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A pregnancy_surprise!!!!

2022-09-30 01:09:55

8 months pregnant and Kelly was ready to pop. She had already accepted being a single mom since Jesse stormed out on her a few months back. Apparently being a father was the last thing he wanted. Kelly continued to work and prepare for her new life. With the baby coming she decided to rent out the extra room in her condo to help cover bills while on leave. She posted the roommate notice on the board at her job the next day. She was sitting at her desk when Tiffany came up to inquire about the space. She asked her about all the rules and they agreed to give it a try. By the end of the week Tiffany was settled in and they had begun a routine of watching TV after getting cleaned up from work. Kelly was focused on the tv trying to massage her own feet. Tiffany asked if she needed help and went too her room for some oil. She began massaging Kelly’s feet while they finished the show. As Kelly expressed her gratitude and how great it felt, Tiffany slowly starting working her way up her legs. The higher she went the more relaxed Kelly became.

“I can’t imagine carrying a human inside me, your body is amazing” Tiffany said.

“Yeah the gift of life is beautiful but everything aches” Kelly replied. “Thank you for doing this for me.

What Kelly didn’t know was Tiffany was massaging her for her own pleasures. She’d had a crush on Kelly since she first saw her. Being that she was bi-sexual she found Kelly’s presence intoxicating. She wanted nothing more than to have her lips around her nipples. They made small talk while Tiffany continued to rub on her thighs. Even though they were coworkers they new little about each other. The conversation didn’t distract them enough. Tiffany’s hands were so far up Kelly’s thighs that any sudden move would’ve rewarded her a feel of Kelly’s pussy. Tiffany asked Kelly to turn a bit so she can go ahead and massage her back for her. When Kelly stretched out a little more on the couch Tiffany took that opportunity to get comfortable as well. Kneeling on the side of the couch gave her more reach and a better view. At this point Kelly’s eyes are closed so Tiffany decides to go a bit further and massages her butt cheeks instead.

“That’s not my back but it feels too good to stop you” Kelly announced.

There’s no need for me to rush and you seem like you really need it.” Tiffany continued up her back unclamping her bra in the process. She messaged her as best she could with the awkward position Kelly laid in.

“Why don’t you use the extra pillows to prop you up so you can lay face down? I can’t really massage you in this weird position”. Tiffany offered

They moved around pillows making sure there was no pressure on her stomach. With the shifting Kelly’s shorts were twisted up, exposing her naked flesh. Tiffany felt herself becoming aroused and tried to remain calm. She mounted the back of Kelly’s legs and proceeded to massage her back correctly this time. She worked her way back down to her butt squeezing her cheeks together and then pulling them apart. Each time she spread Kelly’s cheeks her hole was so tempting. She wanting nothing more than to clamp down on her roommate’s clit and make her scream. With all those thoughts going through her head temptation and her arousal won. She dove her tongue straight into Kelly’s sex licking first her asshole then down to her vagina. Kelly was so lost for words but instantly turned on. She hadn’t had sex since Jesse left so a little head couldn’t hurt. Both Tiffany and Kelly were moaning from their sudden encounter. Kelly couldn’t believe how good it felt having another woman eating her pussy slowly spreading her legs to give her more access. Tiffany sucked on her lips like it was her last meal and slowly slid her finger in both her ass and pussy. She was having the times of her life. Between Tiffany’s tongue and finger working both her holes she knew she’d be cumming all over her roommate in a matter of seconds. Tiffany was far from done with her new lay. Kelly’s body began to move in the attempt to fuck Tiffany’s mouth. Tiffany knew she had to move quick. Once Kelly’s pussy started to spasm around Tiffany’s fingers Tiffany slid up her body and slid her 7 inch cock inside her. She couldn’t wait to feel her walls squeezing her member and it was everything she’d hoped for. Kelly began yelling “OMG!” Over and over again and tried to push herself up to see what was going on. Pushing against Tiffany only pushed her dick deeper into her pussy. Tiffany used her weight to hold her in place while stroking Kelly from tip to torso. Tiffany didn’t leave a inch of her transgendered penis untouched by Kelly’s walls. Kelly was fighting a losing battle with pushing herself up. Eventually they ended up on all fours and that gave Tiffany the advantage.

“What are you doing?” Kelly continued to yell.

I’m sorry, I was gonna tell you eventually. Please don’t fight it. Tiffany said

Despite her state of shock, Kelly’s pussy was enjoying everything. She came with Tiffany’s next stroke. The cream around Tiffany’s cock let her know that she was in the clear. She eased up the upper part of her body. Her 38C implants bouncing with every stroke. She kept one hand on Kelly’s back and massaged her sphincter with her thumb. Tiffany was in love with the way Kelly’s body responded to her and felt her balls began to tighten. She slipped her thumb into Kelly’s ass pushing Kelly over the edge and a forceful splash erupted around her vagina covered cock. That’s all she needed to release her load into Kelly’s wound. Kelly’s pussy milked rope after rope from Tiffany’s stiff dick. She pushed herself back into Tiffany and another splash shot all over Tiffany’s torso. Kelly felt like she was having an outer body experience cuz as she continued to fuck her coworker another orgasm came racing through. This one not as intense as the first two but it still left her winded. With empty balls, a messy couch, and an exhausted Kelly; their sexcapade finally came to an end. Tiffany slowly pulled out of Kelly apologetically and disappeared to her room. Kelly lay on the couch spent trying to piece together what happened. Her throbbing clit and spasming walls betrayed everything she thought was wrong with this situation. “What the fuck?!” is all she could say. She heard Tiffany’s shower on and decided to get cleaned up as well

The end