pulled him over her. She positioned cock tip on cunt hole.

“ Krishna thrust it hard very hard inside. “

Krishna was extremely excited but he has some reservation also.

“Madam , mother has told me that no man should touch any woman before marriage “

She – fuck your mother, she has not seen your cock that’s why she told you so, thrust it hard inside cunt with your full power.

She jerked hip upward and as a reflex action Krishna also jerked….

“ ohhhh maa …. marr …… gaeeeee …. ahhhhh …….. bur …….. phut …. gayaa …”

In fact she felt as if getting fucked for first time. Sweat drops came on her face but having got first taste of blood , first taste of cunt…Krishna kept on thrusting again and again till root of cock touched surface of pubic area ….

“ ohhhh Krishna you killed me, tore my cunt apart….. my God, I never had such experience before.”

She said and by holding him tightly in her arms and legs she kissed and caressed him.

“ now as cock has gone fully inside, pump me keeping cock inside cunt. You can hold my shoulders or these boobs as you feel nice.”

She understood that it is his first fuck, she is his first woman and she felt proud of this. “

First few minutes he thrust hesitantly but then he started pumping her with his full power. He was holding both shoulders tightly.

“ madam, it is very nice, very pleasing …..”

She was feeling the impact of thick cock. Though Krishna was of same age or even one two year younger than her son Vinod, she could differentiate the strength and power. Krishna’s strokes were much more powerful than not only Vinod but of all other men she had in two days.

“ ohhhh Krishna, it is too good, ahhhhh …you are best……go home and tell your mother that you have made a madam your slave, she will also open cunt for you….show your cock to her, your sisters , all will take you inside like I have taken. Ahhhh…it is so much pleasing…..”

That time phone rang. Without getting disturbed she lifted phone and said ,

“ hello”

( )

“ no dear, he went out immediately after keeping my lunch in room…..I am still having my lunch, it is too tasty…so delicious…..”

She hanged phone. Call was from reception looking for Krishna…..

Both kept fucking till they heard a male voice,

“ madam, it is already past 2, time for your customer…..”

Both looked up. It was first waiter Manohar. “

She —- ohhhh Manohar, this Krishna is very good like you, I liked your long cock and Krishna’s thick cock…. And he is also fucking like you…very nice….

Seeing and on hearing both Manohar and lady , Krishna increased speed and began to ejaculate. Manohar saw that like in morning, both hugged, kissed and caressed each other. Krishna got down.

Krishna – thank you madam, I don’t think that any one else can give me so much pleasure.

Manohar patted other waiter.

Manohar – yes Krishna, madam is best…. You are lucky to have her but please don’t talk about madam to anyone else otherwise I will complain that you have tried to rape madam…

She – I am sure , none of you two will defame me and my body , my cunt is always open for you two….anytime you can come and fuck me…..and Krishna after your duty gets over meet me before you go home.

First waiter understood that lady wants Krishna again.

She arranged bedsheets , did some make up and told Manohar to send customer. She had another three customers. That day Divya had 8 new cocks in her cunt. She was satisfied as never before.

Vinod returned back at 6.30 evening. He wanted Divya to accompany him to market but she declined. Vinod went out alone. Krishna entered room at few minute passed 8 of night.

Before she should say a word or express her pleasure Krishna hugged her tightly and kissed passionately. She surrendered fully. He lifted her and put on bed. Within minutes he undressed her first and then he became nude. Starting from lips, he kissed cheeks , eyes, neck and breasts. Then while massaging boobs he kissed belly and moved tongued to pubic area.

Soon he succeeded in making lady ecstatic. He sucked and licked inner and outer pores of cunt, sucked clits and she began to moan loudly.

“ fuckme,Krishna….ahhhh…so….nice…..you.are…best…..more…..yes….fuck…me..push…cock…..

And after about 15 minutes of oral pleasure Krishna penetrated and lady did not stop moaning for a second… When Krishna finally pulled cock out after ejaculation Divya looked at time ,it was 9.30. She smiled with thought that he fucked, kept penetrated for about 45 minutes, longest fuck she had so far.

“ Krishna, stay with me tonight, every night till I am here.”

She hugged him and kissed him passionately.

Krishna – madam, I also want but not tonight. If I don’t go home my mother and sisters will get very much worried but from tomorrow night I will be at your service.

She remained flat and Krishna went out. She ordered for dinner and waited. After sometime she opened door for room service and it was another waiter, third waiter. She signalled him to come in. This waiter was an elderly man.

Waiter – Madam, it seems some one has fucked you just now and went out leaving you alone.

She – yes, you are right…he fucked me so hard, made me so much tired that I did not have energy left to even dress.

Waiter – I am very fortunate to see your beauty, you are very very beautiful and sexy and…..

He served meal and started eating.

She —- and what …….

Waiter – And your boobs are very lovely, so perfectly round, tight looking and attractive…may I …

She – may I what….what you want..?

Waiter — will you permit me to fondle these lovely melon….in fact I can give you a very soothing boobs massage….

She smiled and thought that she is destined to get fucked by all waiters of this hotel. She kept eating and squeezed one breast.

She remained quite but not that waiter. He did not bolt door and stood behind her. She continued eating and she felt his hands on her shoulder. She just smiled and waited. His hands gave soft massage on both shoulders, he pressed and pinched at nerves and she felt nice. He kept doing it for 4-5 minutes and then his hands slipped down. She looked at his hands which has started massaging top mounds of boobs. She could feel that this was not lustful squeezing of boobs but a professional massage and caressing.

She slowed down eating and enjoyed massage of boobs by elderly man. Had her husband would have alive, he would have been of age of this waiter. She began enjoying with eyes closed. Waiter massaged boobs from all sides, bottom, front..he massaged nipples and she experienced pleasure which she never experienced in pressing of cocks by others.

She moaned. She somehow finished eating. She was going to tell him to lift her to bed and fuck her. But at that time Vinod, son entered room. He turned and bolted door from inside. Then he saw a waiter fondling / massaging boobs. He came forward and without telling a word sat on sofa kept in front. He did not say a word. Waiter continued massaging and then keeping one hand on breast he pushed other hand down on her belly and finally it reached on pubic area. He caressed and softly pressed cunt.

Waiter – madam, your this pubic area and cunt is very tensed, it needs to be softened. Please don’t bolt door , I will come to softened it.

Vinod saw that waiter kept one hand on cunt and with other hand he lifted her chin and turned it towards him. He bend and kissed both cheeks and lips. He bend furthe and sucked both nipples one by one but all along he kept palming cunt.

“ I will come soon. “

Telling this he lifted all plates and went out.

She – So where you had been, fucked any other randi / pros.

Vinod — yes, one of the other trainee took me to a private house and we both fucked a teen but she was not liked you.

He got up and grabbed boobs of mother from behind like waiter did.

“ it seems, this waiter has fucked you..!”

She – not yet, he wanted but I told him to come after few hours and fuck me in presence of him.

She lied to him but son became very happy to hear mother.

“ ohh mom, it will be so nice to see you, my mother getting fucked by other.”

Hearing son, Divya developed a great hatred for son, Vinod.

Vinod returned back to hotel room at around 10 of night and saw his mother having dinner. She was nude and another waiter ( third one ) was massaging boobs with one hand and with other hand palming and caressing cunt. Waiter boldly fondled her and telling that he will come back soon he went out with empty plates and containers.

While sleeping Vinod enquired whether this waiter has fucked her ? She replied ‘No’ and said that he may come in night to fuck her.

She – how was your girl ? Certainly better than me ?

Son – she was young, very young and very responsive and cooperative.

Though he did not say that girl was better than her Mother got jealous but remain quite. She waited for son to start fondling and fuck her but he turned other side. She felt bad. She thought that now son has lost interest in mother, an old lady as compared to young girl whom he fucked in evening.

She did not get up to switch off light and closed eyes. Soon both slept.

Her sleep broke with feel of heaviness on body. She thought that son has come over her. She crossed her hands and legs across him and whispered,

“ pahle kyo nahi choda ?”

She enquired that why he did not fuck her before. She heard reply,

“ rani, I don’t like quiky, I enjoy my women in relaxed mood and having sufficient time in hand. “

She heard and opened eyes. She knew that it was not her son. She smiled to see the man riding her. It was same waiter who fondled her while she was taking dinner. She pushed one hand between two body and grabbed his cock which already has full tightness.

“ if you want to fuck me,love me then you will have to do what I say. “

Man kissed her and while caressing lips he nodded.

“ madam, I have never seen any lady charming than you. I will do anything you say, I will even kill your husband to love you. “

She responded his kiss and tightened her grips over her.

‘ I don’t want you to kill him but I just want you to fuck him in mouth and asshole.”

She gave reasons for her hatred,
“ I don’t like man who desires his women to get fucked with other that also in his presence. “

She caressed his back and hip. She enquired whether he is also a cuckold, likes to watch his women fucking with other. He replied that he has fucked each and every female of family.

“ madam, my first woman was wife of my eldest brother while I was very young. She reported about my fuck to my mother and my mother became my second women and thereafter I was getting one or other woman every night on my bed. Madam, you may not belief, I broke virginity of 7 of family female including my first women, wives of other three brothers, my two sister and my daughter. “

She did not show any interest in his women.

She – this is not reply to my question. I asked whether you also enjoy watching your women fucking with others.

Then what he whispered she could not believe.

“ except that I have not seen any of my women fucking with others. “

She – then why you watch them doing that, that must be very disgusting to watch.

He acted, opened her grips and pressed cock in cunt. She jerked and he gave few jerks continuously one after other….

“ ohhhhh man…you are real good…. ahhhhh…I enjoyed it….more….deep…deeper..”

He kept giving more such thrust and finally root of cock touched surface of pubic area.

Waiter – madam, I watch them doing that because of payment, very good payment…would you like to try once…she will pay you even more for giving fuck show with Rocky and Zimmy.

She jerked hip to absorb his powerful thrust.

She – I don’t know… I have heard about that but never seen any. I would certainly like to see one and then may be I may also do…but now you do what you are doing…what is the size….?

She hugged him tightly and enquired about size of his rod/cock. She felt like filled never before not even by thick cock of that young waiter Krishna.

Waiter – you are really very very good..not only in look, your figure but pleasure what your inner flesh is giving is really best…even hotter and slippery than cunt of my young unmarried daughter.

She became happy hearing him and enjoyed powerful thrust and fast pumping.

She – I would like to watch your wife and daughter performing. What’s your name and age ?

Waiter nodded and replied. He said that his name is Gopal and he is 43. He also said that his youngest daughter is just 19. They have found a good match for her but she don’t want to marry. She just want to sleep with father and those two specials.

She could know why a young girl does not want to sleep with any other man. In last two days she was fucked by 15 men but she never felt so much filled and tight. She jerked hip up.

Waiter – only 8.5 inch long and 2.6” of diameter….

And words came automatically from her mouth.

“ yours is certainly longer than of Manohar and thicker than of Krishna.”

This waiter knew those two very well. He said that Manohar is really very good with high society women but he expressed surprise that she could get Krishna fuck her.

Waiter – Manohar is very good with women like you, I am not. Had I not seen you nude I would not have touched you. But how come you got Krishna. He is so shy and timid. He is mamma’s boy.

She told him everything from beginning. She also told him that Manohar bringing customer for her and last two days she has taken 12 such customers. She also told him that her husband does not know that she is selling her body but he is enjoying waiters having fun with her body and telling him to fuck with them.

She – in two days you are 15th cock in my cock and undoubtedly you are the best. I want you inside me every night like this.

Then both fucked and enjoyed silently for some time. Divya could knew that this fuck is going to be longest in her life. She was very much excited and Gopal was looking so much relaxed.

Gopal – then madam, I will take you to meet my madam. She will certainly like you and get you much more than Manohar is giving you…you are gem of a lady.

He told her that tomorrow morning at 10 he will take her to that lady for whom women of his house works and performs. But Divya said that as Manohar might already had arranged customers for tomorrow for her so she can’t go.

She – not tomorrow but day after I will come with you and spend time with your family.

And waiter made her ecstatic with his continuous fast strokes, she began to moan loudly. His strokes were so hard and fast that that heavy double bed began to shake and Vinod woke up. He heard moans of both and sat up. He began watching live fuck of mother with night waiter. She saw and smiled…..

“So, now you are happy, watching mother getting fucked by a waiter…ohhh darling he is so good….I have become his slave…..ahhhh Gopal tear me apart, fuck me….fuck me deep, kill me…”

Son’s cock began to throb and he began caressing thighs and boobs of mother…..”

Few more minutes passed…..

“ Gopal dear….I will die…. ahhhh…I am..coming… ahhhh… ahhhhh..

She tightened her grips on him and then loosened completely. Gopal gave another 10-15 pumps and pulled out. Before Vinod could understand he pinned him down and pushed drenched cock in his mouth. Gopal sat on his chest and began pumping…..

“ son, enjoy taste of your mother’s cunt… nothing can be more tastier….. suck it you dog…”

Divya watched with crooked smile but son did not see. He was finding it difficult to keep so thick and long cock and to balance he held cock at root. Gopal continue banging in mouth and after sometime Divya saw her son caressing balls and inner thighs of man. She sat up and began fisting cock of son. With speed of cock in mouth her fisting speed also increased and after few minutes both cock began to discharge. Gopal’s cock in mouth of Vinod and Vinod’s cock in her hand.

“ Vinod, this man has fucked me for 40 minutes and fucked you for another 15 minutes…he is best..you must learn from him about how to retain so long….”

After another couple of minute Gopal pulled cock out and both saw thick cum on his tongue. He wanted to spit it out but Gopal kept his shoulders pinned down.

“ son like your mother sucks your cum and remain young and hot you also start swallowing cum of healthy cocks like this and your cock can also remain tight in cunt for longer time. “

Divya watched and she smiled when Vinod made faces but had to swallow all cum which she desired to swallow.

She lie -down.

“ Gopal, rest for some time and feed me again before you go before Manohar comes with morning tea at six. He must not see you on my bed. “

She told waiter to teach her husband about how to keep his women more happy. Gopal laid down between two and turned towards Vinod. Vinod kept resisting but Gopal began kissing and caressing simultaneously. After few minutes Vinod’s resistance became weak and he surrendered. She saw that now both are fondling and caressing each other and she heard Gopal.

“ Saab, you make me happy and then you can fuck my 18 year young beautiful daughter…she will make you mad….”

This offer was very tempting for Vinod and soon Gopal rode over him…he caressed hips and back of Vinod.

“ madam, hip of your son is more sexy and tight than your and even my daughter’s hip. “

She saw Gopal pressing cock between hips. She got afraid seeing that Gopal is trying to penetrate without any lubrication. But she remained quite.

“ madam, so far I have not fucked any ass, but your son’s hip and body is so tempting that I can’t resist. “

Telling this he gave a very strong thrust. Though he trust in asshole of Vinod, she felt pain.

“ nahi, nahi…no..no ….it..is paining ….no …. no ….pull out ….”

Vinod cried loudly and looked at mother in desperation. She saw tears but did not tell anything.

After death of husband she got many offer but she controlled and took challenge of bringing up son. She succeeded. He performed good, got good job. Other hand she remained alone without any man for 12 years. She did not want any cock but this bastard spoiled her, fucked mother. Not only fucked, he did not protest or complained when he saw waiter fondling her. Instead he desired mother to fuck with waiters.

Gopal was giving continuous hard thrust. Divya was really impressed by Gopal’s interest. He reminded her of her first man whose cock she has sucked daily for few months, she watched Kaka fucking her two unmarried daughters and fondling her fully…

Finally entire cock has gone inside ass and Vinod now silent under Gopal. She moved up and while caressing son’s body she kissed him.

“ I think, you will certainly enjoy a real man’s cock inside you…then you fuck me and let him train you…”

Then for about 20 minutes Gopal fucked in ass. Vinod’s facial expression changed and anyone could have said that he was enjoying…

He said so, began to moan like Divya was moaning….

“ yes Gopal, nice… very nice….hard… fast…. deeper….. fuck… me….. fuck.. me…”

Divya smiled. Same cock has fucked mother and son. She thought of getting son fucked by other two waiters and also by his own friends back at home.

Divya saw that Gopal slowed down and began kissing back and neck of Vinod. He kept cock pressed in ass and then in a jerk he pulled it out. Divya opened mouth to gulp that cock from asshole but Gopal turned Vinod on his back and again pushed cock in his mouth. This time Vinod began to suck and fondle cock which came out of his own asshole. Both mother and waiter understood that Vinod is basically a gay.

While Vinod kept sucking cock drenched with materials from his own ass hole and cum Gopal bend and kept kissing mother of Vinod.

After few m insures again they saw Vinod swallowing cum second time in one hour.

Gopal – Sir, it seems you have enjoyed cock in ass and mouth before.
He said and simultaneously fondled boobs of lady. Vinod looked at mother and took vow that it was his first experience. He said that though for sometime he enjoyed but overall he did not like it and would not get ass fucked again. But he appreciated waiter.

Vinod – but I certainly like your thick cock and taste of your cum, taste is similar like juice of my wife’s ( mother) juice of her cunt….

He requested him.

“ whenever you say, I will suck your cock but please don’t fuck me again. I am not a gay.

Gopal heard and looked at lady. She nodded..

Gopal – I promise I will never push my cock in your ass but you should permit me to fuck your mother as and when I wish.

Vinod sat up and pushed his semi limped cock in mother’s mouth. She did not resist and held cock by root.

Vinod – off course any time, if you wish you can fuck her in ass also, I daily penetrate her in ass.

He also offered his mother to friends of Gopal.

“ if you think, she is good enough you can have her for your friends and relatives and also give her to other waiters and staff of this hotel.

He fondled boobs along with Gopal.

“ I observed that she enjoyed with you a lot, much more than she enjoys with me so she certainly would like other cocks also.

Divya heard and got angry. But controlled. She pushed cock away and she will fuck with men she likes and not with men recommended by him or other.

She looked at time. It was past 3 of night. So she proposed to sleep but requested Gopal to satisfy her once again before he goes out. Divya remained sandwiched but not Gopal, son only penetrated her and for first time mother got fucked by son in presence of other man. Gopal developed a doubt and so he said.

“ sir, madam please excuse me. I doubt that you two are not mother and son….though I will not tell to any. “

He caressed both and said that though sir is of 23-24 of age, you madam is not less than 30. Gopal also failed to say her correct age of 35.

Both mother and son looked at each other. Divya pressed cock of waiter and said that he is right. They are not husband and wife but she is youngest sister of his mother and her age is 32.

“ Gopal, you are right. I am 32 and youngest sister of your sir’s mother. He is fucking me for 4-5 years and I also love him a lot. Every one in family, my husband also knows that Vinod is my husband. “

Vinod smiled at mother’s lie and continue to bang, by the time Vinod pulled out and pressed cock in mother’s mouth Gopal was ready and immediately after he alsohipenetrated Divya straight. He again fucked her for longer time. And Divya told him to fill cunt this time. Gopal pumped and filled cunt of lady.
Later he dressed and after kissing both he went out of room. Divya got up and ensuring that door is not locked she came and laid beside Vinod. She hugged her tightly and closed eyes. It was past 5 of early morning.

None of two woke up when Manohar came with early morning tea. He went back and again came at 7. Both were still asleep. He kept tea aside and began licking and sucking cunt. Divya opened eyes and smiling seeing Manohar, her agent. She looked at son and saw him still asleep.

“ Manohar, I want you to fuck in ass and mouth today itself before he goes to college. “

He raised head from cunt and said that he will come immediately after his duty gets over at 8 and then he will do what said.

“ I want tea.”

She pushed him away and woke up son also.

Waiter — you have your tea, I have work, I have to go…I will come at 8.

He squeezed boobs and cunt and went out of room. Both went to bathroom, pissed together, freshened and thereafter had tea. They chatted and talked. She asked about his colleagues at training college.

Vinod – can I bring them to meet you.

She – what you have told them about me that you are fucking mother or you have a call girl, a randi with you in hotel.n

Son replied that he has told few of them that he has brought mother for holidays.

She – you want me, your mother to fuck with your colleague.

Vinod – well, that depend on you and them. If they want to fuck you or you want to fuck them will be entirely your decision.

He hugged mother tightly and said that he really enjoyed her fucking with waiter.

Vinod – mom, watching you fucking with other was more enjoying than fucking you myself.

She squeezed his cock and replied.

She – bastard, I will make your wife fuck with all third grade persons, sweepers, guards, thief, etc with your wife that also in your presence…

Vinod – that will be a fun but first I will watch my friends fucking you.

She wondered that how a man can even think of watching any of his family female fucking with others. She thought of Gopal and what he said that he has fucked all women of his family and even watching them fucking with others…which she can’t even thing.

She wondered,

“ whether fucking of women with Rocky, Zimmy is real or it is just a fantasy. “

She remembered having read that during Nazi regime in Germany, women’s were experiment with wild ideas.

Both did their daily chores and after 10 minutes of 8 Manohar came with a mat, oil bottle and changed in civil dress.

“ madam, be ready..I am going to give both of you full body massage. “

She was already fucked with Manohar but Vinod was not knowing. Neither he has seen Manohar nude.

She – Manohar, now if you want to touch me, first undress yourself, let me see how you look like, why your wife divorced you….

Manohar stammered …..

“ we can not undress in front of customer, I will loose my job …”

And to surprise of mother and Manohar, Vinod disclosed.

“ but other waiter Gopal not only undressed but fucked my wife twice in my presence. “

She – yes Manohar, he is right, so now you also undress.

Manohar was thinking that after fucking with Gopal having best cock madam will not fuck with him. He became sad…..and remained stood still. But lady came to him. She sat on floor on her knees and undressed him, she took cock in hand,

“ ufff Manohar, why you did not show me this before, it is so nice that look at, so long and thick ….”

Telling this she gulped cock in mouth and began giving blow job. Manohar removed top and became nude. She gave blowjob for few minutes and got up.

“ I will certainly like this cock in cunt, ass and in mouth but first give massage to him as he has to go to his work…you have full day time to massage and fuck me. “

Vinod was hesitating but Manohar assured him that he will certainly enjoy massage. He said that he is a trained one and regularly he give massage to customers in this hotel and in houses on private basis.

Vinod laid down on his belly on the mat spread by waiter. She sat on sofa just in front of Vinod.

She – dear, as long as Manohar massage you, if you wish you can eat cunt..it is waiting for your cunt.

Vinod lifted head and held both thighs of mother tightly. As both desired, in order to suck cunt Vinod has turned in doggy pose. Manohar dropped oil oh his hip, back and legs.. For 3-4 minutes he massaged back, hips and legs. Divya could see that he is massaging like a professional. Vinod also said so,

“ Manohar, it is really nice .. I am feeling relaxed ….”

Few more minute passed. Son was engrossed with mother’s cunt. She saw that Manohar is taking position. He dropped few drops on hip and did massaging. She sa him pushing fingers in ass and Vinod tightened hip but did not resist. Manohar dipped finger and oil and then penetrated two finger in asshole. She wanted to tell him that Gopal has already opened asshole last night but she remained quite.

She looked at time. It was already 8.30.

“Manohar, sir has to bath, take breakfast and go by 9.30 so hurry.”

He looked up and nodded. He moved both hands over back of Vinod and slowly from under his arms he slipped hands down and began massaging and pressing nipples of Vinod. He shivered and whispered,

“Uffff..it is so nice…”

And again got busy with cunt. She thought that Vinod will react when tip of cock touches ass opening so she moaned and pressed son’s head on cunt….

“Ufff, darling .. yes .. son … it is very nice …. do like this …. kill your mother ….”

Moment she finished words Manohar gave hard push, not once but continuously 4-5 times,..

“Sir, please forgive me but I can’t resist..your hip is more sexy and beautiful than your mother, your wife’s hip…uff..how much tight it is..tighter than cunt of my daughter …….”

Vinod was feeling pain but mother did not allow him to raise head, she kept head tightly pressed on cunt and when she saw that Manohar has started fucking in the way he fucks her she released head ….

“Yes son, how it is…I am sure as I enjoy your cock in ass you certainly would be enjoying long and thick cock in your cunt….ahhh cock is looking so nice, my cunt and ass is itching to take this cock ……”

Vinod has stopped licking cunt but he kept holding thighs of mother….. Manohar also kept pumping by holding his nipples..Vinod remained quite for about 10 minutes and then he began to moan…

“Uffff… aaahhh… so… long …. and… tight ….. nice…..”

And he made a mistake….

“ uff Gopal’s fucked better….”

Hearing this Manohar became angry, he repositioned himself, he held his shoulders tightly, so tightly that Vinod has to move little backward and put head on mat. Vinod was now pumping with more power and speed,

“ I have ass fucked many, both male & female but this ass is best….. Uff so tight, so slippery and juicy ….. I will fuk it daily…..and if you refuse I will make you both raped by all staff of this hotel… I will sell both of you cheap ….. ahhhh madam …. your husband is giving much more enjoyment …….”

Vinod was so much engrossed and enjoying that he did not give attention when waiter said that he is giving more enjoyment than his wife…

She looked at watch. It was 9.00 of morning and Manohar had already fucking for 25 minutes. He smiled at lady..

“ Manohar, we have to take breakfast, he has to go to office, now stop..”

But Manohar kept banging relentlessly and they heard call bell.

Manohar – madam, it will be Krishna with breakfast, I already had ordered.

He smilingly winked at her, she also smiled thinking that Manohar has already arranged another for son’s ass and this time thickest cock of three. She walked nude and opened door. It was Krishna. She bolted door behind him and on the way back she whispered to him,

“Moment Manohar pulls out you penetrate and fuck her as long you want and thereafter make him suck your cock straight from his own ass. “

He kept plates on centre table and she undressed Krishna who was telling that he is on duty. She fisted and sucked cock and soon it began to throb.

After undressing him she again sat in front of sofa and signalled to Manohar to push cock in son’s mouth. Manohar nodded and pulled out cock.

By the time he came and sat beside her, Krishna has already penetrated by holding his waist. Vinod opened mouth wide to scream but Manohar pushed cock in mouth and pressed his head on his cock. Down Krishna began fucking in ass like he has fucked Divya…

Manohar – Krishna, what is better, madam’s cunt or sir’s ass.

Krishna pumped harder…..and replied that like mafam’s cunt was first cunt for him, this ass is also first ass for him……

Krishna —- friend, both are very nice in their own way….given option I will first fuck sir and then enjoy with madam.

She – Krishna, did you tell your mother that from tonight you are staying in hotel with me till we are here.

This time Vinod heard and he concluded that both these waiters have already fucked his mother. He wanted to say but Manohar kept head pressed on cock. Since Manohar was not pumping he was able to retain tightness…..

After about 15 minutes of pumping Krishna began pumping very fast, very fast and after couple of minutes began to ejaculate and coincidently Manohar also discharged and filled mouth. He took out cock and pushed Divya’s head, she herself bend and began sucking cock which was still dripping cum. Vinod watched but for a couple of minute only. Krishna turned him flat and pushed cock in his mouth.

Both mother and son sucked cum and then showing all swallowed cum.

It was 9.35.

Vinod – I will be late.

He ran to bathroom and both waiter fondled Divya. She thanked both and whispered that now they both can fuck sir whenever they wish. But both said that they ass fucked only as she desired. They said that after enjoying with her, no one else can give them pleasure.

Vinod returned and while dressing took breakfast also.

Vinod – Divya, you have already fucked by these two…

Manohar – sir, what you think, seeing such a wonderful lady nude can anyone control himself..yes we two have fucked and will fuck her daily….

Krishna – and don’t worry, we will never fuck you again but we both really enjoyed.

And to surprise of all Vinod replied,

“ yes, I also enjoyed and I think I am going for more cock in my ass…”

Krishna was first to dress and go out. Vinod went out exactly at 10,

Now only Manohar and Divya remained.

Manohar – today you are going to have a different experience, in both the session group of three will come together so you can also have them in ass simultaneously with cock in cunt..and today both group will pay you one lakh fifty thousand each……

Divya – and when you will fuck me…my cunt wants this cock more than any other cock…

Manohar – may be during lunch time, me & Krishna will take you together.

He went out telling her to dress, do little make up and get ready for her first gang bang.

She was very happy and satisfied with son’s humiliation. She decided to get fucked by his colleagues and make him ass fucked by them ……

Vinod took his widow mother Divya along with him for his two week’s training at Hyderabad. They checked as wife and husband in a posh hotel.

He fucked mother on the first night itself. Divya got very much impressed by a sexy waiter Manohar and from next day itself at his insistence she took up work of call girl / prostitute and operated from the room itself.

As time passed she opened up to other two waiters Krishna & Gopal. All three waiters fucked her freely. Divya was not bothered that son fucked her but she got very much angry when son desired to see the mother fucking with waiters and also with others.

Manohar fixed customers for her on hourly basis. She took six customers each on monday & tuesday. On Tuesday night. son saw mother getting fucked by an elderly waiter Gopal and at Divya’s request that waiter ass fucked Vinod and made him suck his cum twice.

On wednesday morning again other two waiters Manohar and Krishna ass fucked Vinod in presence of her. After ass fucked by three waiters Vinod expressed that he liked ass fucking.

Now read what happened thereafter,

It was only third day of her new profession.

In two days beside three waiters she had 12 customers and she was very pleased with herself that she could satisfy them all in just one hour each. Manohar said that she will today have to handle two groups of 3 men each that also at a double price, means what she earned in two days she will now onward will earn in one day.

She waited for first group. They entered room with Manohar at 10.30. Divya smiled to see them. She not only shook hand but hugged them each. All three of them repeated,

“madam, you are just best.”

She saw them taking out money and giving to Manohar. She saw Manohar counting and keeping them in table drawer. Manohar left telling,

“upto 1.30 only.”

She heard door getting locked. She laid on bed in centre and extended both hands forward. All three fell on her together. She crossed her hands around them. She asked not only their name but age also, 21, 20& 22. All were half her age.

She kept smiling and allowed them undressing her. Then remaining laid she unbuttoned & unzipped their trousers and caressed cocks over clothes. They also got undressed. She allowed to be fondled as they wanted. And first one penetrated her at about 11.30.

Though it was not at all satisfying to her still she moaned, kept caressing cocks of other two.he ejaculated in just 6-7 minutes. She told him only to clean cunt for others to penetrated. He obeyed and then one after another three fucked her straight. Two of them fucked her twice each where as one fucked her thrice. It was 1.20 and three started to dress.

“it seems none of you liked me, you did not love me.but I liked you three very much, come to me again, I will keep waiting for you.”

Three young men looked at each other and then together began kissing her nude body. After some time they said,

“madam,we will never forget the pleasure you gave to us, madam, we have enjoyed with few girls before, all young but we never had satisfaction what we had with you, we will come again.”

One said and other two seconded. One who said that took out one bundle and put that on her belly.

“madam, you are a priceless gem.”

That time Krishna entered room carrying her lunch. Seeing him three men went out of room.

“Krishna, teeno bachcho ne 7 baar pela lekin koi maza nahi aaya, bur khali hai, juldi se bhar do.”

She said that though three fucked her seven times but she is very much unsatisfied, fuck me dear fill my cunt. Telling this she widened legs. And Krishna did not make her wait. He penetrated and fucked her like she wanted. She moaned, jerked, caressed his body fanatically and both climaxed.

“madam, how can I live without you.”

“Krishna, marry me.today, tonight.take me to your mother.”

Krishna got up, arranged dress and kissed her.

“finish your lunch fast, your next customers are waiting.”

Telling this he went out. She washed herself. She ate meal and rested on sofa itself.

After sometime Manohar entered with new set of customers. Again three men but all three elderly. These group was just opposite to first group. Those boys were like lamb whereas this group was like wolves. She watched money exchanged hand.

Manohar went out and three men lifted Divya from sofa and threw on bed.she was nude and within 5 minutes those wolves got undressed. Then from 3.15 to 5.30 she was not allowed to rest even for a second. Cunt, mouth and asshole remain stuffed all during this time.

In two & half hour she had two round of double penetration, her first double penetration, thrice straight fuck and all along mouth fucking.non of three at all bothered for her.She was exhausted beyond any limit. She remained laid straight and thought it to end it here itself. No more customers.

She watched them getting dressed up. They looked at her and then looked at each other. Three nodded.
One man,

“madam, before you, we three visited two women but after one hour itself both returned our money & went out of room. But, you not only tolerated us for three hours, you gave us enjoyment which we never imagined.each & every part of your body is best and pleasure what your cunt gave, we can’t describe that.”

One by one three kissed her and like previous group took out one bundle and put it on her breast they also kept on her nude body. He took hold of her one hand,

“madam, we might have tortured you, hurt you, please forgive us.you are best.”

Telling this they went out. She lifted money and like previous group this group also gave her tip of 50000/-.

Manohar came in. She remained like that and asked,

“Manohar, whatever I do with you or Krishna or Vinod or Gopal I do same with other customers also and I think all other women, whether housewife or a pros would be doing same with their men what I do with you all. I am also not so beautiful.then why everyone say that I am best, I gave them pleasure which no one gave them. Why, why.”

And she burst out, she began crying loud. Manohar lifted her from bed and hugged tightly. He caressed her back and hips and said,

“madam, you are a woman,you will not understand the difference about what your men say about you, men can also not say but they can only feel difference. I have fucked over 100s of lady from high society but I also say that you are best.

While caressing her he saw condition of bed.it was crumbled, lot of dark spots. He pushed her on sofa, gave her glass of water and called room service for tea. He changed bedsheet and threw old bedsheet outside.

Manohar arranged room and after sometime room service person came with tray of tea. This person was a lady, a dark coloured lady. She saw Divya nude and waiter Manohar in civil dress in the room. Divya saw waitress and understood the reason of crooked smile on her face.

Divya touched hand of waitress, she looked at her.

“baby what you are thinking is correct.Manohar is my lover, he remains whole day with me and kills me by fucking ins and out of me.”

Waitress heard and looking smilingly at Manohar went out telling,

“Manohar, you really know how & whom to seduce and fuck, enjoy presently the best maal in this hotel.”

She was not yet fucked with Manohar. He prepared tea for Divya.

“now he will come, undress and let me sit on your cock.”

She said and undressed Manohar. She did not want any fuck, her cunt was still burning. She sat on his lap with her back rested on his chest. She took sip of tea and said,

“now, no more group, in fact no more customers.I had enough, you three and Vinod are more than enough for me.”

She kept drinking tea and rubbed hip on cock. Manohar pushed hand under her arms and told her that he has already lined up customers for her. He requested her to continue this business for next three days.

“darling, I already booked customers for next three days so please don’t tell no.I promise from monday onward I will book only if you say.”

She knew she can’t refuse Manohar. She nodded,

“but no group, only one on hourly basis.”

After few minutes Vinod came and saw mother seated in lap of waiter. He undressed and sat between legs of mother. He began caressing thighs and Manohar understood what Vinod wants, he wanted to suck cunt. He pulled Divya up on her lap and over half of cock of Manohar exposed. It was semi limped. She pushed son’s head down.

“dear, I made a very big mistake that I came with you, more than that I made mistake of getting friendly with this man Manohar.other two waiters also fucked me but they fucked nicely but this mother fucker fucks me as if I am a bitch. Today he kept my cunt stuffed for 7 hours, I don’t know from where he gets so much energy.please don’t touch cunt, it is still burning.”

Telling this she pushed son’s mouth on cock. Manohar understood, he lifted his cock and positioned it between lips of Vinod. He said,

“sir, on the contrary I made biggest mistake of my life that I touched this hot lady.I don’t know how much energy she has.”

He lied,

“we three fucked her whole day, you have seen Krishna’s thick cock.he fucked her twice, Gopal fucked twice, me & Krishna fucked her together and I fucked her thrice but this bitch wants more.but my cock is tired than never before, never before it got loosened so much, please give it some treatment, your suck may give it new life.”

Telling this, with one hand he pulled Divya up on his body and with other hand he pushed cock fully in mouth of Vinod. He began sucking, he held both thighs of mother tightly and gave nice blow job with loud splashing sound. All along this Manohar kept caressing boobs and kissing her.

Finally he began to ejaculate and both kept Vinod’s mouth pressed on cock.Vinod knew that cock has opened his throat and he felt all cum travelling down the throat to belly.When they finally released him, he opened mouth and both smiled seeing his mouth without any cum.

Manohar caressed Vinod’s cheek and head. He said,

“sir, there are men who will pay more for your blow job than they will give for fucking of your wife. I will get you minimum of fifty thousand for your fuck and suck, want a customer ?. Try it, why you suck us only for free. I will not take any commission, my commission is this lovely lady.”

He pushed up Divya and got up. He began to dress. Vinod looked at mother and she nodded,

“yes Manohar, get one customer for your sir and so far I have not fucked for money, get one customer for me also, let me see how it looks like to be a prostitute.”

“ok, let me try, find one for both of you.”

Telling this Manohar went out of room. Vinod immediately hugged mother, kissed and said,

“mom, you are so hot, why you wasted precious 12 years without any man. You would have build up a fortune by just using your body. You are best, much better than your would be daughter in law. But now I don’t want to marry her.mom, marry me, be my real wife, mother of my child.”

She did not push him. She caressed him and said,

“son, I am now your wife, even after your marriage with Ranju or anyone else I will sleep with you, fuck with you.”

She pushed him and lifted his chin,

“look in my eyes and tell frankly whether you are really enjoying me, your mother getting fucked by others and whether you really started liking cock sucking and getting ass fucked.”

He looked in mother’s eyes and then kissed boobs few times and looked up in her eyes again,

“yes mom yes, I really enjoyed these waiters enjoying your nude body and fucking you.in fact now I want these waiters and others to know that you are not my wife but my mother. All should know that I am fucking mother and enjoying mother getting fucked by others.”

Even after so much of Slutness in three days she got shocked to hear son.

“what about your ass fucking.?”

She asked in low voice.he replied,

“mom, first time when Gopal ass fucked I really did not like but I liked taste of cock and his cum. And I started liking and enjoying ass fucking after morning fuck by your both lovers.in fact now also I wanted Manohar to push cock in my ass.”

And first time she repented that she came here with son. But now it was too late. She herself has started enjoying cock in her all three holes. Now she hugged son and said,

“son, now here in this hotel we can’t change our relationship from wife & husband to mother & son. We can change hotel and book our self as mother & son and then you can call your friends to fuck mother.”

He immediately replied,

“yes mom, let us change hotel.”

But she remembered what Manohar said that he has lined up customers for next three days. She did not want either to disappoint Manohar or let go so much of easy money. In three days she has earned almost same as son’s annual earning.

“But son Manohar has gone to arrange customers for us.he said that we can earn good amount so let us enjoy and earn few days here and then on sunday we can shift to other hotel.”

Vinod readily agreed to mother’s suggestion.

After freshening both went out. They did some purchasing and after dinner returned back to hotel. They found Manohar in the lounge with a man having hair fully greyed. He came to them with that man of over 60 yrs of age.

“madam, Mr Nayyar was requesting me from first day you came. He want to spend full night with you in his room 311, please go with him.he will pay two.for full night.”

She shook hand with aged man,

“Sir, you move to your room, I will join you soon, but first send full advance through him in my room.”

She said in low voice and moved towards lift with son. Both reached room. She saw Krishna sleeping on bed. But she has no time to fuck with him. She knew Manohar will come. She told son to take care of Krishna.

“son, make Krishna happy, I will fuck with him in morning after returning from that old man.”

She shed off her cloth and put on bra, panty, mini skirt and a loose top. She opened hairs and tied it back like ponytails.and she heard whistle.

She turned and looked, it was Manohar.

“madam from front you are looking like a school girl, here is your full advance.he gave packet in hand of Vinod.

“sir, this Rs two lakhs is your wife’s first earning and you will get your customers from tomorrow onward. Presently all gay have booked a maal like you.”

Manohar saw Krishna sleeping but he did not comment. Divya went out of room with Manohar and Vinod bolted door from inside. He undressed and woke up Krishna who enquired about Divya. He told him the fact.that night Vinod had Krishna’s thick cock twice each in ass & mouth and swallowed cum. After lot of pleading by Vinod, Krishna fisted his cock.

But Divya could not arouse that old man.he was a pervert. He licked and sucked each and every pore of her, he sucked cunt and licked her asshole.

On his request she gave him a long blow job and swallowed little cum, whatever came from cock.on additional payment of good amount and after assurance that he will not sell her photo to anyone else, she allowed him to take her nude photo.and she felt very much disgusted when old man took her to bathroom and pissed over her, all over her body and even in her mouth.

She had to swallow little amount ofpiss. Without drying her body, he hugged her closely and both laid on bed. It was 5.30 when she woke up, dressed and returned back to her room.

She saw both men sleeping on their sides but in 69 pose. She laughed to see Krishna holding tip of Vinod’s cock in between his lips. She undressed, woke them up. She fisted both cock and when it started throbbing she sat over cock of Krishna and slid cunt over her. After fucking him for sometime she told son to push cock in asshole.

When Manohar entered room he saw Divya enjoying double penetration. She also saw him and charged,

“what Manohar, what type of customer you found for me, he did all nasty things, pissed over me but he could not fuck even once.”

Manohar squeezed boobs and said that he will send real bulls to her in day time. Manohar watched till both ejaculated in respective holes. Telling that he will come with fresh hot tea, he went away.

Thursday & Friday passed like that. She had six customers in day time and spend full night with one man in his room. Manohar arranged two two customers for Vinod also who fucked him all night.

Both her night’s customers fucked and tired her so much that on friday & saturday morning she could come back to her room only after 8. On saturday, Vinod said that he will be back by 2 only so at her request Manohar arranged only 3 customers for her on that day. When Vinod returned at 2.30 she was having lunch after satisfying fuck with three customers and Krishna. In 6 days she fucked with 36 customers and 3 waiters. P

That afternoon Vinod enquired about elderly waiter Gopal and then Divya remembered him. She thought of going with Gopal to meet his ‘ madam’.

“but, why he has not shown face after that night. ?”

She got worried and leaving son in room she went to reception counter. There were two men and one woman at counter. She asked woman,

“can you send waiter Gopal to my room. ?”

Lady looked at her and replied curtly,

“he has not come to hotel since Wednesday.”

Divya remembered that she had him on Tuesday night.

“why ? Is he on leave ?

And this time she replied with crooked smile on her face,

“why asking me, ask your man Manohar.”

Divya got stunned to hear that reply. She understood that hotel staff are aware about what is happening in room no. 207, her room. She responded and spoke loudly,

“keep our bills ready, we would be checking out at 10 tomorrow morning.”

She said so loudly that other two receptionist and people around heard her. One receptionist stood up and said,

“but madam, you have earmarked room for two weeks why leaving early.”

“because, your staffs don’t know how to deal with customers, they spy on our privacy.”

Divya replied boldly looking at that girl sternly. She walked from there and from an in house phone called her room and told Vinod to come down soon.

“dear come down soon, we have to book another hotel.”

This also she spoke loudly so that receptionists could hear. She sat on a sofa and started reading a magazine. After about ten minutes she raised head on hearing,

“excuse me madam”

She saw that that receptionist lady with an elderly man in suit standing in front of her. She saw tears in eyes of lady who folded hand to do prannam and spoke,

“I am sorry madam, please forgive me.”

Divya could understand situation. While husband was alive she had stayed in many good hotels and knew very well that staffs may lose job for misbehaving with customers.

Other man said,

“madam, I am GM of this hotel. She is new to this hotel, she is still learning, please forgive her, don’t check out.”

Vinod came down with handbag of mother. He gave that to her and asked,

“what happened ? Any problem ?”

Divya was basically a kind hearted person. She shook head and got up. She stood beside that girl. She straightway put one hand across her thin waist and pulled towards herself. She looked at GM and said smilingly,

“sorry, you all misunderstood me. I am not at all angry with this sweet girl, who told you that she annoyed me ? she is such a sweet, in fact I came down to inform that we are leaving tomorrow so we have necessarily to check out. We are very much satisfied with this hotel, I assure you five out of five rating from our side.”

She turned girl to face towards her side and kissed her on lips. Divya saw Vinod talking with GM. She whispered to girl,

“before you go home please drop in my room, I will be waiting for you.”

She softly pushed girl away and smilingly said to GM,

“rest assured sir, we don’t have any hard feeling for you or this sweet girl but we have to checkout in morning.”

She shook hand with GM and hugged girl.

“don’t disappoint me.” she whispered to girl again.

Girl nodded and said,” thank you madam, you are really beautiful.”

GM added,” madam, you both not only look beautiful you are beautiful within also. Please forgive her.”

Divya smiled at both and came out with Vinod. He enquired and she replied,

“I don’t know who said, but that girl and may be others also in hotel know that I am fucking with waiters.”

“so what, why others should bother what we do.”

Both moved around and finally booked in a hotel on other side of the city from next day. Both decided that as it will be their last night in hotel they should have dinner here only. Both returned back to hotel at around 7.30. Divya did not look at receptionist but that girl saw Divya and her man Vinod going towards lift to go to their room.

“why she has called me ?” she questioned herself but could not get any answer.

Few waiters heard Divya when she had asked about Gopal and seen what happened thereafter. He informed same to Manohar who got worried. Whatever it may be, whoever it may be he did not want to lose job for anyone even for Divya. So he told Krishna to communicate massage regarding night’s customers to both Divya and Vinod.

Immediately after his shift got over Krishna came to Divya and gave her packet what Manohar had given. She opened and checked. On the top of cover was written

“room no 327 at 11 night.”

There was no massage about customer for Vinod so he requested Krishna only to give him company in night. Krishna nodded. Krishna wanted to stay but Divya told him to come after 10.

“Krishna, I am waiting for someone, so you go and come after 11.00.”

Krishna went out and soon after that receptionist lady came. Divya ordered meal for three persons and requested to serve it fast. She looked at girl and asked,

“who told you that Manohar is my friend. ?”

Divya said and pulled off all top dress and remained only in latest designed bra and panty. Girl could not move eye away from so attractive figure. She stammered.

“madam, one lady waitress last evening saw you nude with Manohar and she told me, madam you have a wonderful figure.”

Divya nodded and asked about her monthly salary. She replied. Divya again asked whether she is virgin.

“no madam, I am not, I have a boyfriend.and before that I had a casual affair.”

Divya understood that girl is fond of sex, of course she was hardly 25, young and having good figure. She was wearing normal knee length skirt and half sleeve blouse.

Divya walked and took out little more than amount girl said as her salary from drawer. She sat beside girl on sofa and put that money in her hand.

“it is more than your two months salary.”

Girl thought that Divya is bribing her for keeping quite so she pushed money away and said,

“madam, I have not told anyone what that waitress told me about you and I take vow in the name of Allah that I will not utter a word about it and I will warn that waitress also.”

But Divya pushed that money in girl’s lap, hugged her and kissed, actually she sucked girls lips.

“girl, I am not worried about that, not only Manohar, Krishna and Gopal is also fucking me, they all are very good.you should try them once but before that I want you to fuck with my husband, this Vinod.he liked you from the day we came here.”

She lied and girl kept looking at her. One side she herself liked handsome personality of Vinod and other side so much money, more than two months salary for one fuck.she was getting fucked for about two years and already had three cocks including one of cousin brother.

“madam, I can’t stay overnight.”

She pushed all money in her bag.

“dear no need to overnight stay, I think one hour or around would be sufficient. Get undressed and have dinner with us.”

She looked at son and told him,

“what you are waiting for, come love your girl.”

Vinod came forward. Though he had never gave attention to this girl before but now he developed interest in her. He pulled off his tops and remained only in underwear. Girl blushed and turned head other side. Vinod came forward and lifted girl. He hugged her, kissed her and while doing so he undressed her.he moved fingers on cunt.

“ohh thanks dear I like such cunt having hairs trimmed like this.”

He said and kissed her again.

“come, first finish meal, otherwise it will get cool.”

Divya said, both turned head and saw Divya seated nude with legs parted wife.

“yaa Allah, such a beautiful eye catching cunt, how you have managed keeping it so smooth.”

Girl said and sat beside Divya. She straightway put fingers on cunt. Vinod sat beside girl and began caressing girl.

They finished meal soon. Girl wanted to enjoy and taste Divya. So without telling a word she got down off sofa and came in front of Divya. Divya opened legs more. Girl bend,held thighs firmly and began sucking boobs. After sucking boobs for few minutes she put mouth on cunt. Vinod came behind girl and began caressing her.

In one and half hour Vinod first had her in doggy pose while girl kept sucking cunt of Divya. Then Vinod pulled girl on bed and gave oral pleasure to girl for quite a long time.Girl began moaning loudly and then Vinod penetrated her in straight pose. Divya watched seated on sofa.

This was not first time she was watching live chudai. Earlier, before her marriage she had watched her first lover fucking his two daughters but that was about 24-25 years ago.

She had forgotten the pleasure of watching. And now she knew why Vinod wanted to watch mother fucking with others. It was really very ecstatic and exciting. Vinod banged girl and Divya fiddled own boobs and cunt. She also wanted a girl. She repented that why she send Krishna away. She wanted some one, any cock.

She called room service and told them to send Krishna urgently. He came running.

“this girl has excited me a lot, Krishna fuck me.”

But that time Vinod ejaculated and filled cunt of girl. Divya laid beside girl and Krishna laid over her. Girl saw cock of Krishna and exclaimed,

“madam, how you can take such thick cock.”

Divya replied,

“don’t worry, cunt stretches automatically on seeing such thick cocks.”

Krishna fucked Divya and girl watched live fuck being seated nude on lap of Vinod. After some fucking,simultaneously with pumping Krishna began fondling girl, moving hands all across her body. Girl already had two round of fuck, it was past 10.30 and girl laid over Divya in doggy pose. Now Krishna was pumping Divya and licking girl’s cunt.

Divya could see that girl wants another fuck, this time by Krishna. It was 10.45 and she had to go to night customer.

“Krishna, buss I am over, let me come out.”

Divya pushed girl by holding her boobs, girl laid down beside Divya. Girl parted legs widest possible, raised hips and spread cunt lips.nothing more to say.Krishna pulled out from cunt of Divya and penetrated girl.

“yaa Allah, marr gaee.bahut mota hai. aaahhh.”

Divya freshened, wore skirt and top and went out of room. Her this night customer was an elderly man in 60s.Unlike earlier aged man, this man fucked her twice but it was nothing for Divya. After getting tips of 10000/- she returned to her room at 5.30 and smiled to see that girl sleeping on bed with both Vinod & Krishna on her side.

“bitch said, she can’t stay overnight and see how satisfied she look at.”

She undressed and slept on sofa only.no one opened door when Manohar came with tea both time at 6 & 7. Krishna got up at 7.30 and without disturbing any one he went out of room. Vinod got up on hearing phone ring.he lifted and heard,

“sir, it is past 9, breakfast will be over by 10.”

He woke up girl and then Divya. Girl blushed to see Divya. Divya winked, girl said shyly,

“thanks madam, it was best night of my life so far.though cock of Krishna is thick but your husband loved & fucked much nicely than him.my body and cunt liked sir very much.”

Divya hugged girl tightly and said,

“yes darling, that’s why this mother is getting fucked by your sir, my own son.”

Girl pushed Divya away.all remained quite for few minutes. Vinod hugged girl and said,

“yes, Nazneen, this Divya is my own mother.”

Girl freshened, went out.Divya & Vinod checked out after having breakfast. They checked in at other hotel at 12.00 noon.